The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 49

Lin Shi laughed, “Don’t be silly, how can a girl not get married? As you grow older, even if your parents say nothing, the gossip outside can crush you.”

Jiang Chan put down her book. “What do other people’s words have to do with me? I conduct myself properly, never taking even a grain of rice from others. What do their opinions matter to me?”

Lin Shi patted Jiang Chan’s head. “You say that now, but as you grow older, you’ll understand that people live under the eyes of others.”

Jiang Chan spoke seriously to Lin Shi. “If I get married, can I still do as I please like I do at home?”

Lin Shi replied, “That’s unlikely. Once you’re in your husband’s home, you need to be submissive and fulfill the duties of a daughter-in-law.”

Jiang Chan asked, “Will my future husband be like Father, having only one wife regardless of having children, without taking concubines or going to brothels?”

Lin Shi laughed. “Your father is an exception.”

Now understanding Jiang Chan’s meaning, Lin Shi rubbed her hair. “You really have strong opinions.”

Lin Shi sighed. “In this world, it’s easy to find priceless treasures but hard to find a true lover. Your father is rare. In all these years, I’ve only met him.”

This was true. Though Jiang Sen had many friends, none were as devoted to their wives as Jiang Sen was to Lin Shi. In this era, how many men could restrain themselves and follow such principles?

How many men could avoid going to brothels? Lin Shi felt fortunate to have met Jiang Sen.

Jiang Chan spread her hands. “Exactly. Most men are chauvinistic. Mother, do I seem like someone who could meekly serve in-laws and obey a husband?”

Lin Shi paused, considering Jiang Chan’s temperament, and indeed, it wasn’t suitable.

Seeing Lin Shi’s hesitation, Jiang Chan pressed on. “Besides, I want to stay by my parents’ side. If someone wants to marry me, I have a few conditions.”

Lin Shi smiled. “Let’s hear them.”

Jiang Chan began, “First, both parents must be deceased, and the family must be clean. He must be literate. Second, he must marry into our family. I will be in charge and he cannot interfere with my life or restrict me with traditional Confucian principles”

Lin Shi and Wang Ma were wide-eyed, while Jiang Chan continued calmly. “Lastly, he cannot have concubines. If discovered, we will divorce immediately, with no room for discussion.”

Lin Shi almost went mad. She patted Jiang Chan’s back. “You are too demanding! What good man would agree to marry into another family in this world?”

Lin Shi thought her own ideas were rebellious enough, but Jiang Chan’s were shocking. Listing one, two, three, four requirements—where in the world was such a person?

Jiang Chan was very calm. “These are my conditions. If they can’t be met, I would rather remain single and stay by your side forever.”

Seeing Lin Shi still in a daze, Jiang Chan softened her tone. “I’m not trying to brush you off. This is genuinely how I feel. Life is already hard enough for women. Why should I give up my comfortable life and cater to an unknown man just to meet societal expectations? Is marriage the only path for a woman?”

Seeing Lin Shi still hesitant, Jiang Chan added fuel to the fire. “Not everyone is as lucky as you, Mother. Father is rare. I don’t want to gamble my life on such slim odds.”

Lin Shi was finally convinced. She looked at Jiang Chan with a complex expression, realizing why Jiang Sen said Jiang Chan had strong opinions.

Despite her youth, this girl had a clear plan for her life. She refused to compromise herself for others, a trait very similar to Jiang Sen’s temperament.

Lin Shi returned to her room in a daze, with Wang Ma behind her, helping her with her hair. Seeing Lin Shi still distracted, Wang Ma comforted her.

“Madam, don’t worry. I think the young lady’s words make sense. Not every woman has to marry to prove her worth.”

Wang Ma was also stunned by Jiang Chan’s words but found them increasingly reasonable the more she thought about it.

“Look, the young lady can earn money on her own. Her future husband might not even earn as much as she does. Just with her skills, she can live well without depending on a man.”

Lin Shi sighed. “I understand what you mean, Wang Ma. I just find Jiang Chan’s ideas shocking. If she hadn’t opened my eyes, I wouldn’t have known women had other options.”

“I’m ultimately not as perceptive as a fifteen-year-old girl.” Lin Shi sighed deeply, feeling thoroughly shocked by Jiang Chan.

At this moment, Jiang Sen returned, seeing Lin Shi in a contemplative state. Wang Ma tactfully left the room, giving space to Jiang Sen and Lin Shi.

“What’s going on? I come back to find you like this. Who upset you?”

Lin Shi glanced at Jiang Sen. “Seeing you makes me angry. Why is Jiang Chan so much like you, stubborn and unyielding?”

Lin Shi repeated Jiang Chan’s words to Jiang Sen. Hearing Jiang Chan’s conditions, Jiang Sen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

He hadn’t expected his daughter to have such firm ideas and so many requirements for a future husband. Seeing Lin Shi still downcast, Jiang Sen laughed. “Jiang Chan’s thinking is right. I support her.”

Lin Shi raised her eyebrows and pinched Jiang Sen. “Are you crazy?”

Jiang Sen frowned. “If we truly care for Xiao Chan, I think her conditions are correct. Having the husband marry into our family is better than her marrying out, though it might not be good for her reputation.”

“If Jiang Chan marries out, she will be far from us. If she is mistreated, we wouldn’t even know. That would be beyond our reach.”

“If she has a husband marry into our family, she’ll be with us every day. If they have children, we can enjoy the pleasure of grandchildren. Isn’t that great?”

“But where can we find such a good man willing to marry in? Jiang Chan’s demands are so harsh, requiring deceased parents and a clean family history?”

Lin Shi frowned. Jiang Sen smiled. “Let’s wait patiently. Jiang Chan is very determined. She might solve this herself. As her parents, we can only guide her, not decide for her.”

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