Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 291

“Both are good,” Tang Guo said with a smile.

Qiao Nie hardly hesitated before responding, “Okay, come back then.”

He never really wanted her to leave; it was too dangerous outside. Under his protection, she could live comfortably.

“Qiao Nie, do you like me?”

Qiao Nie did not answer. Tang Guo continued, “If you don’t like me, why do you let me cling to you?”

“Qiao Nie, you probably can’t do it.”

Qiao Nie: “…”

“I’m so beautiful, but during the years I’ve been with you, you’ve never had any thoughts about me. Turns out you can’t.”

“Shut up.”

“Qiao Nie, do you actually like me or not?”

Qiao Nie pursed his lips, “I don’t.”

“Oh, then why are you helping me?”

“No reason needed.”

But Tang Guo didn’t give up. Taking advantage of Qiao Nie’s distraction, she kissed him on the face, “Young man, sometimes the way you look at me is really strange, like a child looking at his mother,” Tang Guo was somewhat surprised, “Do you actually want to be my son?”

“Get lost.”

Unable to tolerate this woman whose temperament had greatly changed, Qiao Nie stopped the car, pulled her out, and quickly drove off.

Through the rearview mirror, he saw the triumphant look on the woman’s face, his expression grew darker, and he sped up considerably.

Liang Chao had been nervously waiting in the house. Hearing the knock, he tensed even more, peering through the peephole to see a strange woman.

“It’s me.”

Hearing the familiar voice, he was momentarily surprised and hurried to open the door.

“Are you Miss Tang?”


Qiao Nie recognized her instantly; she thought there was something wrong with her disguise until she saw the surprised look in Liang Chao’s eyes, then she felt reassured.

“Qiao Nie, Qiao Nie, that should be a demon, right?”

Liang Chao hurriedly invited her inside, unsure of what to do next. Why did he agree to this?

“Uh… Miss Tang, what brings you here?”

“I’ve come to save you,” Tang Guo said earnestly. “If I hadn’t come today, you would have died this afternoon, a horrible death, your body crushed and mangled, bones shattered into pieces.”

Liang Chao is not a main character, just a cannon fodder mentioned briefly about how he dies. His fate could be changed.

Liang Chao’s expression changed, he also became a bit angry, “Miss Tang, please don’t joke like that.”

“Just wait and see.”

Upon hearing these familiar words, Liang Chao’s mouth twitched. It was because of this woman’s remark “wait and see” on her social media that a popular term was coined online.

“You don’t need to worry about me, I’ll just sit here for a while today.”

Liang Chao looked at Tang Guo’s unfamiliar face, hesitated, and asked, “Is this makeup or a disguise?”

“Disguise, a mask.”

Liang Chao nodded; he had seen human skin masks, just not ones this realistic. Curious, he wondered where Tang Guo had gotten it.

Liang Chao had ordered takeout for lunch, today being his rare day off, he was supposed to be playing video games. But with a woman claiming he was going to die horribly in his house, he dared not do anything but watch TV in the living room.

At 3:10 PM, Tang Guo stood up.

From her elegantly small bag, she pulled out a yellow talisman.

By the time she had finished plastering the living room with talismans, Liang Chao was stunned.

“Miss Tang?”

He was atheist, not believing in gods or Buddhism.

He wanted to say something, but seeing the look in Tang Guo’s eyes, he swallowed his words. Could it be that Tang Guo, who seemed normal on the surface, was actually repressing something that was about to erupt?

Just then, Liang Chao took a call, “Why? I think Miss Tang is very good.”

“Miss Tang, I’m going to find my uncle. If you don’t play the supporting female role, then I won’t act either.” After saying this, he was about to rush out. Tang Guo grabbed his shoulder tightly, and surprisingly, he couldn’t move at all.

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