The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 5

Jiang Chan fell silent, her mind rapidly calculating. Despite the mysterious appearance of the light cluster, Jiang Chan trusted her sixth sense.

Her instincts were always sharp; she could sense whether others had ill intentions with just a glance. Though the light cluster spoke many things she didn’t fully comprehend, it didn’t seem malicious.

Opportunity always came with challenges. Working tirelessly, Jiang Chan couldn’t guarantee she’d achieve her current dreams.

So why not take a gamble? Even though the deal seemed unfair, the world favored the bold.

“I have one last question,” Jiang Chan slowly spoke, “Why did you choose me? There are so many people in this world, and I’m quite ordinary, not different from anyone else.”

“Little girl, you’re too modest. I’ve observed you for several days; you’re resilient, determined, with courage and attention to detail. These qualities are rare; many adults lack your mentality,” the light cluster responded.

“My existence itself is irrational, but look at how you reacted initially. You were startled but quickly calmed down; not everyone has that mental state.”

“Little girl, after all I’ve said, will you agree to help me?” The tone of the light cluster finally changed. To be honest, Jiang Chan was carefully chosen.

If she refused, the light cluster couldn’t keep looking for another person for much longer. Now, all it could do was convince Jiang Chan.

“Are the first three worlds really simple?” Jiang Chan confirmed.

“Yes, little girl, do you agree?”

“Yes. As long as you can guarantee my safe return after passing through the first three worlds, I agree to help you with this task.”

Jiang Chan remained calm, and the light cluster flickered. “In that case, we need to sign a contract.”

The contract signing was calm. According to Qingyuan Shangxian, the contract directly bound to her spiritual power, although Jiang Chan didn’t feel anything special.

But during the contract signing, Qingyuan Shangxian said, “Little girl, your spiritual power is quite high, a rare aptitude.”

Jiang Chan was confused. Qingyuan Shangxian paused and said, “Your jade cicada pendant is excellent. I’ll reside in it from now on. Whenever you’re ready, we can start the first task.”

“During the task, will you follow me?” Jiang Chan suddenly remembered this detail; she forgot to ask earlier.

“No, my current ability can only send you to the first small world. Then, I’ll fall into a deep sleep until you successfully complete the first task and return.”

“Each world has suppression; I can’t accompany you inside the small worlds. So, you’ll have to rely on yourself,” Qingyuan Shangxian explained clearly. It was a challenging task.

“Understood,” Jiang Chan nodded. “As for the first task, let’s do it tomorrow night. There’s been too much happening today, and I need to sort things out.”

“Okay, the sooner, the better. I can’t hold on for much longer. To avoid causing panic, I’ll directly contact your mental power in the future. Just say what you want in your mind.”

Jiang Chan was surprised, “So, you’ll know everything I’m thinking? Is there any privacy left?”

The light cluster paused, “No, you can keep thoughts from me if you don’t want me to see. Don’t worry. When you’re ready for a task, just knock twice on the jade cicada, and I’ll send you.”

This time, the communication between the light cluster and Jiang Chan was through mental power. After speaking, it entered the jade cicada on Jiang Chan’s neck. She turned over, her mind still contemplating the decision she had just made.

She wasn’t one to easily regret her choices. Since she decided to do it, she would strive to maximize the benefits. Even if everything the light cluster said was true, Jiang Chan’s only task was to learn various skills in each small world.

Only what she mastered would truly be hers. With this in mind, Jiang Chan fell into a deep sleep.

The next night, Jiang Chan sat upright on her bed. She tapped the jade cicada on her neck with her fingers, “Qingyuan Shangxian, I’m ready.”

The light cluster floated out leisurely from the jade cicada. Jiang Chan felt her surroundings darken, and her soul seemed to leave her body in an instant…

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