Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 284

Tang Guo ignored the abuse on the internet; instead, because she spoke out, her die-hard fans seemed to gain the courage to continue supporting their beloved idol.

[Guo Guo, I believe in you.]

[Our Guo Guo is a kind person, I’ve always liked her, and I believe in her.]

[No matter when, Guo Guo, I will support you.]

[You’re so good, they are just jealous of you.]

Tang Guo glanced at these comments, a smile curling at the corners of her mouth. She picked a few comments from her loyal fans to reply to, “Thank you, wait for me.”

With such a response, those loyal fans almost cried.

They had been waiting for a month, and finally, their goddess was willing to stand up.

During that month, they all thought everything was true, that Tang Guo was too scared to come forward. Yet they believed that the kind-hearted Guo Guo couldn’t possibly be that sort of person.

This brief post and a few replies gave them the courage to continue their support.

[Host, do you need to clarify those posts that slander you and smear your reputation?] The system is holding its breath right now, finally finding a chance to be useful, but the host seems not at all in a hurry.

“No need, let them scold a bit longer,” she smiled, “Bad publicity is still publicity, and it brings traffic that’s very useful for what I’m planning to do next.”

“Of course, my main goal is to see their faces turn red with embarrassment, desperate like cornered dogs.”

“When everyone thinks I am the person described online, universally denounced, I’ll present the clarifying evidence, and they won’t be able to handle it.”

“However, this is not all. They have always believed that behind the clean and beautiful male and female idols, there are all sorts of scandalous and chaotic dealings. I wonder if they can bear it.”

The system shuddered for a moment, unable to bear it, absolutely unable to bear it. Tut, tut, when the host goes bad, indeed no one can compare.

“Tong, I’m giving you a task now. Check how many are pouring dirty water on me, find out who’s behind them, and while you’re at it…” Tang Guo smiled meaningfully, “Dig up their history since their debut, I’ll ask for it when I need it.”

[No problem, Boss Host, leave it to me. Anywhere there’s a network, I reign supreme,] the system excitedly said.

Tang Guo pursed her lips slightly, “Good, keep all those people under surveillance, and if there’s any explosive video, record everything.”


“Very good, Tong, I must say, you’re a very useful system right now, eavesdropping and spying, I don’t even need to install bugs myself or hack their networks.”

Tang Guo genuinely praised.

[Hmm…] Feeling a bit shy, what to do? It was the first time the host had praised him like this.

Then Tang Guo called her manager, Jiao Hong, whose voice was somewhat cold, “The company has discussed it already, I’m no longer your manager, your new manager should be contacting you soon, it’s not that I’m saying you…”

Just then, Tang Guo saw a new call coming in and promptly hung up on Jiao Hong to take this unfamiliar call.

Since she’s no longer her manager, no need for pleasantries.

Jiao Hong: “…”


The other side paused for a few seconds before responding, “Hello, is this Tang Guo?”


“I… I’m your new manager, do you… have time?” She might have wanted to ask, “Are you okay?”


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