Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 260

Ji Xiaosi was extremely anxious, afraid that the school flower wouldn’t be willing to exchange the super-smart pill with her. She hurriedly said, “School Flower, I really need this super-smart pill. My friend needs help, and I don’t want her to be too upset because of her grades. Please, you must help me.”

From the accessories and dresses, she thought that the school flower must be from a powerful aristocratic family in an ancient European realm.

[School Flower]: You should know that I don’t like giving things away for free.

Ji Xiaosi: …

[School Flower]: However, I do have some sympathy for your friend. So, you can exchange it with some ordinary items.

Ji Xiaosi breathed a sigh of relief. She saw the school flower continue, “Of course, they shouldn’t be just ordinary items. The items you exchanged with other group members earlier can also be used for the exchange.”

Ji Xiaosi hesitated. She had some beauty pills, three lucky charms and three curse charms obtained from Margaret, a strength charm, and a dagger obtained from General Billy.

She didn’t want to bring out the beauty pills, lucky and curse charms, or the strength charm. However, she could exchange the dagger.

Finally, Ji Xiaosi decided to exchange the dagger, two lucky charms, and one strength charm.

Tang Guo glanced at these items, expressing genuine sympathy for Ji Xiaosi’s friend. “You have four items here. For each item, I’ll give you three super-smart pills. So, that makes a total of twelve pills. What do you think?”

This was great, even better than she could have hoped for.

Ji Xiaosi hadn’t expected to get so many. It seemed that the school flower wasn’t as tough as she thought but had been moved by her.

[School Flower]: This is the last time we exchange. I don’t think you have anything that interests me.

Ji Xiaosi felt it was enough. As long as she got through this final exam, she could study slowly in the future. The pills might not even run out.

With the super-smart pills in hand, Ji Xiaosi had no worries. She left the group and had the mood to hang out with her good friend.

Margaret and the Misty Fairy also exchanged items with Tang Guo for the dresses and accessories they were interested in and left the group very satisfied.

Tang Guo sent them a snack package and said, “I’m a bit busy here, so I’m leaving for now.”

After a long time, Ziyun Zhenren spoke up, “I’ve been thinking for a while and can’t figure it out. Why did the school flower give Ji Xiaosi twelve super-smart pills? The school flower doesn’t seem like someone who would help others willingly.”

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Maybe she’s occasionally kind-hearted.

[Demon Sect Master]: From my intuition, the school flower isn’t the type to show kindness, unless she’s in a good mood, or she has her own reasons.

[Harold]: Alan, how do you see it, you big guy?

[Alan]: Harold, how do you see it, you skinny fellow?

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Alright, alright, the school flower is an extraordinary person. We can’t casually guess her thoughts.

The system discreetly observed Tang Guo and noticed Wei Yue anxiously waiting for Tang Guo to grade the papers. It couldn’t resist asking, [Host, why twelve?]

It’s too strange.

“You guess.”

[Guess if you can guess.]

“Guo Guo, how did it go this time?” Wei Yue cautiously asked. His language skills were really poor, and achieving above the passing line in just two months was already impressive.

“It went okay.” Tang Guo was quite satisfied. “At this rate, there won’t be a problem for my boyfriend to enter B University.”

Wei Yue breathed a sigh of relief and held onto his girlfriend’s hand without letting go.

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