Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 258

The battered system chose to hide and secretly heal.

He recalled the days he spent with Tang Guo, especially at the beginning, when the host was so vulnerable.

Back then, he definitely wasn’t as clever as he is now. In his programming, there was only urging the host to complete tasks, and if the host didn’t obey, he would threaten her appropriately with elimination.

In reality, there was no elimination programmed into his system at all. The words he said were just part of the predetermined script.

After upgrading, he vaguely felt that the host was the one whose support he should seek.

Meanwhile, Tang Guo regained her focus and asked Ji Xiaosi, “You want to exchange that kind of pill with me? This pill does have side effects.”

Ji Xiaosi didn’t hesitate at all, “I’ve decided, I want to trade.”

[School Flower]: Are you the one who will use it?

[Ji Xiaosi]: No, it’s not for me. It’s for my good friend. Her academic performance has always been poor, and I want to help her. I was originally planning to tutor her, but it didn’t have any effect.

Tang Guo smiled, “Well, you better let her know about the side effects.”

[Ji Xiaosi]: I will, School Flower. Will you agree to the exchange?

In fact, Ji Xiaosi was somewhat nervous. School Flower wasn’t an easy person to deal with. She could be kind to those she liked but wouldn’t even spare a glance to those she didn’t.

She could understand though, after all, she was the only ordinary person in this group.

Others in the group seemed to hold School Flower in high regard; she must be an exceptional powerhouse. Ji Xiao Si didn’t understand why School Flower wasn’t closer to her.

She had thought about building a good relationship with School Flower, but the latter lacked nothing. A few words wouldn’t be enough to deceive her.

From their past conversations, Ji Xiao Si had also noticed that School Flower wasn’t particularly sympathetic.

Last time, Ziyun Zhenren mentioned passing through a small country that had just been destroyed. The people with the surname Bai were having a hard time. The impoverished, hungry people begged him, and he felt compassion for them, asking School Flower if there was a way to help.

And then School Flower said, “Ziyun Zhenren, since you’re a cultivator, you should understand the consequences of interfering in the mortal realm. A fallen kingdom will inevitably have heroes rising in chaotic times to save them. If you save these people, you’re taking away the chance for this hero to emerge.

Can you take responsibility for these people’s future? Your actions will be the cause.

Do you dare to bear this consequence?

If you can, then go ahead.”

These words completely dispelled Ziyun Zhenren’s compassionate intentions. He felt that these people were pitiable, but he didn’t know the underlying reasons. If he intervened, the true savior would never appear.

And then… just thinking about it, Master Zi Yun found the consequences horrifying.

Helping one or two individuals occasionally was one thing, but if it concerned the fate of a nation, he couldn’t bear the weight.

Ji Xiao Si didn’t understand karma and consequences. She only thought that Master Zi Yun, such a powerful cultivator, could easily change the lives of ordinary people.

Moreover, hadn’t that hero of chaotic times already emerged? Who knew if another one would appear in the future?

She didn’t dare say this openly, but in her heart, she believed that School Flower lacked empathy and was a ruthless and indifferent person.

Returning to the conversation, Ji Xiao Si saw the latest message in the group.

[School Flower]: So, what do you have to trade with me? I don’t give my things away for free. Think about what you have that’s worth trading with me.

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