The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 40

Lin Shi felt heartbroken hearing what Zhang Shi had said. Holding Jiang Chan’s hand, she said, “In the past, Xiao Chan was taken care of by my younger sister-in-law, causing her a lot of trouble.”

Lin Shi’s favorite thing was to see others treating Jiang Chan kindly. Thus, upon hearing Zhang Shi’s words, Lin Shi’s attitude toward Zhang Shi immediately warmed up a few degrees, no longer as superficially distant as before.

Zhang Shi was a generous woman. She waved her hand and said, “Ah, if I had a daughter as sensible as Xiao Chan, I would be so heartbroken, but alas, I have only two sons.”

Though she said this, Zhang Shi’s face was filled with smiles. Her two sons currently had jobs in the town and no longer needed to work in the fields. In a few years, they might even settle to live in the town.

Thinking of this, Zhang Shi felt even happier. Jiang Hai and Jiang He would visit once a month and naturally share their experiences in the town. However, Jiang Hai had not mentioned to Zhang Shi about Jiang Chan opening a shop—some things are better kept to oneself.

Speaking out would only cause unnecessary trouble for Jiang Chan. Mainly, they discussed people they met and incidents they encountered in the town, like which shop had delicious dim sum or authentic meals.

Lin Shi did not expose Zhang Shi’s insincere remarks. If she had two daughters now, she would not be speaking like this.

“As for lunch, my husband and I will trouble our younger siblings. We have so many mouths to feed, it really makes you busy.”

Zhang Shi enjoyed Lin Shi’s familiarity, being straightforward herself. The two of them, each holding one of Jiang Chan’s hands, can be said to be like stars surrounding the moon, as they lead Jiang Chan home.

Jiang Chan’s grandparents had passed away early, and it seemed she had never met Grandfather and Grandmother Jiang. Perhaps for this reason, the visits of Jiang Sen and his wife to the village were infrequent.

Now, Jiang Sen lived in the town, and the homes of Jiang Lin and Jiang Mu were adjacent to each other, separated only by a courtyard wall. The house was initially built by Jiang Sen, who was the most promising among them.

Just later, he had conflicts with the elder couple from the Jiang family due to issues regarding descendants. Who could have expected that the elderly couple would pass away early? Now, looking back, it’s a pity to think about it.

Jiang Sen sighed and exchanged pleasantries with Jiang Mu in the main hall. Their family had brought six people, and without the help of Zhou Xing and Jiang Chan, Zhang Shi alone would have struggled.

Zhou Xing was quite skilled, and now it was Zhang Shi managing the fire, with Jiang Chan guiding from the side and Zhou Xing standing at the pot. Initially, Zhang Shi was reluctant to let Zhou Xing, still a little girl, manage the pot, but she gave in after seeing her cook.

A little girl cooking so well, and seeing Jiang Chan instructing her, Zhang Shi was truly amazed. Jiang Chan had indeed grown up well.

Jiang He was a quiet type, his favorite pastime being sitting quietly and engaging in his beloved woodworking. On a regular day, he would be engrossed in carving various patterns out of wood blocks.

The sunlight was good today, and Jiang He sat in the courtyard, holding a square block of wood and carefully using a carving knife, with wood shavings falling to the ground.

Jiang Hai was used to his brother’s silent ways. Squatting next to Jiang He, he suddenly sniffed, “Ah, it smells so good. When did Mom get so skilled at cooking?”

He came late and was thus surprised when Jiang He responded, “It’s not Mom cooking; it’s Zhou Xing following Xiao Chan’s instructions.”

Jiang He, having spent more time in the yard, was well aware of the kitchen activities, including how Jiang Chan directed Zhou Xing in heating the pot and stirring the spices.

He glanced at the wood in his hands, which might soon become a small rabbit, especially since he had just heard that the little girl was only eleven and born in the year of the rabbit, which hastened his carving motions.

Jiang Hai took a deep breath and whispered to Jiang He, “No matter who made it, I tell you, during my days working at Mingyue Tower, I secretly heard from the kitchen staff that almost all the dishes there originated from Xiao Chan. Chef Fan visits our uncle’s home every other day.”

Jiang He paused his carving as Jiang Hai squinted, “Now, Zhou Xing even cooks as if she’s a professional. I believe this news is very likely true.”

Jiang He slapped him, “If you’ve got something to eat, why stir up trouble? What does it matter where Mingyue Tower’s dishes are learned from?”

Jiang Hai shrank back. Was his brother practicing iron palm?

“It’s just a chat between us. Do you think I’ve mentioned it to our parents?”

Jiang He continued carving, “Better not have. Xiao Chan’s life hasn’t been easy before. Believe it or not, this news could cause our uncle’s family to come looking for Xiao Chan.”

Despite Jiang He’s silence, he was clear-headed; he just didn’t voice it.

Jiang Hai shrank his neck, “Am I the type to repay kindness with malice? I know very well what can and cannot be done.”

He paused, suddenly displeased, “Who’s the elder brother here, you or me? Do you really need to remind me?”

Jiang He ignored him, focusing on his work. Listening to the laughter from the kitchen, a slight smile crossed his lips. Jiang Hai squinted and leaned against the wall, lost in thought.

From the main hall, one could see the scene in the courtyard. Watching his two sons sitting together, the elder son’s mouth never stopped moving, while the younger son kept his head down, carving wood. Jiang Lin also smiled.

He too had studied for a few years, but he was not as clever as Jiang Sen. He had dropped out of school, but he knew the benefits of education. However, his two sons lacked patience for books.

Eventually, Jiang Lin had no choice but to send them to learn trades. Now, the elder son had finally found a satisfying job in town, and the younger was nearing the end of his apprenticeship.

With this in mind, he was already planning to arrange marriages for his sons, though there was no hurry as it was common for men to establish their careers before marrying.

“Big brother, a few days ago I caught wind from Third Brother that it seems he’s preparing to participate in this year’s autumn examination?”

Jiang Lin suddenly brought up this topic. It wasn’t him speaking out of turn; Jiang Mu was already of age and still thinking of becoming a scholar-official. Not that he looked down on Jiang Mu, but when they were younger, their teacher had already stated that Jiang Mu’s destiny was at most to become a talented scholar.

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