Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 281

Tang Guo first cleaned herself up, changed into a clean set of clothes, and quickly tidied up the house. She placed the trash at the door, then returned to her room to accept the storyline of this world.

This time, her identity was that of a top female celebrity, not one known for her acting skills, but rather a “traffic” starlet who rose to fame for her beauty and the support of influential backers, often derogatorily called a “vase” celebrity.

Her acting was not great, yet she was still liked by many.

The original owner was an exceptionally kind-hearted girl, who donated half of every payment she received from film remunerations and advertisements. Thus, the public was very accepting of a star who thrived on her looks yet was genuinely kind-hearted.

However, that was all in the past. Just last month, she was still gloriously walking the red carpets, envied by many female stars. But now, she had become a target of scorn on the internet, labeled a hypocritical “white lotus” who was ruthless in her ambition, who ditched her boyfriend to hug the thighs of wealthy, older men.

As beautiful as her past image was, the current insults thrown at her online are just as harsh.

The story begins with the man that the original owner liked, who was also the man she had previously rejected, and who is now a celebrated movie emperor, Su He.

She and Su He went to the same school since they were young. They came from well-off families. After reaching adolescence, she found herself falling in love with Su.

Su He is the young master of the Su family, and he secretly admires his senior sister Bai Wenwen. There are countless people who like him, but even if she is the young lady of the Tang family, Su He will not like her. Moreover, the Tang family has never been very fond of her associating with the Su family.

She chose to secretly like Su He, a sentiment that persisted into high school, until the Su family faced a crisis.

The Su family went bankrupt, and Su’s father was hospitalized. The once prosperous family collapsed overnight. Su He went from a rich young master to a poor boy who had to work part-time after school, and the girls who liked him all left.

Only she did not leave Su He. Indeed, Su He was an inspiring young man. Despite his difficult circumstances, he managed to get into his desired college for film and television studies.

The original owner knew of his aspirations early on and managed to get admitted as well.

At that time, Su He’s crush, Bai Wenwen, had gone abroad, and Su He believed a relationship with her was impossible. The original body, having secretly liked Su He for so long, decided to confess her feelings to him.

Su He agreed.

After their second year of college, the two of them started taking on acting roles, mostly minor ones. The original owner chose to be together with Su He, but her family had been against their relationship from the start, almost to the point of cutting ties, so naturally they wouldn’t use their resources to help them.

Su He showed exceptional talent in acting. Given a bit more screen time and lines, he could be very captivating, and many small directors liked him.

But every time Su He thought he was about to be picked for significant roles like the second male lead, the next day, someone would say he was not suitable.

Once or twice might be a coincidence, but what about twenty or thirty times? Even if someone was usurping his opportunities, could it always be so coincidental?

Both suspected that someone was targeting Su He. The identity of this person was surely beyond their reach, but what could they do even if they knew?

Relatively speaking, the original owner’s career was still progressing well. She became an actress to be closer to Su He and was initially not enthusiastic about acting.

Watching Su He stumble time and again without being able to stop it, she thought about asking her parents for help, but every time she saw their disdainful look towards the Su family. She had already hurt her parents once and did not want to for a second time.

So, she asked her good friend to help find out who was targeting Su He behind her back.

Before long, she learned from her friend who was behind it all, kept it from Su He, and went to meet that person, hoping to have a talk.

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