Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 362

Tang Guo frowned, pulled out a mirror, and took a look at herself. Willow-like eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, a straight nose, and cherry-like lips with fair and rosy skin—nothing about her appearance resembled a zombie.

“Well, it’s the best-looking zombie.”

[“Yes, the most beautiful one. Host, do you want to see the memories?”]

Since everyone was a zombie, Tang Guo found a relatively clean chair and sat down to start receiving the memories.

This world was a post-apocalyptic world from a book.

The original title of this book was “Tang Tang’s Survival in the Apocalypse”, which sounds like a typical Mary Sue novel.

The owner of this body is the protagonist of this apocalyptic novel. However, after a reader of this book transmigrated into it, she became the vicious female supporting character here.

Yan Nian is the protagonist of this world. Originally, she read the novel “Tang Tang’s Survival in the Apocalypse” and complained that the protagonist’s halo was too prominent.

She also felt that the protagonist was too indifferent to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Since she had obtained a Lingquan1 jade pendant and cultivation methods, why not use these to save the world?

The day after her rant, Yan Nian woke up in the book as a character also named Yan Nian, who met a tragic end. She was thrown out of the base and gang-raped to death after failing to seduce Yan Yi.

To change her fate, Yan Nian planned to get the jade pendant before the original owner discovered its use.

Knowing the events of the book, she gathered a lot of supplies and drove to the villa of the original owner and her fiancé, Yan Yi.

At that time, Yan Yi had a high fever that wouldn’t subside, and the original owner was anxiously pacing around. Yan Nian’s arrival seemed like a ray of hope.

Yan Nian offered to exchange supplies and medicine for the jade pendant around the original owner’s neck.

To save her fiancé’s life, the original owner agreed and gave Yan Nian the family heirloom jade pendant in exchange.

Yan Nian, who had obtained the jade pendant, was not at ease. Yan Yi was actually awakening his superpower. To avoid being killed by Yan Yi and the original owner in the future, she decided to separate the two of them.

She told the original owner that there was a pharmacy nearby with many medicines that might help Yan Yi.

If she wanted to get them, Yan Nian could watch over Yan Yi in the meantime.

The original owner didn’t think too much about it; saving lives was the priority. They quickly left the villa to get the medicine.

After she left, Yan Nian took Yan Yi away. When Yan Yi woke up and asked where the original owner had gone, Yan Nian simply said that when she arrived at the villa, she only saw him unconscious there and took him away.

Yan Yi thought his beloved fiancée had abandoned him and resented the original owner ever since.

Later, after countless collaborations with Yan Nian, they gradually developed feelings for each other. Yan Yi pampered Yan Nian to the skies but never forgot the fiancée who had once abandoned him.

The original owner went to the pharmacy and was bitten by a zombie. For some reason, she didn’t turn into a disgustingly-looking zombie, but she indeed became a zombie.

When she returned and found Yan Yi gone, she assumed zombies had taken over and he had been taken away.

She later traversed mountains and rivers to find Yan Yi, only to witness an intimate moment between him and Yan Nian. She broke down immediately.

No matter how much she explained that she had gone to get medicine, Yan Yi didn’t believe her. The once gentle fiancé was now only kind to another woman, treating her with coldness and even a murderous gaze.

After countless explanations, misunderstandings, and cold treatments, the original owner finally gave up.

When she gave up, Yan Yi didn’t let her go.

Another base discovered Yan Nian’s secret and attacked Yan Yi’s Sunshine Base with advanced thermal weapons.

If he didn’t hand over Yan Nian, they would destroy the Sunshine Base.

  1. “Lingquan” (灵泉) translates to “spiritual spring” or “spiritual fountain”. In the context of Chinese fantasy or cultivation novels, it often refers to a mystical or magical spring that possesses healing properties or can enhance one’s cultivation abilities. The water from a Lingquan is typically imbued with spiritual energy, making it highly sought after for its beneficial effects on health and cultivation. ↩︎

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