Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 299

“Was Su He guilty of something? When he got off the ambulance, a crazy woman causing trouble at the hospital pushed him, and as a result, he fell flat on his back.”

Liang Chao couldn’t help but laugh when he remembered these things, filling the entire makeup room with his loud laughter.

Particularly captivating.

His assistant and the makeup artist didn’t dare to laugh out loud, but they were also holding back their laughter.

In the midst of his energetic storytelling, Liang Chao noticed someone coming in through the mirror and looked at them in surprise.

Qiao Nie walked up to Liang Chao, glanced indifferently at the makeup room, and said, “I’m looking for her.”

Liang Chao’s eyes widened as he watched this casually dressed man with messy hair and a brooding demeanor pull aside the curtain and walk in.

He grabbed his assistant’s hand and asked, “Is he Qiao Nie?”

Of course, he knew Qiao Nie; they were considered quite good friends.


The assistant was incredulous that Qiao Nie would come in person to look for Tang Guo.

The relationship between Tang Guo and Qiao Nie was well known within the circle. They also knew about the grudge between Qiao Nie and Su He.

But since Tang Guo had moved out from Qiao Nie’s place, outsiders didn’t dare expose Qiao Nie; they only dared to sling mud at Tang Guo.

Qiao Nie just stood behind Tang Guo. The woman didn’t turn around, but he was sure she had seen him.

After the makeup room had finished her makeup, she finally turned around.

Qiao Nie surveyed her school uniform skirt and described the woman before him in three words.

Simple, clean, bright.

She really seemed like a lively and confident high school girl, her face lit up with a radiant smile.

“When are you moving in?”

Zhu Yi: “…” Boss, you’re too direct.

“Anytime,” Tang Guo smiled, “but you have to come and pick me up.”

Qiao Nie narrowed his eyes, “You know the consequences of me coming to pick you up.”

“What consequences?”

“Confirming the rumors, rising through the ranks by being kept.”

Tang Guo laughed, “Isn’t that the truth?”

Qiao Nie was momentarily speechless.

She walked up to Qiao Nie, placed her hands on his shoulders, “I’m not afraid at all, it’s just a matter of whether you are.”

“Everyone outside is saying I’m a playgirl, climbing the social ladder by abandoning my boyfriend, moving between various men,” she lifted her gaze, a smile playing at the corners of her eyes, “and you, Qiao Nie… they dare not mention a word.”

“And indeed, you were the one who lifted me up, weren’t you?” Tang Guo looked at Qiao Nie, her hand touching him, “You’ve given me quite a few resources.”

“It’s just maintaining the relationship we had back then.”

Qiao Nie grabbed her hand, “Behave.”

Zhu Yi: “…” She wanted to leave, but the big boss was standing at the door.

“Don’t touch or fiddle.”

Tang Guo chuckled and leaned close to Qiao Nie, whispering, “If people outside find out Qiao Nie is impotent, I wonder if that would make the headlines.”

Qiao Nie’s eyes grew more dangerous, emitting a deep glow, as he grasped Tang Guo’s chin, “I’ll come to pick you up today.”

“If this is what you want, I’ll satisfy you.”

With that, Qiao Nie left.

The mocking yet somewhat suffocating smile in the woman’s eyes made him feel ironic. He scoffed, really not understanding why he was soft-hearted towards this woman.

“Qiao Nie.”

Liang Chao quickly stopped Qiao Nie, “What are you doing here?”

“Qiao Nie, since you and Xiao Guo have split, don’t bother her anymore,” said Liang Chao sincerely, “She’s a good girl; don’t hurt her anymore.”

Qiao Nie stared at Liang Chao’s anxious expression and said calmly, “She asked to move back in with me.”

“How is that possible?” Liang Chao didn’t believe it. Hadn’t Tang Guo moved out from Qiao Nie’s place?

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