The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 64

Actually, this was purely Jiang Miao’s own illusion. Although the matter with Jiang Mu’s family caused quite a stir, with so many things happening in town every day, Jiang Miao and the others had long been forgotten by most people.

Jiang Chan was now in a deadlock with classical Chinese. Ever since Jiang Sen mentioned that her classical Chinese writing was not good, Jiang Chan had been thoroughly motivated. She had also been spending less time at the shop, spending almost all of her time in the study.

Jiang Sen assigned her the task of writing two articles every day, and Jiang Chan completed it meticulously. Coincidentally, Jiang Sen was off today, so the father and daughter were discussing their studies in the study.

Of course, Jiang Sen unilaterally overwhelmed Jiang Chan. Jiang Chan was so beaten down by Jiang Sen’s critiques that she couldn’t lift her head, while Lin Shi sat by and watched with a gentle smile on her lips.

Jiang Miao was brought to the study by Uncle Zhong. Outside the study, they heard Jiang Sen’s voice: “You’ve been doing well with your writing lately, keep it up.”

Jiang Miao muttered to himself, “Is Uncle teaching a student? It’s rare to hear Jiang Sen praise anyone like this. Usually, students at the academy were terrified when they saw his serious face.”

As he pondered this, Uncle Zhong pushed open the study door and respectfully said, “Master, Madam, Young Miss, Young Master Miao from Third Master’s family is here.”

Jiang Sen raised his eyebrows, “Miao’er is here? Come in!”

Jiang Miao entered and immediately saw Jiang Chan standing across from Jiang Sen at the desk, with Jiang Sen holding a few sheets of rice paper, looking very pleased.

Besides Jiang Sen, Lin Shi, and Jiang Chan, there was no one else in the study. Suddenly, an absurd idea popped into Jiang Miao’s mind: could Uncle be teaching Jiang Chan?

As he thought about this, he couldn’t help but show some of it on his face. He wanted to study under Jiang Sen, but Jiang Sen would only guide him if he had time. But now, how could Jiang Chan, of all people, have caught Jiang Sen’s eye?

After Jiang Miao went in, Uncle Zhong quietly left. When Jiang Sen saw Jiang Miao, he put away the relaxed smile on his face and handed a few sheets of rice paper to Jiang Chan, saying, “I have made comments for you on all of them. Take a careful look later, and if there’s anything you don’t understand, come and ask me.”

“I know, Dad, I won’t let you off so easily today since you’re home,” Jiang Chan said playfully, then moved to Lin Shi by the east window, spreading out the rice paper and studying it intently.

Jiang Sen pretended to be stern, “I’m very valuable, if you want me to be thorough, there must be some benefits for me.”

Jiang Chan pinched her fingers, “There will definitely be benefits for you. I’ve already told Mama Li, and there will be your favorite dishes for lunch.”

Jiang Sen was finally satisfied.

Watching Jiang Sen and Jiang Chan tease each other, Lin Shi smiled warmly. Jiang Miao couldn’t help but admit that this kind of atmosphere was something even his own home lacked.

Jiang Mu is very old-fashioned and usually doesn’t even joke around. Unlike Jiang Sen, who joked and teased Jiang Chan. This kind of atmosphere maked Jiang Miao quite envious.

It seemed as if Jiang Sen and Jiang Chan were almost finished talking. Jiang Chan was also focused on her test questions, and occasionally picked up a few books from the small table and flipped through them. Her actions are very familiar, suggesting that she often reads here.

Jiang Miao instantly understood. Initially, it seemed like this was to let Aunt Lin rest, but now it appears that the person who uses the most space is probably Jiang Chan.

When facing Jiang Miao, Jiang Sen’s demeanor changed, though still smiling, it felt more formal. Jiang Sen cleared his throat, “How is your mother doing now?”

Jiang Miao lowered his eyes respectfully, “She is resting well at home and is already able to walk a few steps.”

Jiang Sen nodded, “That’s good. What brings you here today?”

Jiang Miao quickly took out a pouch from his robe, “This contains twenty taels of silver. Father asked me to return it to you, Uncle.”

Jiang Sen’s fingers twitched, “Take this silver back. Use it to nourish your mother’s health. Consider this twenty taels my support for you to take the imperial exams.”

Jiang Miao blushed, “A gentleman takes money the right way. Uncle, your kindness is appreciated, but we can’t shamelessly accept it. I can support myself now, and I’ll take good care of my mother.”

“Please accept it. It’s not good to owe others.”

Seeing Jiang Miao’s sincerity, Jiang Sen said no more. He accepted the pouch without looking inside, “What are your plans now? Are you thinking of continuing the exams or doing something else?”

Jiang Miao was momentarily dazed and said, “I’m not considering taking the exam for now. After this autumn examination, I’ve realized that my knowledge is far from enough. I’m planning to find a way to make a living first. We can’t rely solely on my father being a tutor and earning that little bit of money.”

Jiang Sen lifted his eyes to glance at Jiang Miao. He hadn’t expected that after this incident, Jiang Miao would change a bit, becoming more down-to-earth and able to understand himself more deeply.

“A new private school has opened in town, and they are looking for teachers to enlighten young children. If you are interested, you can go and have a look.” Since Jiang Miao has shown positive changes, Jiang Sen doesn’t mind giving him a helping hand.

Jiang Miao didn’t expect Jiang Sen to say that, and he was momentarily stunned. He thought that ever since the last incident, Jiang Sen would no longer pay attention to their family. After all, at that time, Jiang Sen had made it clear that he was supporting Jiang Chan.

Understanding Jiang Miao’s hesitation, Jiang Sen sighed, “Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is to correct them. You’re my nephew; can I still harm you? Focus your mind on the right path.”

Jiang Miao lowered his head in shame. He had indeed reflected a lot these days. He, his mother Wang Shi, and Jiang Xing had dared to blatantly covet Jiang Chan’s things because they hadn’t recognized their own place.

In their hearts, Jiang Chan is still the person they can take advantage of at will, the one they look down upon. They assume Jiang Chan is the same as before, giving them whatever they want.

Little did they know, Jiang Chan had already undergone so many changes, far beyond their reach. Jiang Miao took a deep look at Jiang Chan by the window, lowering her head to conceal the complexity in her eyes.

When he raised his head again, he wore a faint smile, “Thank you, Uncle. I’ll go check it out later.”

Seeing that Jiang Miao’s attitude was quite proper, Jiang Sen wasn’t inclined to offer much more guidance. He raised his hand slightly, “It just so happens that I have nothing to do right now. I’ll go with you later.”

Jiang Miao was overjoyed, “Thank you, Uncle!”

Jiang Sen waved his hand, “Let’s go!”

As soon as he stepped out of the study, Jiang Sen returned and said, “No slacking off. I’ll be back later to check your work. If your answers aren’t good, you’ll have to copy texts as punishment. As it happens, I borrowed a rare book from Brother Li yesterday.”

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