Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 293

“It’s a question for her.”

Tang Guo raised a smile and spoke to the female ghost in the corner, “Come over and talk.”

The female ghost was very wary and resentful towards Tang Guo; if it weren’t for this woman, she would have taken her revenge long ago.

But she was afraid of Tang Guo and carefully moved closer.

“Have a seat.”

The female ghost silently found a spot to sit down, looking at Tang Guo with some confusion. The talismans Tang Guo had were very powerful; killing her would be easy, and she didn’t quite understand Tang Guo’s intentions.

“You’re the woman who was hit by a car and dumped yesterday, right?” Tang Guo said bluntly, “Hmm?”

The female ghost was surprised, “How did you know?”

“I saw the news this morning.”

Actually, she hadn’t made the connection at first. If Bai Wenwen hadn’t interfered, she probably wouldn’t have remembered Liang Chao and the fact that he was still doomed. The film crew would have replace the male lead, which wouldn’t affect her at all.

But, Bai Wenwen had Wei Chuan interfere on her behalf, reminding her of Liang Chao’s bizarre death, which piqued her curiosity. After going through the plot again, she decided to save Liang Chao, this little cannon fodder.

Saving cannon fodders she liked was her favorite thing.

At this moment, Liang Chao was staring at the female ghost, “I really don’t know you.”

The female ghost suddenly became fierce, “You don’t know me? You hit me with your car yesterday. I wasn’t supposed to die, but you, not wanting to deal with it, just dumped me in a small grove. I struggled for five hours before I died. You even threw my bag somewhere else. I couldn’t even call for help. It’s all because of you; if not for you, I wouldn’t have died. Woo woo woo… I have family; my parents are so heartbroken. I was about to get married; the wedding was all set.”

“My boyfriend and I struggled in this city for eight years, finally got our own house, and everything was going well. It was all because you were afraid to take responsibility that you cost me my life.”

Although the female ghost’s face was fierce, she appeared somewhat pitiful. Liang Chao was initially a bit angry but felt sympathy hearing her say this.

“Well… I didn’t drive yesterday,” Liang Chao said earnestly, “I went to a party, got drunk, and rested at the hotel all night. I only came back this morning.”

The female ghost paused, disbelieving.

“You can check, you’re a ghost, right? Oh, I have a dashcam, let me show you.”

He glanced at Tang Guo, who only said to the female ghost, “If you want to find the real culprit, follow me.”

The female ghost remembered Tang Guo’s prowess and nodded. However, Tang Guo still placed a talisman on her, and the female ghost immediately felt restrained.

Liang Chao took them to the parking garage and pulled out the dashcam; it indeed showed nothing. After the female ghost crawled into the car, she suddenly became a bit confused.

“I… I might have really made a mistake,” the female ghost lowered her head. “He was driving a car similar to yours, but without the childish Doraemon hanging ornament. When I was hit and flew away, I glanced into the car, but didn’t see the driver clearly. However, I’m pretty sure there was no such ornament.” Saying this, she carefully looked around the car and finally felt disheartened; she almost wronged a good person.

She didn’t die immediately after being hit; she was half-unconscious and couldn’t clearly see who the man was. She died a few hours later, feeling unwilling, which led her spirit to emerge from the corpse.

She couldn’t find her way, but then she saw a car identical to the one that had hit her yesterday. She thought it was the person who had hit her, so she angrily followed it, intending to seize the opportunity to kill Liang Chao.

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