The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 50

Lin Shi thought about it and was still a bit worried: “Wouldn’t it be strange if Xiao Chan’s reputation got out?”

Jiang Sen calmly replied, “Reputation can’t be eaten or drunk. Many people suffer because of it. I think Xiao Chan’s way is good. She doesn’t change her decisions based on external influences. That’s a good thing.”

Lin Shi snorted, “You are quite open-minded!”

Jiang Sen laughed, “Of course I am. I became open-minded over twenty years ago.”

Lin Shi suddenly fell silent. Jiang Sen held her hand, “When I first knew your health wasn’t good, I accepted it. After all, we are the ones living our lives, what do others’ opinions matter to us?”

Jiang Sen did care about having descendants. In a feudal society, who didn’t value their descendants? But compared to having offspring, Lin Shi was more important to him.

Sometimes, choosing is not difficult; it mainly depends on what you value more. He comforted the somewhat dejected Lin: “Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. I think Xiao Chan is a child with firm ideas, so let’s just see what she decides for herself.”

Lin Shi hesitated but eventually spoke, “What if Xiao Chan never finds the right person?”

Jiang Sen was indifferent, “It doesn’t matter. The Jiang family’s lineage doesn’t rely solely on me. Both the second and third sons have children, one less from me doesn’t matter.”

Seeing Lin Shi still frowning, Jiang Sen continued, “Xiao Chan seems very interested in the charity hospital. If she really wants, she can adopt a few godchildren. Inheritance isn’t just about bloodlines.”

Lin Shi finally felt relieved and waved her hand, “You and Xiao Chan are both very determined, I have no objections.”

Jiang Sen quickly laughed, “Even with our determination, we still listen to you.”

Jiang Chan’s marriage was temporarily set aside. Lin Shi and Jiang Sen were very open-minded, allowing her to make her own decisions. This gave Jiang Chan a great sense of relief and she felt lucky to have been adopted by Jiang Sen and Lin Shi.

Since Jiang Sen mentioned godchildren, Lin Shi became even more interested in the charity hospital. She didn’t express her thoughts but would often visit with Madam Wang whenever she had time.

Time passed gradually, and soon it was summer. Perhaps due to Jiang Chan’s company and good care, Lin Shi became pregnant at the age of forty.

This truly shocked Jiang Chan. Even in modern times, this would be considered a high-risk pregnancy, let alone in ancient times with underdeveloped medical care.

Originally, Jiang Sen wanted to persuade Lin Shi not to keep the child, but Lin Shi was very determined. Jiang Sen could only go along with her, taking even more meticulous care of her.

Jiang Chan was also extremely cautious. Lin Shi was already weak, and being pregnant at such an advanced age made it even more difficult. To ensure Lin Shi could have a stable pregnancy, Jiang Chan specially asked the old shopkeeper of Mingyue Tower to introduce a famous doctor from the prefecture.

This old doctor was very renowned, and Jiang Chan went to great lengths to invite him. He was over seventy, which was considered very old in ancient times.

The old doctor had sharp eyesight, keen hearing, and agile movements. He rarely saw patients himself anymore, leaving most to his disciples. If not for the attractive conditions Jiang Chan offered, he wouldn’t have followed her to the town.

True to his reputation, the old doctor’s skills were extraordinary. Soon after his arrival, Lin Shi’s pregnancy stabilized, making both Lin Shi and Jiang Sen deeply grateful to Jiang Chan.

Lin Shi and Jiang Sen having their own child was something Jiang Chan was happy to see. She herself wasn’t planning to have children in this era, so she was genuinely happy for Lin Shi and Jiang Sen.

The autumn exams arrived quickly. A month before the exams, Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao left for the exam. Before leaving, they visited Jiang Sen to say goodbye. Seeing Lin Shi’s big belly, Jiang Miao looked at Jiang Chan with pity.

Jiang Chan didn’t need to guess to know what he meant. He thought that with Lin Shi and Jiang Sen having their own children, they would pay less attention to Jiang Chan.

Jiang Chan scoffed at this, thinking he should worry about himself first. Who knew what results he would get in the exams?

It wasn’t that she looked down on Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao, but the imperial exams of this era were notoriously difficult. Given Jiang Miao’s level of knowledge, passing would be a surprise, failing would be expected.

Jiang Chan’s life became peaceful, but she hadn’t yet figured out how to make the original owner’s husband, the old widower, face retribution.

She wasn’t in a hurry, so she waited patiently. Her information-gathering skills had improved, perhaps because she often helped the town’s beggars. These children had a good impression of her.

After another chance encounter with the old widower, Jiang Chan told the beggars to keep an eye on him and report any news to her.

One day, while Jiang Chan was making dim sum with Zhou Yue in the shop, a little beggar came in. After a brief conversation, she understood.

It turns out that this old widower not only has the bad habit of drinking and hitting people, but he also has a gambling habit. Gambling is something you shouldn’t get involved in. Before long, this old widower, Lai San, lost his temper and lost everything he had.

Eventually, he even defaulted on his debts. The gambling house people weren’t to be trifled with; they beat him up and threw him into the street. The little beggar saw this and quickly came to tell Jiang Chan.

Jiang Chan wrapped some snacks for the little beggar, who ran off happily. He wanted to share the delicious snacks with his friends, something he rarely got from Jiang’s Dim Sum.

Watching from the side, Zhou Shan hesitated for a long time before speaking, “Miss, I’m not sure if I should say this.”

Jiang Chan replied, “Just speak your mind.”

Zhou Shan carefully chose his words, “Miss, you don’t need to concern yourself with people like Lai San. If others find out, it could harm your reputation.”

Zhou Shan had been holding this in for a long time. Ever since Jiang Chan asked the beggars to keep an eye on Lai San, he felt it was inappropriate.

Now that the shop was empty, he decided to speak his mind.

“Uncle Zhou, you don’t understand. Lai San is my enemy. I need to see him suffer to feel at peace.” If not for the original owner’s task, Jiang Chan wouldn’t bother with someone like Lai San.

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