The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 53

The aunt was a little unhappy: “How could this be false? Everyone in our town knows about it.”

The aunt rarely found someone who would listen to her gossip, so she didn’t notice Wang Shi and Jiang Xing’s expressions and kept talking non-stop: “Speaking of Miss Jiang from the Jiang family, she is truly talented. Since the dim sum shop opened last year, there has been something new every month.”

“Moreover, Miss Jiang is also kind-hearted. She knows that dim sum are best eaten fresh, so she sells the day’s dim sum at half price near closing time every day. We have bought quite a few ourselves.”

As the aunt praised Jiang Chan, Wang Shi felt increasingly distressed, though she forced a smile.

“How is the business at Jiang’s Dim Sum shop usually?” Wang Shi couldn’t quite explain her feelings. Although hearing about Jiang Chan felt self-destructive, she couldn’t help but want to know more.

“It’s really good. Right now, it’s the only big dim sum shop in our town, with great taste and reasonable prices. People from other towns even come here just to buy dim sum.”

The aunt’s pride was evident as she spoke. Jiang’s Dim Sum shop had become a well-known name in the town, and Jiang Chan’s reputation had grown with it.

“Can she make one or two taels of silver a month?” Jiang Xing quickly asked. To her, one or two taels of silver was a significant amount. Her family couldn’t save that much in a year.

The aunt chuckled as if she heard a joke: “How could it be just that?”

Jiang Xing’s lips immediately curled into a smile, but the next moment, they drooped again after hearing the aunt’s explanation.

“Did you see the wooden box the steward is carrying?” Just then, a steward in his forties walked out of the dim sum shop. He smiled, swaying slightly as he carefully carried a large wooden box.

“That’s the steward from Liu Yuanwai’s family. Liu Yuanwai’s grandson loves the birthday cakes from Jiang’s Dim Sum shop, so Liu Yuanwai orders one every few days. Each cake costs about two taels of silver.”

“Two taels of silver for a cake?” Wang Shi and Jiang Xing were astonished, calculating what two taels of silver meant.

“That’s not all. Although Jiang’s Dim Sum shop makes only one birthday cake a day, they also make other dim sum daily. Earning thirty to forty taels of silver a month is definitely not an exaggeration.”

The aunt smacked her lips, her tone full of envy. Nowadays, Jiang Chan was famously wealthy in town. How many young ladies from respectable families could earn that much silver?

Although people in this world valued farming over commerce, ordinary folks like them understood clearly that without money, farming alone wouldn’t suffice.

Many people hoped to marry Jiang Chan, the “God of Wealth” girl. Unfortunately, matchmakers came and went, and many were surprised by Jiang Chan’s requirements for a husband.

Despite this, many continued to try, including many scholars. Speaking of scholars, they weren’t necessarily superior.

Before a scholar attained the title of a candidate, they had almost no income. Those unmarried depended on their families, and those married depended almost entirely on their wives. They were the typical group, eating soft food1 by living off their wives.

These scholars were also quick-witted. As long as they married Jiang Chan, wouldn’t she support their education? Studying was costly, requiring money for pens, ink, paper, and inkstones.

Therefore, despite Jiang Chan’s conditions of having both a car and a house, as well as being an orphan, there are still many people rushing forward. What if Jiang Chan actually takes a liking to someone?

“Thirty to forty taels?” Jiang Xing was speechless. What did that amount to? When Jiang Miao went to the provincial capital for exams, he needed five taels of silver, which seemed astronomical.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chan could earn thirty to forty taels of silver a month now.

Jiang Xing’s breathing quickened. If Jiang Chan hadn’t been adopted out, she wouldn’t worry about not getting any silver each month.

Jiang Xing and Wang Shi exchanged glances, understanding each other’s thoughts.

The aunt also walked to the entrance of Jiang’s Dim Sum shop, throwing back a quick sentence: “I’m going to buy some dim sum first. My daughter-in-law craves these when she’s pregnant. You two do as you please.”

Watching the aunt disappear into the shop, Jiang Xing bit her lip: “Mother, should we also go in and take a look?”

Wang Shi, more cautious, pulled Jiang Xing’s sleeve: “Why rush? Let’s watch from outside first to see if people are actually buying these dim sum.”

The mother and daughter stood in the alley opposite Jiang’s Dim Sum shop for a while, observing a steady stream of customers. No one left empty-handed and everyone carried large bags.

The more Wang Shi watched, the more certain she became, her breathing growing rapid. If Jiang Chan hadn’t been adopted out, all this silver would have been hers. Now, even though Jiang Chan was making so much money, Wang Shi couldn’t touch it.

Especially with the family still in debt, Wang Shi felt even more distressed. The fortune-teller was right; Jiang Chan was indeed born to bring her bad luck.

When Jiang Chan was at home, she never showed this skill. Now that she was adopted out, she suddenly started earning money. Clearly, Jiang Chan didn’t care about her.

Jiang Xing was also incredibly jealous. She pulled Wang Shi’s sleeve: “Mother, even though Elder Sister was adopted out, she’s still your daughter. Isn’t it unreasonable for her to make so much money without thinking of you and Father?”

This was Jiang Xing openly speaking ill of Jiang Chan. Wang Shi became even angrier. She started to have an idea, staring at the sign of Jiang’s Dim Sum shop.

“Let’s go back first and discuss with your father and brother. We can’t let her get away with this.”

Given Wang Shi’s personality, she would have rushed into the dim sum shop, grabbed the money box, and left. After all, Jiang Chan was her daughter, and she felt justified in doing so.

But that was Wang Shi’s idea. The key point was that the townspeople now considered Lin Shi as Jiang Chan’s mother. If Wang Shi really did that, she wouldn’t have any justification. Hence, she wanted to discuss it with Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao first.

There was no reason for Jiang Chan to enjoy the good life while her real parents and brother lived in poverty!

  1. In China, the term “吃软饭” (chī ruǎn fàn) translates to “eating soft food.” It is an expression used to describe a man who relies financially on a woman. The phrase carries a somewhat negative connotation, implying that the man is not self-reliant or independent and depends on his partner for financial support. ↩︎

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