The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 36

So, even though Jiang Miao is actually Jiang Chan’s biological elder brother, once the adoption took place, Jiang Chan changed how he addressed him, directly calling him second cousin. It was also a reminder to him that they were no longer part of the same family.

Jiang Miao was stunned for a moment, not expecting to encounter Jiang Chan here. Does this mean that this shop really is related to Jiang Sen?

“Much better, thank you for your concern,” Jiang Miao said verbally, though inwardly he thought, knowing I was ill, you didn’t come to visit.

Jiang Chan nodded, “That’s good to hear. Uncle Zhou, this is Jiang Miao, the eldest son of my younger uncle’s family, whom you haven’t met before.”

With this introduction from Jiang Chan, Zhou Shan understood everything. Jiang Chan’s background was no secret in Jiang Sen’s family, and someone as well-connected as Zhou Shan had quickly figured out everything about the family in just a few days.

He had also roughly heard about what Jiang Chan’s previous life was like, and now seeing this biological elder brother wearing a neatly arranged scholar’s robe—though not very new, at least without patches—he took note.

Zhou Shan had heard from Uncle Zhong about Jiang Chan’s past life. Although Jiang Chan had been nurtured in Jiang Sen’s household for over a month, enjoying good food and drink, though there had been some positive changes, it was still incomparable to Jiang Miao’s complexion.

Jiang Chan was still thin, with frostbite cracks on her hands that were not healing quickly, and she was still quite short, appearing about two years younger than her peers, a testament to the neglect she had experienced in Jiang Mu’s household.

Standing next to Jiang Miao, the contrast became even clearer. Zhou Shan felt somewhat indignant on Jiang Chan’s behalf, not because he was exceptionally compassionate, but because people naturally reciprocate kindness, and Jiang Sen’s family had treated them well.

Zhou Shan instinctively stepped forward, “So, it’s the young lady’s cousin who has arrived. This is a dim sum shop opened by the madam. What kind of dim sum would you like? I can offer you a discount.”

Seeing Zhou Shan dealing with Jiang Miao, Jiang Chan didn’t interfere, although she was puzzled why Zhou Shan said it was Lin Shi’s shop, but this could wait until after Jiang Miao had left.

Hearing it was Lin Shi’s shop stirred something in Jiang Miao, letting go of a secret hope. He had thought it was Jiang Chan’s shop. Looking again at the slim and small Jiang Chan, Jiang Miao wondered where she would have the capability to run a shop.

Even though she is now considered a lady from a scholarly family, people are still ranked differently, and someone from a humble background like Jiang Chan couldn’t become a prince just by donning an imperial robe!

Jiang Miao sneered contemptuously and went to select some dim sum. Besides sponge cakes, he chose four types of dim sum, buying three portions in total. At checkout, seeing a hundred copper coins disappear all at once, Jiang Miao felt a pang.

Jiang Miao thought he concealed his emotions well, but unfortunately, he was dealing with Zhou Shan, a simple but shrewd man, who said nothing but just smiled broadly as he checked Jiang Miao out.

Jiang Chan, who had grown up in an orphanage, was very sensitive to people’s emotions. The look on Jiang Miao’s face flashed by, but she caught it, knowing he looked down on her.

Jiang Chan’s impression of Jiang Miao immediately soured. A true gentleman never shows his emotions outwardly. Jiang Miao prides himself as a learned man, but does that really make him superior?

He was just a failed student now. Jiang Chan lowered her eyes and no longer looked at Jiang Miao; this was for the best. You disdain me, and I disregard you; it’s best if we never cross paths again.

After settling the account, Jiang Miao clutched his purse and exchanged a few courteous words with Jiang Chan before leaving the shop without looking back. Zhou Xing was indignant, “What kind of person is this? The young lady’s cousin wasn’t like this.”

The little girl was naturally talking about Jiang Hai and Jiang He. Jiang Hai had also visited the store a few times. Perhaps because he was a shop assistant, Jiang Hai always greeted people with a smile and was very amiable.

Jiang He, who apprenticed at a carpenter’s shop that collaborated with Jiang Chan’s shop, had a steady and reserved demeanor, speaking little.

The Zhou sisters, Zhou Xing and Zhou Yue, both had a good impression of Jiang Hai and Jiang He. So why has it changed now that it’s come to Jiang Miao? Zhou Xing, the young girl, puffed up her cheeks, clearly unhappy with how Jiang Miao was scornful of Jiang Chan.

Jiang Chan was helpless. She wasn’t even angry, so why were Zhou Shan, Zhou Xing, and the others all puffed up like blowfish?

“Alright, don’t get angry over irrelevant people and harm your own body. What do others’ thoughts have to do with us?”

It’s not that Jiang Chan was pretending to be calm; she really thought that way. Sometimes, caring too much about others’ opinions can make life very tiring, and besides, she truly no longer had any relationship with Jiang Miao.

Why should she be upset over a stranger now?

Zhou Shan thought deeply about Jiang Chan’s words, then exclaimed, “The young lady is indeed open-minded.”

Checking the time, it was almost when Uncle Zhong was due to deliver food. Jiang Chan suddenly asked, “Uncle Zhou, why did you say earlier that this shop was opened by my mother?”

“Although she is smart, her life experience and perspective are limited, so naturally there are some things she doesn’t understand. Zhou Shan patiently explained to her: ‘I’m going to say something unpleasant; your cousin does not have a very good character.'”

Jiang Chan raised an eyebrow, not expecting such a remark from Zhou Shan.

“Uncle Zhong told me he failed the exam this time because he caught a cold. He has also mentioned the reason for catching the cold, so I won’t go into details.” When it came to the reason, Zhou Shan’s tone paused for a moment, clearly indicating that it was difficult to express in words.

“What does it mean if a person cannot resist the temptation of external things and instead indulges in superficial vanity?”

“It means he cares about appearances, wanting others to respect him,” Zhou Xing said quickly.

“That’s right, scholars also say to reflect on oneself three times a day. The reason I say this shop is opened by the lady is also to cut off his thoughts. Such people, if you give them a little benefit, they will keep coming.”

Jiang Chan felt a certain unease. Indeed, if this shop belonged to Lin Shi, then Jiang Miao could only keep any thoughts to himself. If she directly claimed the shop as her own, she estimated that Jiang Miao’s family would persistently bother her from then on.

Jiang Chan is a person who really dislikes trouble. Being able to avoid trouble now is the best thing possible. She glanced at Zhou Shan: “Uncle Zhou, you really think things through.”

Zhou Shan gave a bitter smile: “It’s not that I am thorough, but I’ve heard this saying: in poverty in the bustling market, no one asks; in wealth in the deep mountains, distant relatives appear. The world bustles, all for the sake of gain, coming and going for it.”

“I understand what you mean,” Jiang Chan nodded. Although she came from the modern world, compared to these experienced and worldly-wise people, she still had much to learn.

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