Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 271

A certain event occurred at the start of the senior year of high school: the relationship between Tang Guo and Wei Yue from No. 1 Middle School was exposed online.

The post pointed out that both individuals came from decent families, and not only did the teachers not interfere, they often saw the couple holding hands and even conversed with them, showing no concern for the need to maintain a proper image on campus.

Such incidents should not be occurring on school grounds. If teachers and the school condone high school students dating, wouldn’t this send a message to all students that they can date freely without supervision? This poor influence quickly caught the attention of many people.

For a while, numerous individuals commented on the post, slandering the shameless behavior of the two students.

Ji Xiaosi skimmed through the posts, scoffed, and then deleted the posting history.

“Really shameless.”

“Just because they have money, they think they can do whatever they want? It’s one thing at home, but to be so intimate at school? I fear for my daughter attending this school.”

“Tsk, tsk, what’s happening to our society these days? These teachers don’t care, is it because their families are influential?”

“If that’s the case, they should just attend a private school where the wealthy dictate the rules. They’re rich and I have no objections.”

“I agree with the above comment. Students who blatantly corrupt the school’s atmosphere should be expelled.”

The principal and teachers soon became aware of the incident and were at a loss for words, knowing the situation was not as grave as it was made out to be. In fact, the school’s atmosphere had been improving because of Tang Guo and Wei Yue.

Originally, No. 1 Middle School had many secretive couples, but because of Wei Yue and Tang Guo, when teachers caught couples, they would meaningfully say, “If you can be like students Tang Guo and Wei Yue, I might choose not to see.”

The next day, that couple broke up.

This incident was posted on the school forum, and since then, no couples were seen holding hands in the small woods again.

Schoolboys and girls started keeping their distance voluntarily because their disciplinary teacher was rather peculiar. Upon seeing two students of different genders getting slightly close, he would approach them with a smile.

“Students, are you two dating?” the disciplinary teacher asked kindly. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to break you up. As long as your academic improvement is half as good as Tang Guo and Wei Yue’s, I might choose to overlook it.”

Director, you are toxic!

Boy: “No, teacher, you’ve misunderstood, really, it’s a big misunderstanding, we’re not involved.”

Girl: “Teacher, I don’t know this male classmate, I don’t know who he is, and I definitely wouldn’t date him. He’s too short, not handsome, and his grades are poor. I don’t like him.”

Boy: “…”

Boy: “To be honest, this girl is a bit ugly, I couldn’t possibly make a move, her hands are even rougher than mine, I have no desire to hold them.”

Girl: “…Do you know what it means to be lonely? Haha.”

The disciplinary teacher looked disappointed. “I see.” But then his eyes lit up as he spotted another pair of students who seemed close.

“Please maintain a safe distance, the disciplinary teacher is coming!” Someone shouted, and the students scattered in all directions.

Disciplinary teacher: “…”

He shook his head in resignation, bored recently as it was harder to catch couples, feeling as if life had lost its joy.

“Principal, what should we do now? The reaction is quite strong,” said the homeroom teacher of class three, somewhat indignant, “I don’t know who’s jealous of our school to post such a thing.”

The principal sneered, “This is simple, just post all of Tang Guo and Wei Yue’s report cards and test papers.”

T/N: Previous translations of this arc stated that they attended the No. 1 High School instead of No. 1 Middle School. I previously translated it that way to match the American version of secondary school but realized that I was wrong in doing that. The novel takes place in China and after doing some further research I found out that’s just how they name their secondary schools. The confusion on my part would be the fact that they refer to it as high school, but it was named middle school.

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