The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 41

Jiang Sen raised his eyebrows: “The third brother still has this idea?”

He didn’t say much, “Let him be, let the third brother give it a try”

He had read Jiang Mu’s articles. If anything, they were overly meticulous and lacked creativity, sticking to conventions. Of course, he couldn’t really say that, otherwise people might think he, as the eldest brother, was jealous of his own brother.

He pondered for a moment: “If the third brother is also going to take the exams, isn’t Jiang Miao going as well this year? Do they have enough money for the journey?”

Jiang Lin scoffed, “Who knows about them, I guess they’ll probably have to borrow from someone.”

Jiang Miao understood immediately; they were most likely going to borrow from him, their own eldest brother, but he’d leave that be for now, until they actually came to ask. After all, he was their blood brother; if they really came to borrow money, could he actually refuse them?

In Jiang Lin’s home, it was lively. In this era, men and women dined at separate tables: men at one table, and the women at another, and no distinctions of master and servant were made in other people’s homes.

In contrast, the atmosphere in Jiang Mu’s home could be described as gloomy. Ever since returning from the ancestral hall, Jiang Miao’s expression had darkened. Although he was Jiang Chan’s own eldest brother, why did Jiang Chan seem closer to Jiang Hai and Jiang He than to him?

Little did he know that relationships are built through interaction. He was not good to Jiang Chan, yet he expected Jiang Chan to see him differently just because of their thin blood relation? He must be dreaming.

Not to mention, this Jiang Chan was not the same as the other Jiang Chan.

Jiang Xing returned home and immediately started whispering to Wang Shi. The mother and daughter whispering about something unknown. Initially hesitant, Wang Shi eventually nodded in agreement after Jiang Xing’s persuasion.

Jiang Mu sat in the main hall, poured a glass of water, icy cold. He set down the teacup dissatisfiedly and called out, “Boil some water, it’s time to cook.”

Wang Shi immediately lifted the door curtain and stepped out: “I’m here. It’s the New Year, why are you making such a big fuss?”

Indeed, Jiang Mu was displeased, and it was all because of Jiang Chan. It had been over a month since he last saw Jiang Chan, and if not for her familiar face right there, he would have doubted this was his eldest daughter that he remembered.

Her face was the same, but her aura had changed. Previously, Jiang Chan was always timid, never raising her head to meet others’ eyes, exuding an air of lowliness.

Now, Jiang Chan was a modern person. Although she came from an orphanage, she rarely felt inferior. And with the time spent following Jiang Sen and Lin Shi, her demeanor had drastically changed.

She was no longer timid like the original owner of the body. When she looked at people, her gaze was direct, open, and calm. Jiang Mu hadn’t seen anyone else, but was shocked that his eldest daughter had this side to her.

What frustrated him was Jiang Chan’s indifferent demeanor towards him and Wang Shi. Beyond some perfunctory greetings, she no longer spoke with them, yet she seemed quite close to his second sister-in-law and her two sons.

Jiang Mu snorted. He thought, the recent good days at his elder brother’s home must have made her forget who her real elder brother was.

When she later needs the support of her maternal brothers, see if they will help.

At the dinner table, Jiang Xing picked up the barely visible three or four slices of meat from the plate. During the New Year, with only two dishes prepared for a family of four, how were they supposed to eat?

When she smelled the rich scent of food from next door, looking at the dark, lumpy cornbread in her hands, Jiang Xing could hardly swallow. Was Jiang Chan eating this well in town every meal?

Jiang Mu was in a bad mood and couldn’t stand seeing Jiang Xing act as if she had been wronged. He tapped on the bowl: “If you don’t want to eat, go back to your room. Who needs to see that face during the New Year?”

Jiang Xing, in a huff, threw down her chopsticks and went back to her room. She wanted to go to Jiang Lin’s house to mooch a meal, but she had her pride; she couldn’t just shamelessly show up there for food.

Jiang Mu glanced at Jiang Xing’s room, “The little girl is thirteen this New Year, she’s not young anymore. She’s old enough to get engaged. Help organize things and set a date. Let’s aim for two years later, after she turns fifteen, to proceed with the arrangements.”

Wang Shi paused, “She’s still young. It’s hard to arrange a good marriage for her now. Let’s wait until Miao’s exams are over before discussing it. By then, Xing’er will have more options.”

Jiang Mu thought for a moment, “Alright, then let’s wait until Miao’s spring exam is over.”

He picked at his rice and then spoke again, “You should also get her to work, who is she showing that face to during the New Year? Does she act like this when visiting others? Her elder sister was already capable of doing everything at her age.”

“Wasn’t it agreed that doing needlework would support Miao’s exam travel? What achievements has she made?”

Jiang Mu said a few more words, the more he thought, the more stifled he felt, and simply put down his chopsticks and returned to his room. Jiang Miao also lost his appetite, ate a few bites, and went back to his room, though his excuse to Wang Shi was that he was going to study.

After a while, the door to Jiang Xing’s room opened. She peeked out, saw no one in the hall, and quietly stepped out of the main door, not hesitating as she headed towards Jiang Lin’s house.

Jiang Chan had eaten a bit too much at noon, perhaps due to the lively atmosphere. She casually walked around Jiang Lin’s courtyard to digest, initially accompanied by her young maid Zhou Xing, who was helping her second aunt, Zhang Shi, clean up the dishes.

With no one annoying to disturb her, basking in the bright sunshine, Jiang Chan felt her situation could truly be described as peaceful times.

Unfortunately, it seems like the heavens can’t bear to see her happy. She had barely walked one lap in the courtyard when she spotted Jiang Xing peeking around the door. Jiang Chan glanced at her as if she hadn’t seen her at all, but her good mood instantly dampened by half.

She pursed her lips, planning to find Lin Shi. Little did she know Jiang Xing was determined to find her. Seeing Jiang Chan turn to leave, Jiang Xing leaped forward and came inside.

She grabbed Jiang Chan’s sleeve, “Big sister, it’s rare for you to come home, talk with me.”

Jiang Chan felt like she had been bitten by a fly—irritating but not painful. She glanced at the sleeve Jiang Xing was tugging at, “If it’s just talking, why are you pulling at me?”

When Jiang Xing let go, Jiang Chan then nodded, “Now I am your cousin, not your big sister.”

In the Jiang family’s naming conventions, men and women were distinguished separately. Jiang Miao stands alone and is addressed as “Big Brother.” As for Jiang Chan, she’s usually called “Big Sister. So naturally, Jiang Xing would call her big sister.

Jiang Xing was stunned, then quickly realized, “Whether cousin or big sister, you’re still our parents’ daughter.”

Jiang Chan was getting impatient, “Am I under my little uncle and aunt’s name?”

Jiang Xing hesitated, “No, but after all, our parents gave birth to you and raised you…”

Jiang Xing’s words were stuck in her throat, silenced by the sight of Jiang Chan’s dark eyes.

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