Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 301

Shi Cong clapped his hands and said, “Good job!” The laughter from the extras just now, that ‘hahaha’ was also pretty good.

Nobody knew who was responsible for pouring the glue, but there was no need to call a halt. This way, it was clear that Lin Weiwei was not someone easy to bully, which was quite clever.

Bai Wenwen sat quietly inside, pursed her lips slightly, never expecting that Tang Guo actually had some skills.

After the scene was shot, everyone remembered the character Lin Weiwei, as well as the extra who was holding her breath. Later, Shi Cong gave her more scenes, which made her extremely happy, and she was especially attentive to Tang Guo.

On the other hand, the looks they gave Bai Wenwen, who played Lin Zhizhi, were full of meaning. Did the glue incident have anything to do with Bai Wenwen?

The drama mainly tells the story of Lin Zhizhi and Lin Weiwei, twin sisters who look and behave differently, and the events that unfold at their school.

Lin Weiwei was extremely popular as soon as she arrived at school, excelling academically, in sports, and in dance, quickly becoming friends with her classmates.

Lin Zhizhi, on the other hand, had poor health and dared not engage in vigorous exercise. Her academic performance was average, but she played the piano beautifully.

While Lin Weiwei and the male lead, Qin Mo, were competing on the sports field, Lin Zhizhi quietly played the piano.

It was after her confrontation with Qin Mo that Lin Weiwei gradually began to like him.

She believed Qin Mo was as outstanding as her and a good match.

Qin Mo had a fondness for Lin Weiwei; someone like her was hard not to like.

Had he not passed by the piano classroom by chance, hearing the graceful music and seeing the lonely, frail figure, something might have happened between him and Lin Weiwei.

After coming into contact with Lin Zhizhi, he intentionally avoided Lin Weiwei, which the proud Lin Weiwei couldn’t stand, and she began to deliberately target Qin Mo.

Her targeting wasn’t about sarcasm or insults; as a proud person, she disdained such actions.

Her approach was to be first in grades, first in sports, first in everything, making Qin Mo always second.

She has no ill feelings toward Lin Zhizhi, nor any fondness. It was only after she discovered that Lin Zhizhi liked Qin Mo that she occasionally mocked Lin Zhizhi with a few words.

Then, in everyone’s eyes, Lin Weiwei became the wicked sister.

Tang Guo was very comfortable with this role, which suited her perfectly.

Throughout the story, the female supporting character showcases her various skills, dazzling her classmates. Although later on, it’s revealed she doesn’t get Qin Mo’s love, she doesn’t care as long as she enjoyed the journey.

System: As long as you’re happy.

Bai Wenwen felt suppressed, but she had plenty of scenes, yet she always felt overshadowed by Tang Guo.

Tang Guo could freely mock, responding dominantly.

While she could only speak softly, smiling gently at Qin Mo, showing a kind and gentle expression, keeping her grievances to herself.

Tang Guo could boldly declare her love for Qin Mo, making her feelings clear to everyone.

But her character, Lin Zhizhi, could only timidly care for Qin Mo, not daring to declare it publicly.

Throughout the drama, Bai Wenwen was the most constrained.

It was not until the later stage that Bai Wenwen finally recovered and began to hit Tang Guo’s face. This time she had already planned it; she was determined to suppress Tang Guo and let her opponent feel aggrieved for once.

Qiao Nie came to the set secretly, standing in a corner, watching the bold girl on camera with a tear on her face, saying, “So the person you like is her.”

She didn’t make a scene, but tears uncontrollably fell as she tilted her head back, as if trying to force the tears back.

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