Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 283

[Due to special plot circumstances, the lifespan of the host in this world can be extended by ten years within the remaining three years.]

This means she could stay in this world for up to thirteen years.

Tang Guo scrolled through the posts online, the internet was filled with numerous abusive comments that talked as if the original owner had committed terrible crimes.

Actually, it was also because Su He had such a positive image; he was a good actor, handsome, and a very clean and hard-working man.

Bai Wenwen also entered the entertainment industry as a top student. Although she is not very famous now, only considered a second or third-tier celebrity, she is multi-talented, often sharing her calligraphy, piano, guqin, and flute performances online.

In the eyes of the netizens, she is a serene and gentle woman, worthy of their beloved Emperor Su.

Tang Guo looked at her Weibo comments. Most of them were full of insults towards her.

It was unclear whether it was because the original owner gave up, not managing public relations or deleting comments, but her loyal fans dared not speak out. The company had shelved her, and her agent, Jiao Hong, had not contacted her for a long time.

[Host, what are your plans?] The system was a bit excited. [My capabilities have increased quite a bit. If you dislike these comments, I can block them all for you and even trace them through the internet to expose them all.]

Tang Guo looked surprised for a moment, “Tong, where is your integrity?”



“No, my current identity is a popular female celebrity with fifty million followers. If you block all these comments, soon someone will come knocking on my door to check my water meter.”

Tang Guo continued, “If I resist against the state machinery, this world will collapse immediately.”

“How would I get my revenge then? I’ve inherited all the original owner’s emotions, and right now, I’m really angry.”

[But, host, you were smiling and speaking so warmly. It didn’t seem like you were angry at all.]

“Your IQ has increased quite a bit, and you talk a lot more. When have you ever seen me show my anger openly?”

The system stopped speaking, quickly pulling up some videos to watch her, the host, playing people to death with a smile. Indeed, when the host was angry, she never showed it on her face; instead, her smile became even more charming.

He shivered a bit, realizing he absolutely couldn’t judge his host’s mood by her expression.

[So… what should we do now? Can I help you with anything?]

The system’s attitude pleased Tang Guo greatly, “First, send a Weibo post.”

The system felt uneasy; it wasn’t as simple as posting on Weibo.

He secretly peeked at the countless curses under the Weibo post and realized that the host was stirring up trouble.

Why was he somewhat excited instead of trying to stop it? He was looking forward to it.

Tang Guo then posted three words, “Wait and see.”

Less than a minute after sending the Weibo post, she was trending.

When the Weibo followers saw Tang Guo’s three words, they were really stunned. After those incidents were exposed, the original owner had never posted on Weibo or explained anything.

It was also her passive attitude that led the company to give up on her, an unprofitable and disobedient star; naturally, they didn’t care anymore.

Moreover, with so much concrete evidence related to the popular and talented Emperor Su, there was no need to offend such a potential superstar for a talentless pretty face without any backing.

[Vase girl, get out of the entertainment industry.]

[Really disgusting, what are you waiting to see? Do you think you can still turn things around?]

[Not pretending to be an innocent victim now?]

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