Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 257

After returning home, Ji Xiaosi quickly opened the group chat and took a deep breath before mentioning Tang Guo with an “@” symbol. She held up a mirror and checked – her hair was slowly growing back on her scalp.

However, with the final exams in mind, she put her hat back on, clenched her teeth, and continued typing.

[Ji Xiaosi]: School Flower, are you there? I need to talk to you about something.

Ji Xiaosi’s appearance in the chat piqued the interest of everyone. They hadn’t thought about any further dealings with her, but seeing Ji Xiaosi directly reaching out to Tang Guo intrigued them. What could Ji Xiaosi possibly want?

No one was worried that Tang Guo would be at a disadvantage. Could the School Flower really be at a disadvantage?

Wei Yue was in Tang Guo’s room, working on a Chinese reading comprehension exercise while Tang Guo flipped through a book next to him. Although Wei Yue was a bit surprised that visiting his girlfriend’s room didn’t involve any kissing, doing the exercise seemed just as fine.

After all, his girlfriend was right beside him, and even the troublesome Chinese reading felt somewhat endearing through his eyes.

[Host, Ji Xiaosi is calling you in the group chat.]

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow slightly. “Got it.”

Honestly, she was curious about why Ji Xiaosi wanted to talk to her.

With that thought, she saw the message in the group chat.

[School Flower]: What’s up?

Seeing the School Flower’s response, Ji Xiaosi felt a bit uncomfortable knowing that she would be losing her hair again for a few months. But the thought of poor grades made her even more upset.

She wanted to perform well, not to be looked down upon. Plus, there was another reason – she wanted to catch up to Fu Zhuoshu’s pace.

Tang Guo’s intelligence was incredibly high, and Ji Xiaosi didn’t realistically expect to surpass her. She just aimed to be in the top ten and get a bit closer to Fu Zhuoshu. After all, she couldn’t be worse than Wei Yue, right?

(Wei Yue: Is someone questioning my intelligence?)

[Ji Xiaosi]: School Flower, do you still have that super-smart pill from last time?

Seeing this message, Tang Guo was genuinely taken aback. She blinked, surprised that Ji Xiaosi was actively seeking help.

[As a system, I’m a bit confused by Ji Xiaosi’s thoughts, hehe…]

Though the system was puzzled, Tang Guo instantly understood Ji Xiaosi’s mindset. It was merely about not being able to accept going back to her previous level of achievement. Once you stood in a place not originally yours, enjoying the honor it brought, who would willingly return to mediocrity?

[Has Ji Xiaosi ever thought that, having consumed so many pills refined by Ziyun Zhenren, her intelligence is already much higher than an average person’s? If she studies diligently, surpassing the host might be impossible, but getting into the top ten or five would be quite easy.]

“You think gaining without effort, like winning a lottery ticket from the sky, is a real concept? When you get used to getting things handed to you, who would want to work hard?”

“Do you think it’s cooler to stumble upon a five-million-worth lottery ticket by walking a couple of steps, or to earn five million by selling breakfast on a food stall?”

The system paused and said, “Obviously stumbling upon money is cooler.”

“Exactly! Ji Xiaosi is the kind of person who likes stumbling upon money. Once she’s tasted the sweetness, if you make her work hard using her own effort to earn it, would she be willing? Her heart has become restless; she can’t calm down to study properly anymore.”

The system was still a system, but it finally asked in a somewhat puzzled manner, “What about you, Host? Why did you put in so much effort to learn various skills?”

Tang Guo felt a bit melancholic. “Because I stumbled upon a system that only narrates plotlines, no beginner’s package, no big rewards, no completion rewards for tasks, no system store, no conditions for getting things without effort.”

The system: […]

So, blame him??? He couldn’t argue, he received a critical hit of 10,000 points!!!

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