The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 4

If possible, who wouldn’t want a carefree life? But life is like this. Since there is no one to rely on, one can only become strong on their own.

Jiang Chan’s fast-food business was doing well. Every day, she would deliver a hundred meals to the construction site, and Aunt Mo would give her two hundred yuan a day. After a week, Jiang Chan had saved up fourteen hundred yuan.

At night, Jiang Chan lay on her bed counting the money she had earned that week. “Only fourteen hundred. When will I be able to earn enough for my high school tuition? Calculating, high school for a semester requires at least five thousand, and for the whole year, it’s around ten thousand.”

“Now there are others delivering fast food at the construction site. I don’t know if Uncle Mo and the others can sell another hundred meals.”

“So, can I earn this much money during this summer vacation?” Jiang Chan was a bit uneasy, unsure if it was possible.

“It’s definitely not possible,” a ethereal voice suddenly appeared around Jiang Chan. She was startled, sat up abruptly, and exclaimed, “What is it?”

Fortunately, Jiang Chan’s room was somewhat secluded. If she lived in the middle, such a commotion would surely be noticed by others.

Jiang Chan sat up, her body hair standing on end, but her mental composure was decent. She remembered to lower her voice as scaring others would not be good.

After waiting for a while with no response, Jiang Chan lowered her voice again, “Who is talking? Show yourself!”

Suddenly, ripples appeared in the space in front of Jiang Chan, and a silver-white light appeared in front of her. It moved up and down, seemingly assessing Jiang Chan.

“Hello, little girl, I mean no harm. You don’t have to be so nervous,” the voice did come from this light, and Jiang Chan could vaguely tell it was a female voice.

Being with someone of the same gender always made people relax a bit. Jiang Chan eased herself a bit, “What are you? Why don’t you reveal your form?”

The light moved, “I would like to reveal my form, but I’m too severely injured, and I don’t have the spare energy to waste. Little girl, I need your help.”

Jiang Chan conversed with the light for a while and learned that the true identity of this light was a person named Qingyuan Shangxian. She encountered a tribulation while ascending to the immortal realm, and she barely retained a trace of her divine soul under that tribulation.

She somehow ended up on Earth, heavily injured, and couldn’t manifest her form. To restore her divine soul, she needed a pure soul that had already been freed from obsessions.

However, in her weakened state, she urgently needed external help. It had already been several days since she came to Earth.  After observing many people here, she felt that Jiang Chan was the most suitable candidate, so she revealed herself to Jiang Chan.

Jiang Chan tapped her knee. She was sitting cross-legged now, “If I help you, can I earn money?”

For now, let’s assume that what the light says is true. However, Jiang Chan wasn’t a particularly selfless person. She was already very busy with her daily work to pay for her tuition. Where would she find the time and energy to help others?

The light remained calm, “I cannot give you money; I have nothing tangible.”

Seeing that Jiang Chan was about to lie down and sleep, the light spoke again, “But I can let you enter different small worlds and learn different skills. Relying on what others give you is never reliable. Only skills you’ve mastered are truly yours.”

Jiang Chan hesitated, “That sounds good. What does it mean to have a soul free from obsessions?”

Jiang Chan was just an ordinary junior high school student. Unlike young people who spent all their time on the internet, she knew very little about these things.

“Everyone has obsessions, just like you. Your current obsession is to live well and gather enough money for your tuition. There are various people in the world, and naturally, there are various obsessions.”

“They offer their souls to me. As long as I help them fulfill their obsessions, their souls will forever belong to me. That’s what I need your help with.”

“I will let you possess their bodies, continue their lives, and only when you fulfill their obsessions will their souls truly belong to me.”

Listening to the light, Jiang Chan was indeed tempted. She knew that only what she had mastered would truly be hers. Depending on what others gave her would never work.

“Let’s call it ‘mission execution.’ If something happens to the person I’m executing the mission on in this small world, can I come back?”

Jiang Chan, an orphan, valued her life a lot, and that was what worried her the most. Currently, Jiang Chan loved two things the most—her life and money.

Money could be earned again, but if life was lost, there would be nothing left.

“Little girl, I really didn’t misjudge you. You quickly got to the point,” the light paused, “I’m currently too weak. Even if I want to protect you, I can’t.”

“You can’t guarantee my personal safety. If I die, I can’t come back?”

Jiang Chan was stubborn. All this talk was just about tying her head to her belt, right? All the benefits would go to others. If she was lucky, she might come back; if not, she could only say goodbye.

“Considering your young age and limited experience, I will arrange for you to go to a simple small world first. Such missions are a bit easier.”

Seeing that Jiang Chan was about to give up, the light explained hastily, “Once you complete three small tasks, my soul will be slightly stronger. I’ll be able to give you a protective talisman to ensure your soul safely returns to real life.”

Jiang Chan fell silent for a moment, “So, while I’m doing the first three tasks, I have to rely on myself? You can’t give me anything?”

“That’s right. I’m sorry. That’s why I said I need your help.” The light also felt a bit guilty. To be honest, this was a very unequal contract. She was only offering Jiang Chan a vague opportunity.

But Jiang Chan had to do her best to complete the tasks and obtain a pure soul to mend hers. In the end, all the benefits were hers.

“How long does a typical task take? I need to work and earn money.” This was a question Jiang Chan cared about a lot.

“When you accept a task, time will stop at that moment. When your task is complete, time will start moving again. You don’t have to worry at all.”

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