The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 46

“Let him face some setbacks; it might be good for him.” Lin Shi shook the clothes in her hand: “I see you’ve grown taller recently, so I made you some new clothes. Come see if they fit.”

Jiang Chan put down her book and, with a hint of reproach, said to Lin Shi: “If you want new clothes, just go to the tailor shop and buy them. Why go to all this trouble? Making clothes is hard work, especially in this cold weather.”

Hearing Jiang Chan’s concern, Lin Shi was overjoyed. Wang Ma timely chimed in: “The Madam is very happy to make clothes for you. It’s her way of finding comfort.”

Jiang Chan’s eyes softened a bit: “But don’t tire yourself out. Take breaks while you work.”

Lin Shi laughed: “I know, you little housekeeper.”

Jiang Chan had been living with the Jiang Sen family for four months now. With all the good food and care, she had undergone a dramatic transformation. Under the meticulous care of Lin Shi and Wang Ma, Jiang Chan was no longer the dark and skinny girl she once was.

Lin Shi had found many prescriptions for beauty, and Jiang Chan’s skin had become fair and tender. At her age, girls were at their most beautiful, and with proper nutrition, they blossomed like flowers.

Her features were quite striking. Despite her serious expression, there was a kind of imposing majesty about her. Jiang Chan’s preferences were unusual for a girl her age. Most girls liked pink and other soft colors, like pale yellow, light pink, and water green.

But Jiang Chan didn’t like any of these; she preferred simple colors, like moon white and light blue, showing none of the liveliness typical of young girls.

Seeing Jiang Chan immersed in her book again, Lin Shi sighed quietly. It wouldn’t be long before Jiang Chan reached marriageable age. However, arranging her marriage was a bit awkward.

After all, Jiang Chan was not her biological daughter. No matter how much she treated her as her own, people cared about such things. Additionally, Jiang Chan’s background as a peasant’s daughter made it difficult to find a suitable match in town.

This was what troubled Lin Shi, but she couldn’t discuss it with Jiang Chan, so she worried silently.

Jiang Chan was unaware of Lin Shi’s concerns. She found these ancient texts quite interesting, partly because there were few entertainment options in ancient times.

Besides, Jiang Chan valued her time greatly, wishing she could split a day into two. How could she waste time on trivial matters?

Moreover, she had already decided she would not marry as long as she was in this era. She was still young and felt that fifteen was too early for a girl to be married off.

The business of Jiang’s Dim Sum had long been on track. Now, when people talked about the most famous dim sum shop in town, it was none other than Jiang’s Dim Sum. The formerly renowned Ruyi Zhai had been forgotten, even though it had tried to copy Jiang’s Dim Sum styles. However, Jiang’s Dim Sum maintained the tradition of introducing a new pastry every month, keeping the townspeople excited. Ruyi Zhai couldn’t compete.

In March, when the spring is warm and flowers blossom, it’s the season for locust flowers to bloom again. Zhou Yue, being skillful, experimented a few times after Jiang Chan suggested using locust flowers to make desserts last time, and she came up with these locust flower treats.

Of course, locust flowers can also be used to make buns. The old shopkeeper at Mingyue Tower got the recipe for these locust flower buns from Jiang Chan, and made a profit.

Jiang Chan was living quite comfortably. Jiang Miao and Jiang Mu had borrowed money from Jiang Sen and returned home to study behind closed doors. Having already passed the scholar exams, they no longer attended the academy and mostly studied at home.

Now, all household affairs were handed over to Wang Shi and Jiang Xing. Jiang Xing was unreliable, so everything fell on Wang Shi’s shoulders.

The only consolation for Wang Shi was that with Jiang Miao not going to the academy, the household was a bit more relaxed. When Jiang Mu initially stopped teaching at the private school, Wang Shi had a few things to say. But Jiang Mu assured her that once he passed the exams, things would be different, so Wang Shi relented.

Jiang Mu is quite confident in himself, believing that he will definitely succeed. It can only be said that he is indeed overestimating himself too much.

Now, besides managing the household, Wang Shi also found time to do some embroidery. To support the father and son in their exams, the family had spent all their money, even borrowing a large sum from Jiang Sen.

While Jiang Mu and his son studied behind closed doors, Jiang Chan quietly turned fifteen. This day also marked her coming-of-age ceremony, which Lin Shi took very seriously.

For this reason, two days ago, she had Uncle Zhong deliver a message to the village, insisting that Jiang Lin and Jiang Mu’s families attend. It was a joyous occasion that had to be celebrated in the presence of elders.

Lin Shi had her own intentions. She wanted to show that they valued Jiang Chan greatly, thereby elevating her status and preventing others from looking down on her.

Jiang Chan, being perceptive, understood Lin Shi’s intentions. Frankly, she didn’t care much about fame and fortune, considering herself a mere passerby. However, she didn’t want to disappoint Lin Shi and Jiang Sen, who loved her dearly. It was just one day; she could endure it.

This time, Jiang Mu’s entire family came, including Jiang Xing. Perhaps wanting to outshine Jiang Chan, Jiang Xing had dressed up, wearing a pink top and a moon-white skirt, looking quite charming.

Unfortunately, after the New Year, life had been hard for Jiang Xing. Wang Shi was struggling financially, and the family’s meals were meager. As a result, Jiang Xing, a once charming girl, had become pale and sickly.

The original five-point appearance has turned into a three-point one. Fair skin conceals many flaws; nowadays, Jiang Xing can only be described as delicate.

Jiang Chan’s coming-of-age ceremony was grand. With Jiang Sen’s many years as a scholar, he had an extensive network. Just from the academy, seven or eight colleagues attended, each bringing their families.

Seeing Jiang Chan elegantly dressed, Jiang Xing’s face twisted with envy. All of this should have been hers. But because Aunt preferred Jiang Chan, she was left in the village.

Now, Jiang Chan showed no trace of her peasant origins. She was poised, dignified, and grand, earning nods of approval from several ladies.

Seeing this, Lin Shi’s eyes also showed a hint of a smile. She had done this on purpose. She wanted everyone to know that even if her biological parents were unreliable, Jiang Chan was no less than the young ladies raised in boudoirs!

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