Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 302

Bai Wenwen felt a bit relieved and quickly followed the script, “Sister, I’m sorry.” She appropriately showed a pained expression, “If Qin Mo liked you, I definitely wouldn’t have intervened, but he said from the start that he liked me.”

“I know you really like him, everyone at school knows, and seeing how happy you looked, I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Bai Wenwen felt extremely pleased, now you know who Qin Mo likes, right? Isn’t that a slap in the face?

“From childhood, you’ve always been excellent, I can’t compare to you, nor dare to compete with you. But Qin Mo, I’m sorry sister, I won’t give him up for you.”

The always gentle Lin Zhizhi stubbornly lifted her head, “Because he likes me, I can’t just give him to you because you are my sister, that would hurt him.”

Bai Wenwen was very satisfied and complained to the system, “These days have really been stifling to me.”

Next was Tang Guo’s line, she looked at Liang Chao, her laughter mixed with tears, “Since you like her, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“Watching me confess to you every day, are you happy?”



Bai Wenwen: “…”

Extras: “…the lines aren’t right, are they?”

But Shi Cong didn’t call cut, so they dared not say anything.

Tang Guo walked up to Liang Chao and sneered, “Is it fun to play with me?”

The sound of a sudden “slap” left everyone present stunned.

Bai Wenwen was also stunned, hurriedly calling the system: “Has this woman gone mad, is she getting too into her role, mistaking Liang Chao for Su He?”

[Host, your mission is to win over men.]

[Target Qiao Nie detected, commence pursuit?]

Bai Wenwen said yes without thinking and asked casually what the favorability rating was.

[Qiao Nie current favorability rating, -90.]

Bai Wenwen almost fainted, how could it be -90?

As Shi Cong didn’t call cut, Tang Guo continued; Liang Chao looked at her incredulously.

But his face didn’t hurt; Tang Guo had not slapped him hard, it was just loud.

Bai Wenwen hurriedly ran over to shield Liang Chao behind her, watching Tang Guo with a wary face. The previous lines were of no use anymore.

Without Shi Cong calling cut, she had to tough it out, quickly thinking on her feet to maintain her gentle image.


Tang Guo didn’t look at Bai Wenwen but stared at Liang Chao and said, “I’m going abroad.”

“Go and be loving.”

With that, she turned and left, not pausing at all.

The camera kept following her, and the tears she had been holding back suddenly burst out. She ran away frantically, leaving a proud yet disheveled figure behind for the two of them.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like Liang Chao, but that Liang Chao liked Lin Zhizhi; her pride wouldn’t allow her to compete with her sister for a man.

Initially, she was unaware, and after she knew, she wouldn’t continue pursuing Qin Mo.

Everyone present seemed to suddenly understand what this proud girl was thinking.

A well-educated, confident and proud person would never stoop to fighting with her sister over a man.

She had only one choice, to leave, with her head held high.

For some reason, it left them feeling somewhat sour.

Before anyone could recover, Qiao Nie had already left the crowd and blocked Tang Guo at the school gate.

He had intended to offer her some tissues, but then he saw that woman smilingly walking back, her arms slightly stiff.

The woman walked over and hugged his arm very affectionately, “Ah Nie.”

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