Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 259

Ji Xiaosi pursed her lips, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. What’s not given freely? Didn’t she see School Flower sending red packets in the group every day during class?

If they hadn’t been strangers, she would have thought School Flower was deliberately targeting her. Ji Xiaosi would never have guessed that Tang Guo and she were in the same class.

[Ji Xiaos]: School Flower, is there something you want? There are still many nice things in this world.

Lately, she had earned some money and could afford some luxury items.

Ji Xiaosi hesitated for a moment, then continued her message, “We have some exquisite accessories here. School Flower is probably a girl who likes these kinds of things, right? And dresses, they’re all very beautiful.”

Seeing this, Tang Guo smiled, her lips curved slightly. She said to the system, “Find some beautiful and expensive dresses and accessories from the system space, take two photos, and send them to the group.”

[Sure, host.] The host was still as mischievous as ever, always using others’ strengths to hit them.

He suspected the host was from a cult.

Several more pictures suddenly appeared in the group. The first two were exquisite accessories, the kind that even Ziyun Zhenren, a straight guy, would find incredibly beautiful. Not to mention Misty Fairy, Margaret herself, as a woman, felt a bit crazed looking at these accessories.

[Misty Fairy]: School Flower, name your price. I want that crystal necklace, I really love it.

[Margaret]: I like the black gemstone necklace. I want to engrave the most beautiful curse on it.

[Emmanuel]: I want one too. I want to give it to my fiancée. Such a beautiful necklace, she’ll definitely love it.

The rest of the group fell silent. They had no reason to want these necklaces, but they really were stunning.

[School Flower]: Ji Xiaosi, do you have anything even better than these accessories there? If you do, I can offer you a generous reward.

System: Hahaha, he can’t handle this. Host, is this low-key flaunting of wealth really not aimed at hitting Ji Xiaosi?

Misty Fairy also noticed the pictures below, “Wow, what kind of dress is that? There are gemstones on it, so beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s not quite my style.”

[Margaret]: School Flower, I want the dark-themed dress. The style of this dress is somewhat similar to our plane. I think I can wear it out. Maybe in the future, I should change from the unchanging black robe. This dress is making me reconsider my usual attire.

Margaret thought to herself that if those foolish nobles found out that she, a Saint Sorceress, was wearing not a black robe but an incredibly gorgeous dress even more noble and beautiful than royal attire, she couldn’t help but anticipate their astonished expressions.

Ziyun Zhenren and the others felt a bit envious. Why wasn’t School Flower a male student? If she were, she would definitely enjoy collecting items for men.

[School Flower]: Ji Xiaosi, do you have dresses more beautiful and luxurious than these? If you do, I can offer you whatever you desire.

Ji Xiaosi: …

She had never seen accessories like the ones above, and she could tell from the pictures alone how exquisite and elegant they were. Not to mention the gorgeously beautiful dresses below, with their unique Western European style. Even looking at the photos of the current European royal families, she hadn’t seen anything as beautiful as these.

Even if she did, she couldn’t afford them.

[Ji Xiaosi]: I’m sorry, School Flower, your dresses and accessories are too beautiful. Mine can’t compare.

[School Flower]: Oh… I see. (Disappointed tone)

Ji Xiaosi: Sometimes, there are things that just can’t be replicated.

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