The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 61

Zhou Yue asked, “Miss, aren’t you worried at all that the recipe might be taken by the Third Master and his family?”

Jiang Chan calmly replied, “I’m not worried at all. Do you think my things are so easily taken? Even if they did get the recipe, without our hands-on guidance, do you think they can make it?”

Wu Shi and Zhou Yue exchanged smiles. Indeed, they had also taken a long time to learn with Jiang Chan’s hands-on teaching.

Wu Shi frowned, “But after all, they are your biological parents. If you do this, in the future, people will talk, and your reputation…”

Jiang Chan didn’t care at all: “Aunt Zhou, you’re thinking too much. Reputation is something that’s easily gained and easily lost. Besides, it’s not something you can eat or drink, so it’s really not that important.”

Wu Shi hesitated, “Miss, I feel a bit presumptuous saying this, but I still want to say it.”

Jiang Chan raised an eyebrow, “Let’s hear it?”

“Miss, I think you don’t need to be so hostile with the Third Master’s family. Although Madam is pregnant now, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. If it’s a boy, it will take another twenty years for him to grow up.”

“But it’s different with the Third Master. Your biological brother is a scholar, and it looks like he will continue to take the exams. If you maintain a good relationship with him, you’ll have your maternal family to support you.”

You can’t blame Wu Shi for such thoughts. At that time, women generally relied on their parents at home, their husbands after marriage, and their maternal family for support when needed. Wu Shi’s concern for Jiang Chan’s future was understandable.

In the end, she was thinking about Jiang Chan, worrying that she might have no support in the future.

Jiang Chan took a sip of tea, “Aunt Zhou, I understand what you mean. You think I should maintain a good relationship with Jiang Mu’s family, especially with Jiang Miao, so that when Jiang Miao succeeds, I can benefit from it.”

Wu Shi nodded. Since the Miss understood, why was she so determined?

Jiang Chan sneered, “Aunt Zhou, you only know part of the story. People like Jiang Miao are inherently selfish and cold-hearted. No one is genuinely important to him.”

“Today, Wang Shi was beaten, right? If Jiang Miao were truly filial, he wouldn’t have watched Wang Shi get beaten. At the very least, he could have offered to take the punishment for her, but he didn’t.”

“Wang Shi put so much effort into scheming for my dim sum recipes, and to be honest, wasn’t it all for Jiang Miao? If Jiang Miao wants to continue his studies, the amount of money he needs is not a small amount. But Jiang Miao clearly knows Wang Shi’s painstaking efforts, yet he has been watching coldly from the sidelines. Can you really say he is truly filial?”

“Their youngest daughter, Jiang Xing, is the same. Wang Shi took all the blame out of maternal love, hoping her children would have a good reputation. Unfortunately, her plan failed.”

“Neither of them suggested taking the punishment for Wang Shi, showing that both are selfish. Aunt Zhou, can you rely on such people?”

“If someone can be so indifferent to their biological mother, how can you expect them to take care of a sister they disdain when they succeed?”

“Since that’s the case, why should I spend my hard-earned money to feed a white-eyed wolf ? In the end, when he becomes successful, he might even turn around and bite me.”

Jiang Chan’s words prompted Zhou Shan to speak, “Miss is right. I think the Third Master’s family is unreliable. It’s best to sever ties now.”

Wu Shi was still anxious, purely out of concern for Jiang Chan, “But Miss, you will eventually get married. Doing this will make it difficult to find a good family.”

Jiang Chan raised her hand to stop Wu Shi’s worries, “This world is like this. We can’t choose our birth, but we can strive to live well. Whether boy or girl, one can live the life they want with their own abilities.”

“Of course I’m angry that I ended up with such parents, but so what? My current parents treat me so well. Given that, why bother dwelling on it? As long as they don’t get in my way, it’s fine.”

“Why should we girls have to depend on men to live?”

This has always been Jiang Chan’s way of thinking, “I have the ability to earn money and live a good life on my own, so why should I find a husband? I would have to listen to him and constantly watch his face for approval?”

“He eats my food, uses my money, and expects me to obey him, while he enjoys himself elsewhere. Why should I give up a good life to invite an ancestor?”

Jiang Chan’s words were indeed very bold, leaving Wu Shi dumbfounded. Emotionally, she felt that Jiang Chan’s words were too audacious, but upon careful reflection, she also thought that Jiang Chan’s words were quite reasonable.

“But Miss, you will need descendants eventually. What if you have no one to rely on in old age?”

Wu Shi was also thinking about Jiang Chan. A woman living alone, without a son or daughter by her side, how would she manage in the future?

Jiang Chan raised an eyebrow, “That’s simple. There are many children in the charity hospital. I can adopt a few as my own. If I raise them with care, they wouldn’t dare be unfilial.”

Wu Shi was completely defeated.

Zhou Yue, listening to Jiang Chan’s words, felt as if a new world was opening before her. Miss made a good point; why should a woman have to rely on a man to live her life?

After successfully brainwashing Wu Shi, Jiang Chan contentedly took a sip of tea. She came from the modern era and had always embraced the idea of self-reliance. Asking her to cling to others like a dodder plant was something she would never do, not even if it killed her.

She couldn’t change other people’s minds, but she could show those around her through her actions that girls didn’t need to rely on others and could still achieve the life they wanted through their own abilities.

Not to mention how Jiang Chan brainwashed Wu Shi and others, after the trial ended, Jiang Sen and Lin Shi stayed in the county office. This was mainly because the county magistrate had a connection with Jiang Sen; he used to be one of Jiang Sen’s students.

He has only been in office for a little over a month, and he has been extremely busy and unable to find time to visit Jiang Sen. Now that Jiang Sen and Lin Shi have come to him on their own, how could he let them leave?

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