Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 360

Qiao Nie did not post on Weibo; he didn’t want those people to disturb her.

In the end, it was Zhu Yi who posted on Weibo, announcing that Tang Guo had passed away.

No matter what, as Tang Guo’s manager, she needed to notify the public.

Su He habitually checked Weibo during his work breaks. When he saw the words “Tang Guo passed away,” his blood ran cold, his face turned pale, and he almost collapsed.

“Movie Emperor Su, are you alright?”

Su He trembled, clutching his phone, and grabbed the person next to him, asking, “She’s gone, this isn’t true, right?”

Others had just found out about the death of the legendary actress Tang Guo.

There was silence in response to Su He’s question.

Su He found the director and said, “Sorry, I need to take a day off.”

Everyone knew that Su He checked Weibo daily to see updates about Tang Guo, so the director permitted it. Su He didn’t change his clothes or remove his makeup; he just drove straight to Qiao Nie’s villa.

When he arrived, there were already many people there.

Qiao Nie stood at the entrance, looking gloomier than ever, even more so than before he met Tang Guo.

Liang Chao and his wife stood to the side, their faces showing sadness. Zhu Yi’s eyes were red, and she couldn’t stop her tears.

“Can… can I see her?” Su He asked, successfully catching Qiao Nie’s attention.

Qiao Nie glanced at him, “No.”

Su He smiled bitterly, “I was asking for too much.”

He didn’t even know why he came. Just as he wanted to ask something else, a group of reporters arrived outside. He frowned and quickly realized that Qiao Nie had invited these reporters.

“Director Qiao, what do you plan to announce?”

Qiao Nie walked to the front, expressionless, “To announce a truth.”

Su He had a vague sense of unease and stood silently on the side. Qiao Nie glanced at him and continued speaking to the reporters.

“Back then, you all reported extensively on how Guo Guo betrayed Su He, along with various scandals…”

“Director Qiao, we later retracted those reports. It was proven that Tang Tang was innocent,” a reporter quickly said. They couldn’t afford to provoke the Tang family’s eldest daughter. They would have liked to report more, but they were afraid of losing their jobs.

Qiao Nie sneered, “In your hearts, you still believe that Guo Guo betrayed Su He, right? Even knowing she was the eldest daughter of the Tang family, you still thought she looked down on Su He and chose me instead, didn’t you?”

Isn’t that the case?

Su He also raised his head abruptly to look at Qiao Nie, pressing his lips together tightly. Wasn’t that the truth?

Qiao Nie took out his phone and played a recording, a copy from his office surveillance at that time. He didn’t expect it to be used here.

He knew this was what she wanted to do. Although she never instructed him, with her vengeful nature, she definitely wouldn’t want Su He to have an easy time.

Su He and Bai Wenwen had ruined her reputation. If it weren’t for that reality show and her background being revealed, she, as an ordinary actress, would not have been able to survive in this industry.

After the recording ended, everyone fell silent. It turned out, the truth in “You and Me” was an apology from Qiao Nie to Tang Guo.

“You can all leave now.”

Su He desperately shouted to see Tang Guo, but how could Qiao Nie allow that? He called security to throw Su He out; she was his, and no one was allowed to see her.

Su He sat outside the villa, crying for a long time, looking extremely disheveled. He thought of many reasons, but had never considered that this would be the reason.

She actually agreed to Qiao Nie for his sake, and he… he even blackened her name, trying to ruin her forever… He even considered truly destroying her.

Remembering the things hidden in the villa, he sobbed uncontrollably. He had genuinely wanted to destroy her back then.

How could he have thought of injecting her with that stuff, and even considered giving her to those fat, old men?

He was so disgusting, so evil. He had wronged her, no wonder she completely forgot about him.

He wasn’t worthy!

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