The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 6

When she opened her eyes again, the room was empty. Jiang Chan quickly surveyed the room—old tables and chairs, only a wardrobe, and nothing else. Even the door was covered with a piece of cloth.

Jiang Chan frowned, closed her eyes, and began to receive the information transmitted by the light cluster. After a while, she opened her eyes. To avoid revealing her true identity, the light cluster always arranged roles for Jiang Chan using her name.

Jiang’s family had three sons: the eldest, Jiang Sen; the second, Jiang Lin; and the third, Jiang Mu. The light cluster had sent Jiang Chan to fulfill the wish of Jiang Mu’s second daughter, Jiang Chan. Jiang Mu had three children in total: the eldest, Jiang Miao, a sixteen-year-old student.

Jiang Chan, the original owner, was fourteen years old, and the youngest, Jiang Xing, was twelve. The original owner’s life was weak and tragic. Jiang Mu, a scholar, usually focused on teaching Jiang Miao, hoping he would become a scholar soon to open a private school and enjoy tax exemptions.

Jiang Mu’s wife, Wang Shi, was a typical “husband is everything” type, believing that a woman’s virtue lay in being untalented. She always kept the original owner busy with embroidery to support Jiang Miao’s education. However, the youngest daughter, Jiang Xing, could read and write following Jiang Mu. Being in the middle, Jiang Chan was easily overlooked. Only after Jiang Mu and Wang Shi paid attention to the other two children did they occasionally think of the original owner.

When Jiang Miao needed five taels of silver to go to the capital to take the scholar exam, and the family could not earn even one tael in a year, Wang Shi spread the word that, as long as the dowry was substantial, the original owner could marry anyone. She would use the dowry to fund Jiang Miao’s journey.

Later, the original owner was sold by Wang Shi for ten taels of silver to a widower in a neighboring village. The widower had a habit of drinking and domestic violence, having beaten to death his two previous wives.

The original owner had pleaded and cried, but Wang Shi, citing the need for Jiang Miao’s exam expenses, sent her to the widower’s house. Wang Shi even painted a rosy picture for her, saying that when Jiang Miao returned after passing the exam, with a changed status, he would support her.

After Jiang Miao successfully became a scholar, the family prospered. Unable to endure the widower’s abuse, the original owner sought help from Jiang Miao, but the family coldly expelled her.

Wang Shi considered her married and no longer cared about the original owner. Ultimately, before the age of twenty, the original owner was accidentally killed by the widower. Her wish was clear: to escape the Jiang family, make the widower face consequences, and live life on her terms.

Jiang Chan rubbed her forehead. Was this what they called a simple task?

Now she knew she had traveled to ancient times, a dynasty she had never heard of. Having studied history in the modern era, she could confirm that no such dynasty had existed.

Ancient times posed a problem. In an era where filial piety was paramount, children had to endure their parents’ mistakes without any disobedience. So, fulfilling the original owner’s wish had to be done with extreme caution. Jiang Chan found it quite challenging.

She arrived during the month before Jiang Miao was due to leave for the exam. Wang Shi was already planning to marry her off for a dowry, and the timing of Jiang Chan’s arrival wasn’t too bad.

Jiang Chan sat up, lifted the door curtain, and walked out. The room was connected to the kitchen, and as soon as she stepped out, she entered the kitchen. The room she lived in was the worst; unlike Jiang Xing, who had been pampered since childhood, Jiang Chan had to do everything at home, from washing to cooking.

In the kitchen, Wang, with a raised eyebrow, glanced at Jiang Chan and said, “Miss, with your status, how can you lie down for an entire afternoon?”

If it were the original owner, she would have surely nodded in agreement a long time ago. However, Jiang Chan was different. Her temper was not that great; after all, it was impossible to become the leader in an orphanage without a bit of fierceness.

She smiled mockingly, “Little sister often lies in her room. Why don’t you scold her?”

Just as Jiang Chan walked out, Jiang Xing, who had just come out of the room, immediately teared up. She approached Wang Shi, “Mother, I really don’t feel well. I’ve had a headache for the past few days.”

As she spoke, she glanced thoughtfully at Jiang Chan, implying that she thought Jiang Chan was pretending to be ill.

Hearing Jiang Chan’s words, Wang Shi exploded, “Can you compare with your little sister? She is going to be married to the scholar’s wife in the future. What can you do, with no looks or skills?”

Jiang Chan crossed her arms, “I can’t compare with her. When I was twelve, I did all the housework—chopping wood, carrying water, washing, and cooking. But what did she do? We are both your daughters. Why is it so unfair?”

“Even after I finished all the household chores, I still had to embroider, support my big brother’s studies. What did she do?” Recalling the memories of the original owner, Jiang Chan felt even more sorry for her.

Jiang Xing couldn’t bear the accusation and stamped her foot, “Big sister, I know you’ve worked hard, but I really don’t feel well. How about I cook dinner tonight?”

As she spoke, she pretended to reach for the water ladle in the water jar. But Wang Shi couldn’t bear it and picked up a stick to hit Jiang Chan. Quick to react, Jiang Chan grabbed the stick, getting close to Wang Shi.

She pointed to her face, “Hit me here. When it’s broken, let’s see who is willing to marry a daughter-in-law with a ruined face. By then, Jiang Miao’s exam expenses won’t be easily collected.”

Wang Shi suddenly felt guilty. She had only spread these words a day ago, and how did this girl know? Besides, when this girl stared at her with those dark eyes, she felt a bit uneasy.

She tried to pull back the stick, but Jiang Chan, accustomed to hard work, effortlessly held it. Seeing Wang Shi struggling, Jiang Chan retracted her hand. Wang Shi took two steps back until she reached the stove before stopping.

Hearing footsteps outside, Jiang Xing quickly spoke, “Big sister, you slept all afternoon, and mother didn’t say anything. But you can’t contradict mother like this…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a low voice sounded, “The eldest sister slept all afternoon? Contradicted your mother?”

It was Jiang Chan’s father, Jiang Mu, a scholar who usually had the final say at home. Learning that Jiang Chan was defiant at home, he was naturally displeased.

With hands behind his back, he glanced at Wang Shi leaning against the stove, then at the timid Jiang Xing, and finally at Jiang Chan, who stood with crossed arms. Frowning, he said, “As punishment, the eldest sister is not allowed to have dinner tonight. Go back to your room and reflect on your actions.”

Not only was Jiang Mu assessing Jiang Chan, but Jiang Chan was also discreetly observing Jiang Mu. When Jiang Mu looked her way, Jiang Chan lowered her eyes, avoiding eye contact with him.

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