Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 292

“Let go of me!”

Liang Chao angrily looked at Tang Guo, his eyes red as if he had lost his senses, trying hard to push her away. “I am going to help you get justice. Why are you, a woman, stopping me?”

[Host, this is kind of scary.]

“It’s okay, he went out because of a call from Shi Cong, last time it was probably also because the second female lead was replaced.” But that second female lead wasn’t her, it was another equally skilled actress.

This time, with her around, she naturally wouldn’t let Liang Chao die innocently for this reason.

Unexpectedly, by a twist of fate, she took on a movie role and saved Liang Chao’s life. She couldn’t control the main characters’ lifelines, but couldn’t she save a few more cannon fodders?

[I didn’t expect the host to actively do good deeds.]

Tang Guo smiled, “Tong, you talk as if I’ve never done a good deed. My three views are very straight.”

[Whatever the host says is correct, I agree.] The system chuckled internally. The host always had been particularly concerned about not being able to control the length of life; seeing a likeable cannon fodder, she was definitely going to help.

Liang Chao still glared at Tang Guo furiously, as if looking at an enemy. But deep down, he didn’t really think that way. He always felt that there was something uncontrollable within him, a voice in his head telling him to just go out, that bursting through the door would break it all.

At that moment, Tang Guo withdrew her hand, and Liang Chao, as if redeemed, hurried to the door, gripped the doorknob tightly, ready to go out.


A sharp scream rang out, Liang Chao’s body stiffened for a moment, his face instantly turned pale, and he broke out in a cold sweat. Originally planning to open the door, his mind suddenly cleared, and he no longer intended to go out.

Had he just heard a scream?

No, why was he so eager to rush out?

Recalling the quarrel he had with Tang Guo just before, Liang Chao found it unbelievable and quickly turned to see her reaction.

Tang Guo stood not far behind him, with a smile on her face that sent a chill through him. Even if he was stupid, he understood there was something wrong just now.

“What… what’s going on?” Liang Chao stammered, releasing the doorknob. He had felt an eerie atmosphere in the room as if it was enveloped by something; now, that feeling seemed to have vanished.

“Do you still want to go out?”

Tang Guo hooked the corner of her mouth, “This time I won’t stop you.”

Liang Chao didn’t go out but instead walked back, staring at Tang Guo, “Miss Tang, was what you just said true? Can you tell me why?”

This woman is so strange.

Today’s behavior was incomprehensible.

But he had just felt a very special feeling, as if… he had survived a matter of life and death.

Without any fuss, Tang Guo took out a talisman from her bag, moistened it with some water, and stuck it on his forehead. She then pointed to a corner of the room, telling him to look.

Liang Chao looked towards the corner of the living room and immediately recoiled two steps in fright. There was a woman covered in blood. Seeing him look at her, she glared back with a ferocious and resentful gaze.

“This… she…” Liang Chao stuttered, he tore off the talisman and could no longer see her, but when he stuck it back on, he saw her again, his face draining of color, “Is she a ghost?”

Tang Guo nodded, “Yes, a female ghost.”

“She… she seems to hate me, but I don’t know her. I, Liang Chao, have never bullied girls.”

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