The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 42

Jiang Chan slightly curled up the corners of her lips, with no trace of a smile in her eyes, saying, “Isn’t that settled then?”

She leaned in close to Jiang Xing, her large eyes staring intently at Jiang Xing: “You have to remember, I now have my own parents. Moreover, when father arranged my adoption, he did give silver to my uncle and aunt, which you saw.”

Jiang Xing was unconvinced: “But they are your birth parents after all, how can you just ignore them?”

A fire was raging in Jiang Chan’s heart, “Care for them? How? Do you want me to be responsible for both households?”

“Pfft!” Standing behind the door, Lin Shi suddenly laughed, patting Jiang Sen’s arm: “You’ll have to talk to Xiao Chan later, carrying two households on one shoulder isn’t really what she meant.”

Jiang Sen’s mouth twitched, and the smile on his face softened. He didn’t believe that Jiang Chan was unaware of the phrase’s real meaning; it seemed this girl was quite cunning too.

But, it’s true that he really likes this temperament.

They weren’t eavesdropping on purpose; it was just that Jiang Xing spoke quite loudly. Besides, it wasn’t just the two of them; the whole family of Jiang Lin was watching.

Jiang Xing didn’t understand what carrying two households on one shoulder meant, but she could sense that it probably wasn’t anything positive. She looked at Jiang Chan: “Big sister…”

As Jiang Chan’s gaze swept over, Jiang Xing reluctantly changed her address: “Cousin, I want to ask you for a favor.”

The stubborn Jiang Chan replied, “I won’t agree.”

Jiang Xing glared: “You haven’t even heard what I have to say.”

Jiang Chan calmly replied: “Whatever it is, I won’t agree.”

Jiang Xing stamped her foot in frustration: “Why are you like this? We’ve been sisters for so many years, and I rarely ask you for anything…”

While speaking, Jiang Xing bit her lower lip, looking very aggrieved, as if Jiang Chan was bullying her. Jiang Chan was disgusted by such behavior; wasn’t this just openly showing others how she supposedly mistreated Jiang Xing?

Seeing Jiang Xing like this, Jiang Chan’s fists itched. As the head of the orphanage, she really fought her way up with her fists, but unfortunately, in such a society, there were not many who could make her resort to violence.

Now that she finally encountered one, Jiang Chan’s palms were itching, but since this was at her uncle and aunt’s home, she could only endure.

“Don’t, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

Since she couldn’t use her fists, she had to use her words. Jiang Chan was ready to have a thorough talk with Jiang Xing today.

“You’ve always been good at putting on that expression. In the past, whenever uncle and aunt saw it, they thought I was bullying you, and they would punish me by not letting me eat and making me face the wall to reflect, while you laughed on the side.”

Standing behind the door, Lin Shi’s hand tightened, ready to step out, but Jiang Sen held her back. He was angry too, but he wanted to see how Jiang Chan would handle it.

“I didn’t.” Jiang Xing blinked, her eyes brimming with tears, and she shook her hands to show her innocence.

“In your home before, being a girl just like you, I had to start learning to wash clothes, cook, boil water, and chop wood from the age of five. You would sleep in till the sun was high while I got up before dawn every day.”

Lin Shi bit her lip, her eyes reddening. She roughly knew what kind of life Jiang Chan had lived before, and hearing it again made her heart ache intensely.

“I did cook too.” Jiang Xing was defiant.

“Yes, you did cook, but what did that result in? Your food was burnt, and you added too much water to the rice, it was inedible. When aunt asked about it, you directly blamed me.”

This was a minor memory from the original host, only showing that the original host was really too soft, with countless such incidents. Every time it was Jiang Xing who made mistakes, but it was the original host who took the blame.

As Jiang Chan spoke of this, Jiang Xing’s confidence faltered. She tugged at the hem of her clothes: “Why bring up those things? Cousin, why are you so petty?”

Jiang Chan remained calm: “See, this is exactly what you do. You make the mistake, but when I bring it up, you accuse me of being petty. The one who makes the mistake acts confidently, while the innocent one has to bear the blame, is that it?”

Jiang Xing’s tongue seemed to have been stolen by a cat, she could bend and stretch: “Alright, cousin, I apologize to you, please be the bigger person and don’t hold it against me.”

Jiang Chan: “I don’t accept your apology, nor will I forgive you.”

She was not the original host, what right did she have to forgive Jiang Xing on behalf of the original host? Moreover, Jiang Xing had done nothing to wrong her; it was the original host she had wronged from beginning to end. Why should Jiang Chan accept her apology?

“I don’t want to have any involvement with you, no matter what you need me for, I won’t agree. Knowing that seeing you upsets me, why should I help you? I’m already being generous by not kicking you when you’re down.”

Jiang Xing just couldn’t stand it anymore, no matter how thick-skinned she was. She forcefully pushed Jiang Chan away, crying as she ran off. This time, she was really crying. Jiang Chan didn’t expect Jiang Xing to suddenly push her, so she leaned back and ended up sitting on the ground with a thud.

Thankfully, it was winter and she was well-dressed; aside from falling on her bottom, she was unharmed.

Lin Shi couldn’t stand it any longer; she brushed aside Jiang Sen’s restraining hand, running over with Wang Ma to help Jiang Chan up. Jiang Chan had long known that there were people watching from behind the door. Seeing Lin Shi’s red-rimmed eyes, she even went to comfort her.

“During the New Year’s, no tears are allowed. Look, I’m fine, didn’t I just send Jiang Xing running with my words?”

Lin Shi dusted off Jiang Chan’s clothes, and without noticing, she patted Jiang Chan’s sorest spot, her buttocks, causing Jiang Chan to grit her teeth – that was indeed a bit painful.

Seeing Lin Shi’s worried look, Jiang Chan couldn’t say anything else. She thought to herself, women are truly made of water; she had just fallen on her buttocks, and it was really her that was hurting, yet why were Lin Shi’s tears swirling in her eyes?

Jiang Chan felt uncomfortable, but still pulled out a handkerchief to wipe Lin Shi’s eyes: “It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt.”

Seeing Lin Shi crying made Jiang Chan very uncomfortable. Lin Shi poked Jiang Chan’s head with her finger: “You just know how to coax and comfort me.”

Jiang Chan pleaded: “How is that just coaxing? I’m speaking from the bottom of my heart, it really doesn’t hurt, don’t cry.”

She looked at Lin Shi seriously: “I’ve heard people say before that crying is actually not good. The more a person cries, the thinner their fortune becomes, only those who are always smiling have the best fortune. Have you ever seen me cry?”

Lin Shi broke into a smile: “You might not cry, but are you always smiling?”

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