Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 300

“Qiao Nie is not a good person.”

“At least not for women.”

No matter how much Liang Chao tried to persuade her, Tang Guo still didn’t change her mind.

At this moment, someone outside said that filming was about to start.

This scene was between Tang Guo and Bai Wenwen. To outsiders, Tang Guo was considered to have poor acting skills, and Bai Wenwen was just a novice with little experience.

Two people are acting together, and they really wanted to see how Shi Cong would scold others.

Tang Guo played the second female lead, an excellent student, beautiful and generous, named Lin Weiwei, the school flower.

Bai Wenwen played the first female lead, with average grades and a delicate and gentle beauty, named Lin Zhizhi. Lin Zhizhi had been in poor health ever since she was born, as she was trapped in the womb for too long.

Therefore, her family cherished Lin Zhizhi very much.

Liang Chao played the male lead, tall, rich, and handsome, gentle and sunny, a prince charming in the eyes of countless girls, named Qin Mo.

Lin Weiwei was bright, confident, and somewhat arrogant. She had many admirers, but also many detractors.

Lin Zhizhi was tender and delicate; many felt pity for her because her frail body seemed too fragile to be hurt.

The first scene involved all three characters: it was the first day Lin Weiwei and Lin Zhizhi transferred to the class of the school heartthrob, Qin Mo.

Everyone was attracted by Lin Weiwei’s bright appearance, but only Qin Mo noticed Lin Zhizhi standing aside with a slight smile.

[Host, someone has spilled glue on your seat.] System 875’s alert sounded, and Bai Wenwen maintained her light smile on the podium.

“Where’s Tang Guo’s seat?”


Bai Wenwen sneered internally, knowing these people would cause trouble, especially since her role as the lead was facilitated by someone’s help, fueling jealousy among others.

After the self-introductions, it was supposed to be Tang Guo, who played Lin Weiwei, to leave first.

Bai Wenwen took the lead and walked in front of Tang Guo. When she saw the seat with glue spilled on it, she decided not to sit there.

As for Tang Guo being stopped by the director later, it’s none of her business anyway. Anyway, she doesn’t care about Tang Guo either. After the scandal broke out, she remembered her first love. Such women are really disgusting.

Bai Wenwen walked to the original seat meant for Tang Guo. This detail about the seat didn’t really affect the plot.

Tang Guo followed behind, watching Bai Wenwen carefully sit down.

Glancing at the transparent glue on the chair, she wore a smile, performing an action that wasn’t originally scripted. Shi Cong didn’t stop the scene; he thought Tang Guo’s smile was very meaningful, the kind of look that seemed to say, I’ve caught you.

Lin Weiwei was a smart and flamboyant character, he was somewhat looking forward to what Tang Guo would do next.

Then Tang Guo was seen bending down with a tissue, slowly standing up, “I really don’t like this gift.”

After saying that, she waved the tissue, raising an eyebrow, “I didn’t expect to be envied for my excellence on the first day.”

“Teacher, shouldn’t such destructive behavior be reported for criticism?” Then she took a book from a classmate nearby, placed it on the seat, and sat down, “Classmate, you look very pale.”

Tang Guo was delighted to have so many lines all at once.

The extra nearby was also very happy, but suddenly there was a shot of a pale-faced person. She quickly held her breath, making her face turn red and white, the expression of someone caught red-handed doing something bad.

Sure enough, Shi Cong captured it; he was very satisfied with the reaction of the extra.

Bai Wenwen: “……”

Extra: “Hahaha…” They were genuinely laughing.

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