Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 282

This person is called Qiao Nie, a famously eccentric director in the country.

The original owner was shocked when she realized it was him.

Qiao Nie agreed to meet her without any specific intentions against her. As if he knew her purpose, he stated his conditions before she could even speak.

Qiao Nie’s exact words were, “If you follow me, I’ll let Su He go.”

Her first reaction was impossible; she loved Su He and couldn’t leave him, although she knew that Su He’s heart still belonged to his senior sister, Bai Wenwen.

Otherwise, after two years of talking, besides occasionally holding hands, how come nothing else has happened between them?

Qiao Nie did not pressure her but simply said, “I’ll give you three days to consider. If you agree, I can offer resources to Su He.”

She spent three days thinking, watching Su He’s dejected demeanor, and unable to bear seeing her loved one so upset, she finally agreed.

She told Su He that they should break up.

At that time, Su He was particularly sensitive. They had a quarrel, and Su He said some very hurtful things, which made her very sad. She understood that Su He felt the whole world had betrayed him, and she didn’t blame him.

And so, the original owner followed Qiao Nie.

Qiao Nie made no demands of her, instead taking good care of her and giving her many resources, seemingly intending to make her a star, but her heart was not in it.

Meanwhile, without Qiao Nie’s interference and with the resources he provided, Su He gradually became famous, winning Best Actor last year and this year even got together with his goddess, Bai Wenwen.

As glorious as Su He’s life was, it was equally painful for the original owner.

She had given up the person she loved most and devoted everything, only to see her love with someone else. And the other party never knew all she had done.

Seeing Su He and Bai Wenwen so in love, she finally couldn’t stand it anymore and had a huge fight with Qiao Nie, cursing him for being the reason she wasn’t with Su He, whom she loved.

For some reason, Qiao Nie, known for his bad temper, didn’t respond to her accusations, quietly letting her vent until finally saying she could leave, and he would no longer target Su He.

It’s been over a month since she left Qiao Nie. After leaving Qiao Nie, she couldn’t help but go to find Su He.

She would have been better off not going, as it only reminded Su He of the past. Of course he found out about Qiao Nie targeting him and stealing his girlfriend.

Moreover, Su He discovered that Qiao Nie was the one who caused his family’s bankruptcy, and even more shockingly, that Qiao Nie was his half-brother from the same father.

He was unable to confront Qiao Nie directly, but could he not take revenge on the original owner?

The person beside him, Bai Wenwen, is not one to be trifled with either. Every time the original owner did something, she always managed to see through it, leaving the original host embarrassed and in a sorry state.

With Su He and Bai Wenwen’s concerted efforts, they finally exposed the original owner’s “true face,” making her the subject of widespread ridicule online.

She locked herself away and drank heavily for a month. If Tang Guo hadn’t woken up at that time, following the original trajectory, she would have gone to Su He again today.

Unable to bear it anymore, Su He would step by step push the original owner into the abyss, getting her addicted to drugs and pushing her towards fat and greasy men, cementing her image as a promiscuous vase female star.

After being hurt time and again, on the day Su He and Bai Wenwen got married three years later, the original owner drove her car into their wedding car, intending to die with them.

But in the end, only she died, her car plunging off a large bridge. Bai Wenwen’s wedding car was unharmed, merely shaken by the incident.

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