The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 60

After helping Wang Shi lie down on the bed, Jiang Mu motioned for Jiang Xing and Jiang Miao to sit down in the main room. They had to think carefully and see what kind of excuse they could use to explain it to the outside world.

Glancing at Jiang Miao, who was still unwilling, and then at Jiang Xing, who was uneasy, Jiang Mu sighed deeply: “From now on, we will no longer have any contact with Jiang Chan, we just need to live our own lives well.”

“Jiang Miao, you return twenty taels of the thirty taels of silver to the eldest brother tomorrow, and keep the remaining ten taels of silver at home for household use. As for Jiang Chan, just treat her as if she does not exist, no one is allowed to mention her again, regardless of whether she lives well or not in the future.”

Seeing that Jiang Xing and Jiang Miao still looked disapproving, Jiang Mu said in a stern tone: “Did you hear me?”

Jiang Miao and Jiang Xing trembled immediately, and replied honestly: “Yes.”

To say that Jiang Mu, who did not say a word in the hall, could see the clearest. After watching coldly from the sidelines, he had already discovered that Jiang Chan, his daughter, was truly estranged from them now.

What kind of blood relationship can you talk about with someone who is already estranged? What’s more, Jiang Chan was right, she was indeed neglected at home in the past, and she couldn’t blame others for having this idea.

Although he was persuading himself over and over again, Jiang Mu still felt blocked in his heart. If they had treated Jiang Chan fairly in the past and not chilled her heart so much, would the situation be very different now?

It’s just that things have come to this point, and it’s useless to regret it anymore. Jiang Mu only hoped that Jiang Chan would do what she said and would not secretly use any means, so that they could get along well on the surface.

Looking at his two children, Jiang Mu took a deep breath: “Okay, Third Sister, go cook, Miao’er, study hard, and take the imperial examination again in three years.”

Jiang Miao pursed his lips, “Dad, I don’t want to continue taking the exam, I can find a job as a scholar now, I can teach in a private school.”

Jiang Miao continued to stare at him, and Jiang Mu finally spoke out his thoughts: “Our family’s situation has never been good, and with Mother suffering today, I feel it’s time for me to stand up. After I establish myself and start a family, I’ll consider taking the imperial examination.”

Jiang Mu didn’t say much: “As long as you know it in your heart, that’s fine.”

To be honest, Jiang Mu was relieved that Jiang Miao did not take the imperial examination. It was already very difficult to support a scholar to study, but now that Jiang Miao proposed it himself, his burden was also reduced a lot.

After talking to Jiang Mu, Jiang Miao returned to the room. After returning to the room, Jiang Miao’s calm face suddenly became ferocious, and he beat the pillow as if to vent his anger. It took a long time before he stopped.

Jiang Miao’s eyes were scarlet, and his face was gloomy. Since Jiang Chan was adopted out, Jiang Miao felt that everything was not going well. The first time he failed the examination, which was originally a sure thing, he had to take it again.

He also failed the autumn exam, not to mention today’s incident. It seems that as long as it is related to Jiang Chan, their family is not going well. Could it be that Jiang Chan was born to restrain them as Wang Shi said?

Thinking about it now, he still has to keep a distance from Jiang Chan in the future. When he becomes prosperous in the future, he only hopes that Jiang Chan will not come to him!

Jiang Miao was so confident!

No matter what Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao thought, Jiang Chan felt that she had solved the Jiang Mu family, and she was in a much better mood. She came out with Uncle Zhong, who sent Jiang Mu and the others back, so Jiang Chan went to the dim sum shop to have a look.

The case of Wang Shi and others making trouble soon spread throughout the town. Jiang Chan heard many people talking about it along the way, and many people looked at Jiang Chan with strange eyes from time to time.

To sum it up, there are two opinions. One is that Jiang Chan did the right thing. People who are not well-intentioned should be dealt with with thunderous means and lightning speed to quickly eliminate the enemy.

Of course, there is also another opinion that Jiang Chan is cold-hearted and does not recognize her relatives. They think that she can do such a thing to her own parents, so who would dare to live with her in the future?

As soon as this idea was said, others immediately refuted: “If you have been abused like this for so many years, and you have to be taken away in exchange for travel expenses in the end, can you bear it?”

“What’s more, didn’t she give silver later? Thirty taels of silver, let alone supporting her, even two or three more can be supported, you are too much to say that she is cold-hearted!”

“But the body, hair and skin are given by our parents. Even if your parents have countless faults, you can’t go to court!”

“I said you scholar really read the book in a rigid way,” an aunt said with her hands on her hips: “Let me ask you, has Miss Jiang been adopted out? This adoption has been written on the family tree of Master Jiang’s family, so what does it have to do with the past?”

“This…” The scholar was suddenly dumbfounded, and then he argued forcefully: “But the kindness of birth is greater than the heavens, and you can’t do this to your own parents…”

The aunt shook her head regretfully, and stopped talking to this pedantic scholar. What’s the point of talking to someone like this? They cling to their own truth, do not consider the root of the matter, and just hold on to the kindness of birth.

Jiang Chan turned a blind eye to these gazes. When you don’t care about these gossips, these things can’t hurt you at all. Besides, the town is so big, and so many things happen every day. After a few months, these things will be gradually forgotten by people.

Although reputation is important, it cannot be eaten as a meal. If you live in grievance and depression just for the sake of reputation, it is putting the cart before the horse.

Since she’s living a good life, why should she care about the opinions of others?

When she arrived at the dim sum shop, Jiang Chan received Wu Shi’s loving eyes. Jiang Chan was only one year older than Zhou Yue, and they were both little girls. Because Jiang Chan taught her without reservation, Wu Shi was very grateful to Jiang Chan.

Coupled with the hope for the future, Wu Shi was even more devoted to Jiang Chan. Although she was stuck in the kitchen, she heard the customers in the store talking about the trouble Jiang Mu and others caused today.

Wu Shi’s heart was restlessly scratching, and she wished to see Jiang Chan safe and sound before she could rest assured. Now seeing Jiang Chan arriving at the shop unharmed, Wu Shi was relieved.

Zhou Yue poured Jiang Chan a cup of tea: “Miss, drink some water to calm down.”

Jiang Chan was surprised: “I’m not angry at all, it should be my uncle and aunt’s family who are angry. After all, they were beaten and their reputation was ruined. I’m in a good mood.”

Zhou Yue and Wu Shi carefully looked at Jiang Chan, and found that Jiang Chan was indeed very relaxed, and her whole body was very happy, so the two were relieved.

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