Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 270

In the second semester of the sophomore year, classmates from Class Three passed by the sweet and affectionate scenes of Tang, the school flower, and Wei, the school grass. Yes, people at school no longer call Wei Yue the school bully. He is now the school grass, handsome, wealthy, and with super good grades.

With his girlfriend’s support, Wei Yue secured a long-desired project, making a hefty profit with additional backing from his family, earning him increasing support within Wei Group.

Thanks to his efforts, Chinese language was no longer a challenge for him.

During the final exams, seating was arranged based on mid-term rankings. This time, Wei Yue sat behind his girlfriend, and as they exchanged loving glances entering the exam hall, the other top students felt disheartened and lost the mood to compete.

But what could they say?

One was ranked first and the other second in the grade. Their relationship not only didn’t hinder their studies but seemed to help them improve together. Who among the top students could claim to raise someone from the very bottom to the second-highest rank?

Sitting in the third seat, Fu Zhuoshu could only feel choked and wish them well, despite his feelings.

He clenched his teeth; the girl he liked didn’t return his feelings, and his rank had been usurped by his crush and his rival. There was nothing in the world more painful than this.

Students in the fourth and fifth seats: “…” How did Wei Yue rise from the bottom to the second place? That was even more upsetting.

At the back of the third exam hall, Ji Xiaosi swallowed a black pill.

The mid-term exam didn’t help her; her grades plummeted straight down. She believes she’s been studying hard enough, but external factors have had too much influence on her.

Especially Tang Guo and Wei Yue, who flaunt their relationship all day long without any interference from the teachers.

Thinking about having to continue wearing this heavy wig for another four months, she felt terrible. It was already a scorching summer, and carrying that weight on her head made it even more unbearable.

She couldn’t afford another embarrassment in the final exams.

Once the holidays began, she planned to study intensively at home to address her weaknesses.

When receiving her report card, Ji Xiaosi was relieved to see her ranking had improved to the top twelve, and her teacher even offered some words of encouragement.

Touching her wig, her smile froze as she faced another four months of struggle.

“Ji Xiaosi, congratulations, your grades have improved again,” her desk mate said kindly, but Ji Xiaosi found the goodwill in her eyes nauseating.

With a blank expression, she replied, “Too much happened earlier in the year; I couldn’t settle down. I care about the final exams; there’s no way I could do poorly.”

“Congratulations to Tang Guo and Wei Yue, tied for first place, just one point shy of perfect,” the class teacher said with a beaming smile. He had always detested high school romances but for the first time, he thought their young love was quite beautiful.

“Ha, if only all our students could be like them,” he mused, not minding playing matchmaker or covering for them.

“They’re really amazing, to be in love and still perform so well,” said Ji Xiaosi’s desk mate, causing her considerable discomfort.

Tang Guo, Tang Guo, it’s Tang Guo again. Since the start of the school year, she had always been overshadowed by Tang Guo, feeling like a clown.

“Boyfriend, you’re really going all out, actually wanting to steal my first place.” Tang Guo said with a playful smile.

Wei Yue quickly took his girlfriend’s hand, whispering reassuringly, “Guo Guo, I just wanted to be closer to you.”

Their classmates around them: “…” Give us a break, please.

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