Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 297

“You’re actually here?” Su He looked at Tang Guo with sarcasm, glanced at Liang Chao in the distance, and approached, “Hooking up with Liang Chao again? You really are cheap.”

[Note, the drama queen host is online.]

Tang Guo looked up with an extremely hurt expression, her eyes red-rimmed, as if she was about to cry but held back, looking as if she had suffered the greatest injustice. Su He felt slightly uncomfortable inside.

“Your acting has improved, no wonder you dare to play in Shi Cong’s drama,” Su He chuckled, “No, I forgot, your acting has always been good. Otherwise, how could you handle Qiao Nie while pretending to deeply love me? Tang Guo, aren’t you disgusting?”

Tears suddenly burst from Tang Guo’s eyes, overwhelming grievance and deep sorrow in her heart. Seeing the disparaging look from the person she loved, she was at a loss for how to explain. She stood there helplessly, holding a thermos cup, her head drooping as tears fell drop by drop.

“Ha ha, really ridiculous, Tang Guo, you are so ridiculous. The way you cry really moves people,” Su He said as he walked closer, looking down on her from a superior position, “Too bad, I won’t be fooled again. You are the best at acting, heartless and disgusting. Now do you want to pretend to be wronged to gain my sympathy, and then have me help you clear the rumors?”

“You wish.”

“Let me tell you, Tang Guo, I love Wen Wen, whether it was before I met you or after, the person I love is Wen Wen. What do you think you are? Yes, you are just a thing, I’m only angry because a very annoying person has snatched a thing away from me.”

“Su He, shut up.”

Liang Chao trembled with anger. He had only been away for a short while, thinking Su He wouldn’t dare do anything to Tang Guo. He was too trusting. Seeing Tang Guo bow her head, he sensed something was wrong, and then he noticed the floor was wet. She had been crying.

He didn’t think much, rushed over, and punched Su He, “Su He, you’re really not human.”

Su He hadn’t expected Liang Chao to strike, he rubbed the slightly sore corner of his mouth, and sarcastically said, “You are really capable, Tang Guo.”

Bai Wenwen also hurried over, showing concern for Su He and looking at Tang Guo with unfriendliness.

“875, I want to exchange for a bad luck talisman, throw it on Liang Chao, no, make it two, another one for Tang Guo.”

With her head bowed, Tang Guo, although crying, had a clear look in her eyes. Hearing that strange voice, she communicated with the system, “Tong, she also has a system, seems like she’s a transmigrator too.”

[Host, I’ve figured it out. I’m much more advanced than that 875, they can’t hear our conversations. Whenever you’re ready, I can hack the other program and make them start over.]

“Okay, Tong, you’re getting more and more powerful.”

[I’ve always said, I’ll become more powerful. Hey, host, do you want me to swallow the other party?] The system sparkled, feeling it could level up by absorbing the other party.

Tang Guo smiled, “No need, in a bit, put the bad luck talisman on Bai Wenwen and Su He.”


Tang Guo is very satisfied with Bai Wenwen as the female lead; in this world, their happiness depends on each other.

No wonder the original owner died so miserably. The other party turned out to be a quick transmigration tasker, unlike her, who was just a cannon fodder supporting female character. The other party is a female lead who’s here to capture the male lead.”

Kill them, kill them all, so jealous.

“Tong, they still have big gift packages.”

System: [Host, I can swallow 875, and help you work without charge.]

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