The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 57

In Jiang Mu’s eyes, as long as he steps in, no matter how much Jiang Sen cares about Jiang Chan, he won’t disregard his younger brother. Jiang Mu has this kind of inexplicable confidence.

He convinced himself that bringing back the dim sum recipe would be used only for his own family and wouldn’t be given to anyone else. Even if Jiang Chan suffered a bit, it would still be used by family. Wasn’t it a bit too much to talk about losses within the family? So, when a person becomes shameless, they can be quite bold in their actions, justifying their robbing of others’ possessions.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Jiang Sen and Lin Shi standing in the yard. Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao quickly stepped forward to greet them, while Wang Shi and Jiang Xing also performed a full curtsy. Jiang Xing couldn’t help but widen her eyes upon seeing Lin Shi’s big belly and then immediately beamed with joy.

Lin Shi already had her own child, so Jiang Chan would definitely not live well in the future. This was a typical example of taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. Unfortunately for her, how could Lin and Jiang Sen let things go her way?

Wang Shi was also surprised to learn that Lin Shi was pregnant. At over forty years old, to be pregnant was quite rare, making Jiang Sen quite vigorous even at this age.

Wang Shi was also surprised to learn that Lin Shi was pregnant. Lin Shi was already over forty years old, and being pregnant at such an advanced age is truly astonishing. People would say it’s like an old clam producing a pearl; Mr. Jiang really hasn’t lost his touch.

It’s a pity that these thoughts just swirled around in her mind, and she didn’t dare to show them on her face. It’s great that Lin Shi is pregnant. Doesn’t this mean that Jiang Chan has lost her position? This makes their plan even easier to implement.

Wang Shi immediately smiled warmly, “Oh my, it’s such great news that Sister-in-law is pregnant, Eldest Brother, why keep it a secret? Are you treating us as outsiders?”

Jiang Sen raised an eyebrow, “Not at all. It’s just that your sister-in-law’s pregnancy was only stable last month, and we had no idea you were coming today.”

Jiang Sen then changed the topic, “Why are you all here today? And why with the whole family?”

His gaze swept over them, noticing they were all empty-handed, which made him frown. Normally, visitors wouldn’t come empty-handed, no matter the value of the gifts. What was going on with Jiang Mu and his family today?

It seemed like they were up to no good. Jiang Sen thought to himself and led them to sit in the main hall without showing his suspicions. Lin Shi also sensed something was wrong and stayed close to Jiang Sen.

Wang Shi, after sitting down, didn’t waste time on small talk and went straight to the point, “Eldest Brother and Sister-in-law, we came today to ask Jiang Chan about something. My family passed down a few dim sum recipes, and somehow, that girl Jiang Chan took them. We came specifically for those recipes.”

Lin Shi paused, her hand on her belly, immediately understanding their intentions. They recognized Jiang Chan’s talent and came openly to take advantage. Asking for the dim sum recipes outright was just blatant robbery.

Jiang Sen set down his teacup, the sound of it hitting the table reverberating through the room, as if striking Jiang Mu and his group directly.

He stroked his beard, “Third Brother, is that really what you think? Are those recipes really from your wife’s family? How come we never heard about them all these years? And we’ve never seen you make them either?”

Jiang Mu remained calm. Things had come to this point; he would claim the recipes no matter what. “Big Brother, our family was struggling before. We had no resources to make dim sum. These recipes were indeed part of Wang Shi’s dowry, kept in the chest all this time. Who knew Jiang Chan would learn them?”

Jiang Xing chimed in, “Exactly. Those are Mother’s things. Eldest Sister shouldn’t have taken them. She should return them to Mother as soon as possible.”

In the main hall, only Jiang Mu’s and Jiang Sen’s families were present, along with Uncle Zhong and Wang Ma. Uncle Zhong couldn’t tolerate Jiang Mu’s blatant lies and stepped forward, “Third Master, what you’re saying is wrong. These recipes were developed by our young lady herself. How can it suddenly become Third Master’s? It’s baseless and groundless, wanting to take someone else’s prescription out of thin air…”

Jiang Mu’s face turned red, and seeing the situation turning against them, Jiang Miao quickly intervened, “Uncle Zhong, you’re mistaken. How can you claim the recipes were developed by Jiang Chan? They clearly belong to my mother’s dowry.”

Wang Ma also stepped in, rolling up her sleeves, “Where’s the evidence? We need evidence, not baseless claims. If you want our Miss to hand over the recipes, you need proof. Otherwise, it would make us look like thieves.”

“Since you claim this is part of Third Madam’s dowry, then bring out the itemized dowry list from back then, and invite Third Madam’s family to testify. Since you assert that this belongs to Third Madam’s dowry, then her family must surely know how to make these snacks, right? Let them make it on the spot.”

“If they can produce snacks identical to those of Jiang’s Dim Sum, I won’t hesitate to present you with the recipe. But if they fail, forgive my bluntness, we’ll go straight to the authorities. I’ll accuse you of coveting my recipe with the intention of stealing wealth.”

Jiang Chan, standing in the doorway, coldly interjected, holding several pieces of rice paper, her face stern. She had underestimated Jiang Mu’s shamelessness, not expecting them to stoop so low.

When someone becomes shameless, they are capable of anything.

Jiang Chan’s words were blunt and straightforward, directly exposing the true intentions of Wang Shi and the others. Wang Shi did not expect Jiang Chan to speak like this and immediately jumped up.

“Alright, you stole my dowry pastry recipe and now you refuse to acknowledge me. How did I end up giving birth to such an ungrateful and heartless creature?”

Jiang Chan handed the rice paper in her hand to Lin Shi beside her and personally tore up Wang Shi’s confession, “Uncle Zhong, let’s stop talking and go straight to the authorities. We’ll report someone trying to steal our recipes. Let’s see what the authorities decide.”

Zhou Xing peeked out from behind Jiang Chan, “Hmph, if you want our Miss’s recipes, just say so. No need to put on such a show and treat us like fools.”

Wang Ma felt pleased but still glared at Zhou Xing, “Little girl, is it your place to speak? Keep quiet.”

Zhou Xing stuck her tongue out playfully, “I just can’t stand seeing anyone bully our Miss. She’s such a good person, and we all saw her developing those recipes in the kitchen last year.”

“So, how could they now be part of the Third Madam’s dowry? Did she just prepare her dowry now?”

Wang Shi’s eyes filled with rage, and Jiang Xing couldn’t contain her anger, lunging at Zhou Xing, “I’ll tear your mouth apart for spreading lies.”

Zhou Xing was taken aback and prepared to run, but Jiang Chan swiftly kicked Jiang Xing in the stomach, sending her flying into the high-backed chair behind her.

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