Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 303

Qiao Nie: “…”

“You came to see me.”

No, he was just passing by.

Tang Guo lifted her head, “Ah Nie, help me wipe the tears from my face, see if my makeup has smeared.”

Qiao Nie had no choice but to pull out a tissue to wipe her face.

Just then, he heard the sound of a camera clicking, and instinctively pulled Tang Guo behind him.

“We’ve been photographed,” he said grimly. “I’ll handle it.”

“No, I’ve been ridiculed online for so long, it’s about time you got photographed too, let’s stink together.”

Shi Cong heard Tang Guo’s words, “Let’s stink together,” and then saw Qiao Nie nod.

He sighed deeply, wondering if Qiao Nie was really serious.

“Xiao Guo, your part is almost done, we just need to shoot a few scenes from years later and then we’re finished.”

Tang Guo held Qiao Nie’s arm and just like that, led her benefactor inside.

Everyone in the crew knew, so they didn’t dare mess with Tang Guo and behaved properly. If they could get on the good side of this genius director, they would be set.

Moreover, in nearly two months, Tang Guo’s performance had been surprising; not only was her acting solid, but she also never acted like a big name, significantly improving her image.

As expected, Qiao Nie listened to Tang Guo and ignored the photographers.

Unsurprisingly, they made the headlines the next day.

#Famous Actress Clings to Genius Director#

#Tang Guo Qiao Nie#

Countless posts slandering Tang Guo appeared again on social media, all kinds of insults included.

Eventually, someone started berating Qiao Nie on his social media, criticizing him for supporting such a person.

They even said they would stop watching his movies and TV shows, among other harsh words.

Soon, many people began criticizing Qiao Nie.

It didn’t take long for the people on Weibo to be stirred up.

Everyone was shocked by what they saw. Those who insulted Qiao Nie found their comments liked.

It’s normal to get likes, but the person liking them was unusual—it was Tang Guo herself!!

Initially, people thought it was a fake account attacking Tang Guo, but then everyone realized that Tang Guo was actually liking these comments!!

She used her main account, the one with tens of millions of followers.

To this point, she continued to like any post that insulted Qiao Nie.

Then, another trending topic emerged.

#Tang Guo Likes Comments#

“I just commented under Qiao Nie’s Weibo and even cursed, ‘Qiao Nie, are you blind?’ A minute later, Tang Guo liked it!!”

“Oh my God, she liked mine too!”

“Has she gone mad? Is she possessed?”

Tang Guo’s fans were also confused. While they were worried, they saw their idol post on Weibo.


Onlookers: ?

Bai Wenwen also saw it and discussed with the system, “Has she really gone mad?” This behavior might enrage Qiao Nie, potentially ruining her career.

However, this was perfect for her; one of her targets was Qiao Nie, along with Liang Chao.

Thinking about these two, with their negative favorability ratings of -90 and -80, she felt quite troubled.

Soon, news broke that Tang Guo was playing the second female lead in “High School Romance.”

Subsequently, Tang Guo’s past was dredged up again, and almost everything online was calling for her to leave the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Qiao Nie, who initially had a decent image, also saw a significant drop in favorability.

At this moment, Tang Guo was at Qiao Nie’s house, happily browsing Weibo and liking comments that insulted Qiao Nie.

The system only knew that its host was very happy, and that was all that mattered.

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