Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 298

Su He looked at how Liang Chao protected Tang Guo and grew even more disgusted with her. Indeed, this woman was as disgusting as ever.

He wanted to say something else, but Bai Wenwen pulled at him, “Someone is coming.”

The scorn on Su He’s face instantly disappeared, replaced by a gentle smile as he approached Tang Guo.

“Miss Tang, please refrain from saying anything in the future, what happened between us is now in the past,” Su He said with a distant smile, holding Bai Wenwen’s hand. “Now, my girlfriend is Bai Wenwen. Please, Miss Tang, show some restraint. Let’s forget about today’s incident, especially since it’s the first day of shooting.”

He glanced at the people coming over and smiled, “Also, in consideration of Director Shi’s feelings, I won’t make a big deal out of it.”

Tang Guo bowed her head, her lips curving slightly, “Tong, did you get that on record?”

[It’s already recorded.]


The people who came later heard Su He’s words and began to imagine the earlier scene.

They thought Su He had made Tang Guo cry, but it turned out Tang Guo was shameless, flirting with Liang Chao, and still not giving up even when Su He appeared.

This woman, just as the rumors had described, was despicable.

Su He ruffled Bai Wenwen’s hair, “Wenwen, I’ll come to see you again tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Bai Wenwen looked gentle, and the two of them really looked well-matched.

Before leaving, Su He said to Tang Guo, “Miss Tang, if you feel any injustice, please don’t take it out on Wenwen. Considering our past relationship, I can forgive your previous rudeness.”

After saying that, Su He walked away with his hands in his pockets.

The actresses on the set all stared at him, exclaiming how handsome he was, their eyes sparkling with envy and admiration as they looked at Bai Wenwen.

“He’s so gentle.”

“Yeah, I wish he were mine.”

Hearing this, Bai Wenwen’s lips curved up as she communicated with the system, “Tang Guo really is foolish to have given up such an outstanding man as Su He.”

Tang Guo heard Bai Wenwen’s inner thoughts and sneered.

She watched Su He’s retreating figure, her eyebrows raised, and glanced at the female actors who were still staring at Su He.

Just as Su He was about to disappear, he suddenly screamed and fell to the ground in a very embarrassing pose.

Tang Guo burst into laughter, and the others were also thrown into disarray.

Bai Wenwen reacted quickly and ran towards Su He.

Just as she was about to run up to Su He, she stepped on something, let out a cry, and fell towards Su He’s position.

“Ah—” — the scream from Su He was truly reminiscent of a slaughtered pig.

The chaotic audience was stunned, not understanding what had just happened.

Shi Cong had just arrived and witnessed such a scene, especially the intertwined figures of the man and woman in front, as well as Su He’s tragic scream, all of which left a deep impression on him.

Liang Chao was the first to burst out laughing.

In front of so many people, he had not dared to confront Su He before, but now he laughed out loud, feeling very happy.

In the end, Su He was taken to the hospital, and Bai Wenwen was relatively fine. Seeing Su He in pain and his face pale, she had to ask Shi Cong for leave to go to the hospital with him.

“Su He has a broken leg.”

Liang Chao laughed loudly like a pig, “It was Bai Wenwen who broke it. She doesn’t look heavy, but she’s surprisingly heavy.”

“And, I heard that when Su He was being carried onto the ambulance, the stretcher somehow broke, and he was dropped.”

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