The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 47

Jiang Xing looked at the satisfied expressions of those ladies, feeling like her heart was being gnawed by a rat. She was very precocious and instantly realized that these ladies were pleased with Jiang Chan.

How could this be? Jiang Chan wasn’t the biological daughter of Jiang Sen and Lin Shi, and she wasn’t as good-looking as herself. Why did these people all like Jiang Chan?

What Jiang Xing didn’t know was that her shallow thoughts were easily seen through by these astute ladies. Besides, her demeanor and perspective were evident, and she exuded a sense of pettiness.

With Jiang Chan’s outstanding qualities in front, how could anyone notice the unremarkable Jiang Xing? It could only be said that Jiang Xing had an overly inflated sense of self, thinking she was the most beautiful under the sky.

Jiang Chan knelt on the cushion, allowing the honored guest to arrange her hair. From today onwards, she could wear her hair up and couldn’t wear it in the young girl’s style anymore. This symbolized that she had come of age in this era and was now eligible for marriage.

The selection of the honored guest was very important, usually requiring an elder with both virtue and talent. This time, Lin Shi specifically invited Jiang Sen’s friend Li Ruisi’s mother to be the honored guest.

The old lady, with her kind and amiable demeanor, continuously praised Jiang Chan. Part of this was due to Jiang Chan’s excellent skills, and another part was indeed because Jiang Chan was truly outstanding.

As the coming-of-age ceremony ended, Jiang Chan heaved a great sigh of relief. All the bowing and saluting had made her head spin, but thankfully, it lasted just over an hour.

Jiang Mu and Wang Shi watched the scene before them with mixed feelings. That was their biological daughter, and if anyone should be bowing, it should have been to them. However, they had given her up for adoption, and in the eyes of others, Jiang Sen and Lin Shi were Jiang Chan’s parents.

Jiang Xing was intensely jealous. What village girl had ever had such a coming-of-age ceremony? Yet, her elder sister, whom she had always looked down upon, had become the first in the village to have such an event, and likely, no one else in the village would ever have one again.

She knew her own family’s situation. When she came of age, there would be no such ceremony for her. Her family was so poor now; how could they afford such a lavish and impractical ceremony?

Though both sets of parents were the same, why were Jiang Sen and Lin Shi so much better? They were so devoted to an adopted daughter, while her own parents were so harsh on her.

This was what Jiang Xing was thinking now. She realized that in this family, in Wang Shi’s eyes, Jiang Mu and Jiang Miao were the most important. No matter how much she acted cute or tried to please, it was useless.

In reality, Wang Shi had not been harsh to Jiang Xing; Jiang Xing had just gotten herself into a mental rut. The situation at Jiang Mu’s home was clear, and even if Wang Shi wanted to give Jiang Xing good things, she was powerless.

Jiang Xing knew this, but what bothered her was why she had to come after Jiang Miao. What bothered her even more was that Jiang Chan was living so well now and would live even better in the future.

What about herself? What kind of life would she lead in the future? Jiang Xing was confused.

As the guests dispersed, Jiang Chan, supported by Zhou Xing, went to her room, and Jiang Xing quietly followed.

In the room, Zhou Xing skillfully massaged Jiang Chan’s sore shoulders and neck. “Miss, you looked truly beautiful today.”

Jiang Chan looked at her bright red clothes with helplessness. She didn’t particularly like these brightly colored clothes, but Lin Shi had prepared them, with every stitch embroidered by her. Even if she was unwilling, she had to wear them.

Honestly, the bright red color was quite demanding. Not everyone could wear it with such presence. Jiang Chan, with her natural severity and dignified aura, was very captivating.

So when Jiang Chan appeared, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Jiang Chan frowned. “Alright, let’s change clothes. This red outfit is making me dizzy.”

Zhou Xing refused. “Madam said that today is your coming-of-age ceremony, and you must wear this outfit all day.”

Jiang Chan glared. “Alright, I won’t change.”

Hearing the conversation inside, Jiang Xing couldn’t hold back anymore. She suddenly pushed open the door and walked in. “Elder sister.”

Jiang Chan was taken aback. She had seen Jiang Xing earlier, but hadn’t expected Wang Shi to not keep an eye on her and let Jiang Xing come here.

“It’s you. What’s the matter?”

Jiang Chan put down her book and looked at Jiang Xing leisurely. To say Jiang Xing was persistent was an understatement. Knowing Jiang Chan didn’t like her, she still hovered around whenever she had the chance.

Was she trying to disgust her or make herself uncomfortable?

What did Jiang Xing want now?

Jiang Xing glanced at Zhou Xing behind Jiang Chan. Even a small maid was dressed better than her, just because she served Jiang Chan.

She hesitated. “Elder sister, can I speak to you alone?”

Jiang Chan flatly refused. “No, whatever you have to say, just say it. Zhou Xing is not an outsider.”

Jiang Xing was unhappy and stomped her foot. “I am your biological sister.”

Jiang Chan raised her eyes. “Now you’re just a cousin. Whatever you have to say, just say it. It’s almost mealtime.”

Jiang Xing bit her lip. “Elder sister, do you need a little maid? How about I become your maid?”

Jiang Chan immediately laughed. “No, I can’t afford you. You’ll be marrying a scholar in the future and becoming the scholar’s wife. Aunt always said so.”

“If others know you were once a maid, it will be difficult for you to find a match in the future.” No matter what Jiang Xing’s intentions were, Jiang Chan would never agree.

But she couldn’t say it outright, so she used this reason to refuse.

Jiang Xing was still not giving up. “Then elder sister, just don’t tell anyone. Just say I’m here to accompany you.”

Jiang Chan didn’t expect Jiang Xing to be so naive. She propped her chin, looking at Jiang Xing with eyes full of emotions. “Why should I say that? I’m already embarrassed enough eating my father’s food, spending my father’s money, and being supported by my father. How could I ask him to support another burden?”

The burden being Jiang Xing…

Jiang Xing pouted. “So, elder sister, are you just going to watch me starve and freeze at home? You don’t know what kind of days I live at home.”

Jiang Chan said, “No matter how bad your days are, they are better than mine were. Look how much my aunt loves you. When cousin Jiang Miao needed five taels of silver to take the exams, my aunt wanted to arrange a marriage for me to get travel expenses for him.”

She sighed. “But now? Uncle and Jiang Miao are going to the autumn examination, and even though they need so much silver, my aunt hasn’t thought of arranging a marriage for you. See how good my uncle and aunt are to you?”

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