Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 361

He wanted to see her fall, to look down on her and watch her regret, completely ignoring her attempts to explain when she came back to find him.

He called her disgusting, cheap… The harsher his insults were back then, the more he regretted them now.

His heart was filthy, and his soul was dirty.

He thought that he had worked hard to climb to where he was today. So what if she had betrayed him?

He succeeded, but reality slapped him hard in the face. Without her, Qiao Nie would never have let him go.

Su He stayed outside the villa for several days until he fainted and was taken away. A few days after he was taken away, someone reported that Su He was hiding drugs in the villa, and he was arrested.

Bai Wenwen, who had been obese and pale, and had not appeared in the public eye for ten years, was also photographed.

Bai Wenwen’s evasive appearance was captured, and the public, upon seeing it, could only sigh.

Qiao Nie looked at the serene Tang Guo, his lips slightly curled up, his eyes warm. “You’re satisfied too, right?”

He never expected that Su He would have such thoughts from the beginning.

“Did you know from the start? Is that why you completely forgot about Su He and were so decisive?”

“Guo Guo, you’re really a bad woman. You left so decisively, leaving me with such a mess to clean up. You knew I wouldn’t be soft-hearted, so you left those clues, right?”

“Don’t you also want to never see Su He again and let him be restless for the rest of his life?”

“If I hadn’t woken up in time, you probably wouldn’t have given me those ten wonderful years.”

Qiao Nie leaned down, looking at her seriously and devoutly. “But I just like a woman like you. Without you, the world would stop turning, blood would stop flowing, and dry grass would never grow anew.”

Gazing at the woman’s face, Qiao Nie felt a sharp pain in his head as countless memories flooded his mind. When he opened his eyes again, the sadness in his eyes had lessened, replaced by more helplessness.

He touched her cheek and habitually kissed her forehead, “So troublesome.”

“I owe you.”

Standing up, a different smile on his face, he arranged everything and sat by Tang Guo’s side. After one last look at her, he closed his eyes with a faint smile.

A few days later, Qiao Nie’s assistant announced his death. Su He saw the news in the detention center, stunned for a long time.

[Host, Qiao Nie committed suicide by taking pills.]

“Why bother?”

“Ah Nie is still so cute, so cute that it’s hard to let go. Such a poor little puppy.”

Tang Guo lay in the Tianquan1, watching the surrounding silver light grow brighter and brighter. She slowly closed her eyes, saying, “Wake me up in three days. I’m a bit tired and need to take a nap.”


The system secretly wiped its cold sweat. Qiao Nie seemed a bit off, but since he was dead, there was no need to trouble the host with it.

When Tang Guo woke up, she felt sticky all over, the air filled with the stench of blood and decay.

Without opening her eyes, she knew this wasn’t a good place.

Sure enough, upon opening her eyes, she saw several ugly zombies, crookedly searching for food around her.

Not yet having received her memories, she noticed the zombies weren’t attacking her. She looked at her body, intact . Thankfully, it was not as ugly as a zombie.

“Tong Zi, does this body have the ability to befriend zombies?”

The system was silent for a moment, then honestly confessed, [Host, I have some bad news. You are now a zombie.]

Lilly: I released an extra chapter since we’re at the end of the “The Notorious Actress” arc. We’ll be starting an ‘End of the World’ arc next. Hope you guys like Zombies. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

  1. Tianquan (“天泉”) literally translates to “Heavenly Spring.” It typically refers to a spring or a pool with celestial or divine attributes, suggesting a place of purity, rejuvenation, or magical properties. The term is often used in literature and mythology to describe a mystical or enchanting location associated with tranquility and healing. ↩︎

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  1. Tbh this bai wenwen was truly pitiful tho. I sympathize with her a bit because she was probably binded by the system with no choice other than to work or have her soul dispersed. And if she thought negatively about the sys she would be punished.. Also the system made her reliant on it in everything sigh. It would have been great if she had thought things through and try to get a skill of her own to continue her life instead of giving up and waiting for death. She could just take it as continuing from where she left off before being hit by a car. It may be hard and all but since she is getting allowance and she had nothing else to do especially since she was waiting for a new system after death at least try learning English or acting or smn

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