Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 289

“Director Shi just called to say that the investor for the campus drama specifically requested the actress for the second female lead role.”

Tang Guo was not surprised, she also knew who wanted the role because this person seemed to know that the drama would be popular.

She still asked, “Who is it?”

“Wei Chuan.” Zhu Yi’s face looked displeased. “This person is not easy to offend, otherwise Director Shi wouldn’t have called me directly to apologize.”

“If I find out who wants to cut in line, watch me chew her out.”

Tang Guo’s lips curved into a smirk, “It’s Bai Wenwen.”

“What?” Zhu Yi said incredulously, “Her? She might have some talent, but does she have acting skills?”

Tang Guo didn’t speak. Her gaze was fixed on the current news on TV, which reported the discovery of a woman’s body last night in a suburban grove. Because the area was a blind spot for surveillance, there was no way to identify who had killed the woman.

Not only did the person kill the woman, but they also dragged her into the grove intending to cover up the crime. However, they didn’t anticipate that many elderly people would be walking their dogs in the grove in the morning.

Zhu Yi saw it too and cursed angrily, “This is utterly heartless. Maybe the girl wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t been dragged.”

“Guo Guo, how about we look at two other scripts?”

“No,” Tang Guo had lost interest in the others, “I still prefer the one we discussed earlier. Go ahead and register me for that wilderness survival reality show, that one seems interesting too.”

Zhu Yi’s lips twitched. Interesting, really?

“Okay, as you wish, I’ll go first. Call me if you need anything.”

She clenched her fist, determined not to let the goddess be disappointed.

“Tong, get to work.”

[I’m here, host. What are we doing now?]

“Play the full plot for me, especially about this campus drama.”

[Okay, host.] Although unsure what the host intended, it complied.

After watching, Tang Guo narrowed her eyes, “Originally, Bai Wenwen had snatched the role of the second female lead too. I still remember that part. Strangely, Liang Chao was also replaced, switched for another second-tier male star.”

“Show me the hidden parts of the plot, what happened to Liang Chao?”

[Okay, great host.] Viewing hidden plot elements was a breeze.

“He died?”

Tang Guo saw in the plot that Liang Chao’s death was bizarre, as if he had madly dashed into traffic and was hit by a car. At that time, there were many cars and his body was nearly crushed.

It’s somewhat unbelievable.

She glanced at the time and froze. Didn’t Liang Chao die today at 3:30 PM?

[Great host, there are many strange things in this world.] The system thought secretly, good, the stranger the better, as strange worlds are less likely to collapse.

“Get me Liang Chao’s phone number and keep an eye on him.”

The system complied. Nowadays, the system was making her increasingly satisfied.

“Hello?” Liang Chao was puzzled; this was his private number, known by very few.

The calling number was unfamiliar, but out of curiosity, he answered.

“It’s me.”

Liang Chao was taken aback, then recognized the voice’s owner, “Tang… Miss Tang?” He could hardly believe that Tang Guo was calling him.

“There are some things I would like to discuss with Mr. Liang. I’m coming over to see you, is that convenient?”

Liang Chao’s heartbeat quickened, initially wanting to refuse, considering her current bad reputation, but somehow recalling that day, he said, “No problem.”

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