Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 272

The forum post moved to the top of the ratings and was even covered by various media outlets.

As things began to settle, a post appeared displaying all of Tang Guo and Wei Yue’s report cards and exam papers since high school.

At first, nobody paid attention, but later some bored person flipped through it and was shocked. This person is a well-known Weibo influencer. After flipping through it, they exclaimed in amazement, then excitedly wrote a Weibo post.

[“Everybody, pay attention, pay attention, high energy ahead!! You criticize them for affecting the school atmosphere, but you don’t know about their quiet dedication. You mock them, yet they are disdainful. You think they affect your children’s studies, haha, you have no idea that they are tied for first place at school.

The last thing I want to say is, if my daughter or son can work as hard in love as this, then go ahead, kids, Dad supports you!!”]

After this Weibo post appeared, it instantly went viral, and a link to the original post about the report cards was included below.

Upon reading this, everyone was speechless.

Soon, many oddly titled posts appeared:

[“The comeback of the student ranked last in the grade.”]

[“It’s not that the first in class doesn’t study hard, but there isn’t a girl named Tang Guo in his class.”]

[“I want a girlfriend named Tang Guo, I wonder if there is one.”]

[“If I had met a girl named Tang Guo during my high school days, I would be at Harvard now, not at Lanxiang.”]

[“If our school had such a couple, I swear I’d have no face for early romance; I should be working in a multinational corporation, not in a small company with a stingy boss.”]

[“I still doubt life, how did Wei Yue do it?”]

[“If I had Tang Guo in my life…”]

And then the parents,

[“If I had a daughter named Tang Guo and you liked that boy named Wei Yue, bring him home to meet us.”]

[“If I had a son named Wei Yue, I’d definitely encourage him to date a girl named Tang Guo.”]

The school,

[“Why don’t we have a Tang Guo or a Wei Yue?”]

Classmates still in high school,

[“Just having one such couple is enough; my heart can’t take it anymore.”]

The principal and teachers of No. 1 Middle School: “……”

Mr. and Mrs. Tang: “……”

Wei Group: “……” It turns out the young boss was originally a poor student.

Ji Xiaosi twisted her face in frustration as she browsed through these posts. She was not satisfied and wondered what was going on.

She still wanted to do something when another post exploded with the news of Wei Yue’s current role as the general manager of Wei Group, silencing the critics.

Wei Yue boldly revealed his biggest investor, prominently displaying the name Tang Guo. The first investment amounted to sixty million and the second a hundred million.

The crowd reading the post silently hold their hearts, they are all big shots, can’t afford to offend.

Tang Guo had a social media account because she was an exceptional student, verified by the school upon requirement.

Because of this, she gained millions of followers.

Some followers asked her how she studied, to which she smiled and replied, “I was born smart.”


Seeing her invest one hundred and sixty million, some couldn’t help but ask if it was pocket money from the Tang family, to which she honestly responded, “Recently, I bought some decent stocks with my pocket money.”

Damn, not only good at studying but also a stock genius.

Some diving stock investors quietly clicked to follow, occasionally asking stock-related questions. Tang Guo answered them one by one, being worshipped as a god by these stock investors.

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