Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 280

Tang Guo looked up, her lips curling into a bold and unrestrained smile at him, satisfying Wei Yue.

His vision grew increasingly blurry, and just when he thought he was about to be engulfed in darkness, his sight gradually cleared.

After laughing, Tang Guo bowed her head, her lips curving slightly. It was the first time she found it hard to accept such a parting of life and death. Was it she who was grieving, or was it this body feeling the sorrow? Probably both.

Wei Yue’s eyes had regained their clarity, and he gazed at the woman with her head bowed before him, his clear eyes filling with affection.

He raised his hand to touch her cheek, surprised by how pleasant the touch felt. He sighed softly to himself, as his steadfast heart slowly began to succumb.

But time would not allow it, and a look of helplessness appeared in his eyes. He had dug this pit himself and must walk it through, even if crying.

“Guo Guo, see you in the next life.”

After speaking, he reluctantly closed his eyes and slowly let go of her hand, a satisfied smile lingering on his lips.

Tang Guo, hearing the phrase “see you in the next life,” suddenly raised her head, but he was already gone.

“Tong, he said he wants to see me in the next life,” Tang Guo touched Wei Yue’s face, “It’s truly regrettable, Wei Yue, you might not see me in the next life.”

“You are so wonderful, I will try to remember you longer and not forget you so quickly.” Tang Guo seemed to have a good idea, “Tong, save this world’s scenes for me, I’ll watch them whenever I have time. They can heal me when I’m feeling down.”

System: [Host, don’t be sad…]

“I can’t help it, I too am giving my true heart, how can I not be sad? I’ll go back to Tianquan and lie down for a few days, then I’ll forget.”

After Wei Yue’s funeral, Tang Guo spent some time with Wei’s parents and later adopted a well-behaved child from an orphanage. She personally taught him for a year and then sent him to Mr. and Mrs. Tang.

The next day, a servant pushed open Tang Guo’s room to find that she had gone, holding a wedding photo of her and Wei Yue. Those who saw it couldn’t help but break down in tears.

The great mathematician could not let go of her beloved husband, the equally great entrepreneur and biologist, and followed him.

Their story has been passed down in this world for countless years.

Their achievements are revered as treasures by future generations.

Their loving moments have been compiled into books that sell out every time.

Their story has never been forgotten.

[Host, are you okay? Do you want a sobering pill?]

The caring assistant system complimented, “In the last world, the host lived very happily, gaining lots and lots of energy. Yes, he has upgraded again, filled with vigor.”

As long as the host lives happily in each world, after it ends, he can absorb a great deal of energy, which is truly wonderful.

Host, the big boss, is his benefactor, the biggest leg to grab.

Tang Guo rubbed her brow, not absorbing memories temporarily. The original host drank too much and slept on the ground all night, catching a cold. Her voice was a bit hoarse, “Give me one.”

After taking the sobering pill, her mind felt clearer. She surveyed the spacious living room, chaotic with bottles everywhere.

Piles of takeout boxes that had been sitting for several days filled the summer air with a foul smell.

Looking at herself, wearing pajamas reeking of alcohol, she rushed into the bathroom.



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