The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 39

Jiang Chan was so praised by them that she almost felt embarrassed. It’s okay to compliment someone, but must it be done face-to-face? She felt like she could hardly keep her face straight!

Fortunately, she usually had a restrained expression, so even in this situation, her face remained unchanged. Zhang Shi commented that this child was calm and composed.

Jiang Xing and Wang Shi stood not far away. Although they could not enter the ancestral hall, they definitely wanted to participate in the ancestor worship, even if it meant standing outside in the cold wind.

Watching Jiang Chan standing prettily beside Lin Shi, Jiang Xing nearly bit through her cheek in jealousy. Previously, she had always looked down upon Jiang Chan, but now, the difference between them was like night and day.

Nowadays, Jiang Chan was not lacking in money. The business at her dim sum shop was getting better day by day, and her purse was also bulging.

Since the only things she could take with her were the various skills she had learned, Jiang Chan didn’t place too much importance on material possessions and was quite willing to spend money.

What you can earn, you can spend. The new clothes on Jiang Chan, Lin Shi, and Jiang Sen, for example, were specially made by a tailor. Lin Shi and Jiang Sen were overjoyed, for this was an expression of Jiang Chan’s filial piety.

Although both of them gave quite a bit of money during the New Year, enough to make several such clothes, only Jiang Chan and they knew about these things, outsiders wouldn’t think so.

Jiang Xing believed that the clothes and jewelry Jiang Chan wore were bought by Lin Shi. If Lin Shi had chosen her back then, these items would be hers by now. In any case, it all came down to Jiang Chan having taken what should have been hers.

Jiang Xing was already delusional, looking at Jiang Chan with malice, almost wishing she could tear Jiang Chan’s clothes to pieces and wear the jewelry herself.

Jiang Chan could naturally feel the malice from others. She slightly turned her head and caught Jiang Xing’s jealous gaze. A glance at Jiang Xing’s half-new, half-old clothes was enough for Jiang Chan to understand everything.

Simply put, it was just jealousy. Now she also roughly understood Jiang Xing’s character. The original owner had been the lowest in the family, only getting things that others didn’t want.

Therefore, it had fostered a temperament like Jiang Xing’s, who believed the original owner should be inferior her. Now that Jiang Chan had taken over, she had successfully changed her circumstances, which were far better than Jiang Xing’s, leading to Jiang Xing feeling unbalanced.

Jiang Xing thought she should be superior to others. Frankly, it was hard to say where such a sense of superiority came from. Jiang Chan glanced indifferently at Jiang Xing, as if she were looking at a stranger, focusing intently on the ancestral worship happening inside the hall.

She had never seen such a scene before. The orphanage had a TV donated by someone, but Jiang Chan rarely watched it because she was too busy.

Now, even from a distance, she could feel the solemn atmosphere in the ancestral hall, which made her take the proceedings seriously. She truly felt how much the ancients valued clan heritage.

Jiang Chan felt no sense of belonging here, but seeing Jiang Sen’s serious expression as he bowed, she knew how much he valued the clan. It made sense; a scholar who wanted to succeed in his career would definitely need the support of his clan.

The ancestor worship was coming to an end, and people gradually began to leave. Jiang Sen, Jiang Lin, and Jiang Mu, the three brothers, came out, followed by Jiang Hai, Jiang He, and Jiang Miao.

Jiang Hai, who was rather lively, perhaps because he was a shop assistant, could speak very well.

Seeing Jiang Chan standing there, Jiang Hai winked at her and smiled, “Xiao Chan, happy New Year, I wish you great fortune and abundant wealth.”

Jiang Chan’s dim sum shop was naturally no secret to Jiang Hai and Jiang He. In a town this small, everyone knew that Jiang Chan was the owner of Jiang’s Dim Sum shop.

Jiang Hai was clear about the situation. He didn’t spell it out too clearly, some things were understood better if kept among themselves. Jiang He added with a grunt, “Xiao Chan, happy New Year, congratulations on your prosperity!”

Jiang Chan’s expression softened a bit: “Eldest cousin, third cousin, happy New Year, congratulations on your prosperity.”

Of course, Jiang Chan didn’t forget Jiang Miao, even though she wasn’t particularly fond of him, but she didn’t like giving others a handle on her, maintaining appearances was sufficient.

Jiang Hai and Jiang He were genuinely happy to see Jiang Chan; they had dealt with her quite often and had enjoyed many foods from Jiang’s Dim Sum shop. Most people might be stingy, but Jiang Chan was very generous, never one to quibble.

Especially since right before the New Year, Jiang Hai had just changed his job. Business at the Mingyue Tower was so good that one assistant couldn’t keep up. Later, Jiang Chan introduced Jiang Hai to work at the Mingyue Tower.

The old shopkeeper was also happy to do this favor, and of course, it also had to do with Jiang Hai’s solid work ethic. With this connection through Jiang Hai, was there any worry about not having good food? The old shopkeeper’s calculations were very clear.

Jiang Hai grinned, “Xiao Chan, come to my house for lunch, my mother especially wants to thank you.”

He naturally meant the job Jiang Chan had introduced him to at the Mingyue Tower. Jiang Chan shook her head, “Where to eat is up to father and mother, I just mentioned it casually, it’s really your own ability, no need to thank me.”

Jiang Hai insisted, “It’s a must, if not for your familiarity with the shopkeeper, how could I have stayed at the Mingyue Tower? We really need to thank you.”

Zhang Shi also heard Jiang Hai’s words and chimed in, “That’s right, Xiao Chan is so kind-hearted, introducing such a good job to our Jiang Hai, we really need to thank you.”

Jiang Chan had no choice, “No need to thank me, we’re all family. I used to receive a lot of care from Second Aunt and you two cousins.”

That was indeed true. In the original owner’s memory, Wang Shi, her birth mother, was not as good to her as Zhang Shi, her aunt by marriage. Zhang Shi’s family wasn’t rich either, but sometimes, feeling sorry for Jiang Chan, she would secretly give her some steamed buns or eggs.

Even later, when the original owner returned to the Jiang family for help, Zhang Shi secretly gave her some money, hoping she could live a bit better.

So, when encountering Jiang Hai and Jiang He, Jiang Chan would subconsciously take care of them, wanting to repay the kindness they had shown to the original owner.

These were not part of her tasks, but Jiang Chan did them spontaneously. She was living here as a replacement for the original owner, so naturally, she felt obligated to return some of the past kindnesses.

Zhang Shi’s eyes crinkled in a smile, “Xiao Chan still remembers, huh? I remember you were really skinny back then, a small kid, often not getting enough to eat at home. Ah, finally, life is better now.”

They spoke quietly, and Jiang Xing, Wang Shi, and Jiang Miao, trailing behind, naturally didn’t hear. Now it was Jiang Chan, Lin Shi, Jiang Hai, Jiang He, and Zhang Shi walking together.

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