Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 290

Compelled by some mysterious force, he gave Tang Guo the address. It was only after hanging up the phone that he realized, why had he agreed?

Thus, Liang Chao became anxious in his room.

He didn’t notice that outside the window, a shadow loomed, trying to enter.

Tang Guo disguised herself and left her apartment in a hurry, rushing to the street to hail a car.

Suddenly, a car stopped in front of her. A man inside poked his head out, “Where to?”

The man was dressed in black casual clothes, looking gloomy with profound eyes and tousled, longer-than-average hair, giving him a rebellious air.

He pinched a cigarette between his fingers, and upon seeing Tang Guo, he instinctively extinguished it and tossed it into the ashtray.

“To Liang Chao’s house.”

Tang Guo didn’t bother with pleasantries and climbed into the back seat, “Driver, please hurry, I’m pressed for time.”

“Liang Chao?” The man’s phoenix-shaped eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you together with Liang Chao?” he asked incredulously.

Tang Guo gave a cryptic smile, “Guess.”

A trace of amusement flickered in Qiao Nie’s gloomy eyes, “Naughty.” He set the destination to Liang Chao’s address, as she wished, and drove off.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of hands around his neck; the woman’s hands were soft and warm, nearly causing him to lose his grip on the steering wheel. He didn’t turn his head, “Behave, let go, I’m driving.”

“What if I don’t let go?” Tang Guo whispered near his neck, blowing a breath, “If I mess around now, I guarantee there will be an accident. You’re so hateful, I might as well choose to die together with you, Qiao Nie, what do you think of that ending?”

“The eerie sound reached his ears, but it didn’t make Qiao Nie panic at all. He firmly gripped the steering wheel and asked in a low, hoarse voice, ‘What are you up to?'”

It was as if he was saying, show me how you’ll mess around.

[Host, are you flirting with Qiao Nie?]

[I think Qiao Nie quite likes you. I’ve seen some of his records; most of the women that he knows have been scolded by him, many of them to tears.]

[Host, do you think he has fallen for you?] Her charm was undeniable.

Tang Guo said, “No, he doesn’t love me.”

[Eh?] Why? Humans are so complex, why tolerate if there’s no love?

“He’s just seeing someone else through me. Did you see what I’ve noted about him? Qiao villain, he’s not soft-hearted; it’s just that I remind him of someone important, so he treats me differently.”

“That kind of person, I usually describe them with one phrase.”



“But I am indeed a bit interested in him. I plan to flirt a bit, and also get some revenge. This world only lasts thirteen years, it would be a shame not to do something.”

Is that so? Why does he still seem a bit uneasy?

All the way to Liang Chao’s apartment, Tang Guo kept her hands around Qiao Nie’s neck. He could see her smiling face in the rearview mirror, still with a cold expression, driving seriously, more steadily than most.

When they arrived at Liang Chao’s apartment, Tang Guo released him and whispered in his ear, “You can’t tell, but you are an old hand at this, you drive really steadily.”

“Driver, is there a fee?”

Qiao Nie suddenly grabbed her wrist, turned around, and pinched her chin, bringing her face close to his, “What do you want to do?”

“What I want to do, would you help me?” Tang Guo retorted.

Qiao Nie didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”

“I want to move back, do you agree?”

This time, Qiao Nie hesitated, “Is this about getting back at Su He or because you lost love and want to focus on your career?”

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