The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 54

Jiang Chan didn’t know that her cover had been blown. Wang Shi and Jiang Xing were secretly plotting how to extract benefits from her. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t care.

The money was in her hands, and if she didn’t want to give it, what could anyone do? If Jiang Mu and Wang Shi tried to pressure her with filial piety, there were still Jiang Sen and Lin Shi to consider. Given how much Jiang Sen and Lin Shi doted on her, they wouldn’t let Jiang Mu’s family do anything drastic.

When Jiang Xing and Wang Shi returned and shared their findings, the previously dispirited Jiang Miao perked up. He couldn’t believe it: “No way! I saw my eldest sister at that shop last time, and Manager Zhou even said it was opened by my eldest aunt. Eldest sister didn’t deny it.”

Jiang Xing was displeased: “Are you saying that mother and I are lying to you?”

She pouted angrily: “Who in town doesn’t know this news now? We’re the only ones kept in the dark. I think eldest sister is deliberately hiding it from us, afraid that we’d go to her for benefits!”

“Watch your words! What do you mean by seeking benefits? The eldest sister should be filial to us!” Wang Shi slapped Jiang Xing’s arm, her eyes rolling, but her words were righteous.

“Eldest sister can make so much money now. She can even help repay the money borrowed from eldest uncle. This way, father and mother wouldn’t have to work so hard.”

Jiang Miao tapped his fingers on the table, calculating in his mind. He had his own thoughts. If Jiang Chan could really give money, wouldn’t he not have to worry about money for his studies in the future? With this thought, Jiang Miao felt much more spirited. All his previous gloom and depression disappeared.

Since Jiang Mu had to teach at the private school during the day, it was just Wang Shi, Jiang Xing, and Jiang Miao at home. The three of them put their heads together and discussed for a long time, thinking about how to legitimately get money from Jiang Chan.

It would be best if Jiang Chan could voluntarily give them the money, and they could still maintain the moral high ground. The three of them plotted until Jiang Mu returned in the evening, and they finally had some sort of plan.

When Jiang Mu returned in the evening, he saw the three of them sitting at the Eight Immortals Table1 in the main hall, whispering about something. Smelling no aroma of food in the air, Jiang Mu asked, “Haven’t you cooked yet?”

Wang Shi snapped: “Eat, eat, eat. Today we’re not cooking. We’re going to town to eat at the eldest sister’s place. That ungrateful brat, making so much money and not thinking of us at all.”

Jiang Mu was already in a bad mood recently. Hearing Wang Shi’s sarcastic tone made him even more unhappy. He glanced at Jiang Miao and Jiang Xing and said sternly, “Explain, what’s going on?”

Jiang Xing, being eloquent, immediately recounted what she and Wang Shi had seen and heard today. Upon hearing about Jiang Chan’s current situation, Jiang Mu’s first reaction was disbelief.

How old was Jiang Chan? If you’re going to make up a story, at least make it believable.

Seeing Jiang Mu’s skeptical expression, Jiang Xing dragged Jiang Miao into it: “Big brother has been to the shop before. Let him tell you if mother and I are exaggerating.”

Jiang Miao immediately spoke up: “I went to the shop once before the New Year. Business was good, and I saw those birthday cakes. They really make one a day, and each one cost more than two taels of silver, with even more expensive ones.”

Jiang Mu frowned at Wang Shi and Jiang Xing: “So, what are you thinking? Do you want the eldest sister to give us money?”

Seeing Wang Shi and Jiang Xing’s embarrassed faces, Jiang Mu waved his sleeve: “Don’t forget, the eldest sister was adopted out. She has nothing to do with us, whether she’s good or bad.”

Wang Shi retorted: “I raised her for fourteen years. Now that she has money, she’s ignoring her own mother?”

Jiang Mu glared coldly: “Shut up. When she was adopted out, it was made clear that whether she was good or bad in the future had nothing to do with us. Now that she’s doing well, we just want to take advantage of it. What will people think of us?”

Looking at Jiang Miao, who was eagerly listening, Jiang Mu felt complicated. “We scholars value our integrity the most. When the eldest sister was not doing well, no matter how you treated her, people had nothing to say.”

“Now, knowing that she’s doing well, we go to her. People will just think we’re greedy. Miao’er, if you gain a reputation for being greedy, how will you stand among your peers?”

Jiang Miao hung his head in shame: “I understand, father. I was just momentarily confused.”

Jiang Mu nodded in satisfaction, “It’s good that you understand. As scholars, we should focus on our studies. The future will naturally be bright. Don’t be blinded by temporary glamor.”

Jiang Miao thought to himself, I haven’t even seen the glamor yet, so how can I be blinded by it?

Wang Shi, having been with Jiang Mu for many years, knew his character. He was a stubbornly proud man. Now he spoke righteously, but who knew how much he might regret it later?

“Husband, what you say is true. But we’ve raised the eldest sister for so many years, surely there’s some merit in that. Now that she’s doing well, why should the eldest aunt’s family reap the benefits?”

Jiang Xing chimed in: “I heard that making dim sum requires recipes. Where did the eldest sister get her recipes?”

Wang Shi clapped her hands: “Right, the eldest sister only stayed with the eldest aunt’s family for just over a month. How could she make these dim sums? She must have stolen the recipes. Those recipes belong to our family!”

Wang Shi was now just being unreasonable. Seeing Jiang Mu remain unmoved, she persisted: “I’m not asking for much, just the dim sum recipes. Since they came from our family, they should stay with us.”

Jiang Xing added: “Yes, they’re father and mother’s recipes.”

Jiang Mu remained silent with a stern face. Wang Shi resorted to her trump card: “You and Miao’er spent over twenty taels of silver for the exams. If either of you had passed, I wouldn’t say a word.”

“But neither of you passed, and now we owe so much debt. Miao’er needs to find a wife, and in a few years, Xing’er needs a dowry. Where will we get the money for that?”

“If we don’t seize this opportunity to get some money, will our family of four have to starve?” Wang She embraced Jiang Xing. “With just your measly income as a tutor, who knows how long it will take to pay off the debt? Can Miao’er and Xing’er wait that long?”

  1. The term “Eight Immortals Table” refers to a specific type of dining table or arrangement commonly found in traditional Chinese culture. This type of table typically has eight seats, each representing one of the Eight Immortals from Chinese mythology. The table is often used for large family gatherings, celebrations, or banquets, where the seating arrangement symbolizes harmony, unity, and auspiciousness. ↩︎

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