The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 35

“Yes, the dim sum from this shop are indeed delicious and not expensive. We can afford to buy a few.”

“Right, let’s hurry up. Today is the 28th already, and it’s just two days until New Year’s. Let’s buy some now to keep the kids happy during the New Year.”

The two women quickened their pace as they talked. Jiang Miao was also piqued by Jiang’s Dim Sum and slowed his pace to follow them.

It was around nine in the morning, and the entrance to Jiang’s Dim Sum was already packed. Jiang Miao looked carefully and saw that the shop was crowded with people.

What kind of dim sum shop is this, to be so popular? Jiang Miao looked up at the sign, “Jiang’s Dim Sum.” What relation does this have with my great uncle’s family? The next second, he shook his head. There are many people with the surname Jiang.

He finally squeezed into the shop, eyeing the novel dim sum. His Adam’s apple bobbed, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of dim sum. Having rushed out in the morning and walked a long distance, he was inevitably hungry.

Now smelling such sweet scents, Jiang Miao’s stomach began to growl loudly. Upholding the scholar’s pride, Jiang Miao specifically squeezed into a corner. There were too many people, not just women and children, but also maids and stewards.

At this moment, everyone was calling out without concern for image: “Our old madam wants a pound of the original-flavored sponge cake.”

“I want a pound of the red date flavor.”

“Our old madam really likes your sponge cake, very soft and tender.”

“Our young master likes it too, now he doesn’t like any other snacks, just your cake.” Two servant women and stewards in their forties were at the front, and their voices were the loudest.

Someone behind them complained, “Leave some for us, will you? Every time it’s just one batch after you all, what are we supposed to buy? We came very early too, the children are waiting to eat this!”

A boy’s voice aptly rang out: “Mom, I want to eat the cake, I want it!”

The servants and stewards were reasonable, “Alright, then half a pound, no less. And add some other snacks.”

Jiang Miao just quietly stood in the corner watching everyone clamor for dim sum. What exactly is this sponge cake? Soon, the answer appeared. Originally, it was baking and already had a domineering sweet scent. Now that it was really out of the oven, the smell was even stronger.

Jiang Miao, with his keen eyesight, saw the round, golden-brown sponge cakes sprinkled with white sesame seeds. Children were already fussing to eat them, and the store instantly became even more lively.

Wu Shi brought out a full tray of sponge cakes, not going to the back kitchen but standing and smiling, “Don’t push, everyone. Today is the 28th of the twelfth lunar month. Our boss said that today and tomorrow we will make several more batches of cakes, so everyone will be able to buy some.”

“Really?” The store immediately became noisier, and Zhou Shan had to raise his voice: “Of course it’s true. Our pastry shop will close tomorrow night, and for these two days, there will be no limit on buying cakes so that everyone can enjoy fresh ones during New Year.”

“That’s wonderful.”

By the end of the year, everyone had a little spare cash, and a pound of cake wasn’t too expensive. Since a pound included over twenty pieces, everyone could have a few.

Hearing about no limits, everyone lined up orderly. The first steward said, “Today is our young master’s birthday, I specifically ordered a birthday cake from here. Can I take it with me now?”

Wu Shi looked at the steward, “Steward Liu. The birthday cake will be ready soon. Here it comes.”

Just then, the curtain moved, and Zhou Xing held a wooden tray, on which was the birthday cake that Zhou Yue had just made under Jiang Chan’s guidance.

Steward Liu’s master was a wealthy but affable local notable, and he apparently knew the people behind Jiang’s Dim Sum well, so their dealings were very efficient.

Many people had squeezed into Jiang’s Dim Sum early in the morning mostly to see what this birthday cake looked like, even if they couldn’t eat it, it would be something to talk about later.

Zhou Xing carefully placed the tray on the counter, then dashed back to the kitchen. It was like dropping a droplet of water into hot oil, and the reaction was immediate.

“What size is this? It looked smaller last time.”

“Our master said that since it is the young master’s tenth birthday, make it ten inches.”

“What if he turns twenty? Would you make a twenty-inch cake then?” This was from someone who loved to stir up trouble.

“How could we? Even if the master wanted one that big, we don’t have such large molds,” Zhou Shan quickly mediated. “But we can make double or triple layers, those are all excellent.”

Steward Liu’s mustache seemed to curl with pride as he carefully inspected the birthday cake and then nodded with satisfaction: “Indeed, it’s from Jiang’s Dim Sum, the reputation is well-deserved.”

Zhou Shan was very perceptive and took a wooden box to pack it up, another service of Jiang’s Dim Sum. These wooden boxes were specially ordered; if liked, they could be kept at home, or if not needed, could be returned to the shop for recycling.

Steward Liu carried the wooden box, handing over a silver ingot. Jiang Miao’s eyes widened in surprise—was this cake really worth three taels of silver?

After the birthday cake was taken away, there wasn’t much excitement left, and people gradually left after buying snacks to their satisfaction. Only a few older women hesitated in the shop, along with Jiang Miao, a scholar.

Zhou Shan had noticed Jiang Miao earlier, a scholar among a crowd of servant women and stewards was quite conspicuous. Perhaps due to his scholarly demeanor, he had stayed still since entering, just quietly watching.

Now with fewer people, Zhou Shan finally had time to attend to Jiang Miao. Their shop had seen many scholars before, but today, only he had come.

Zhou Shan held scholars in high regard for their knowledge and capability. Although somewhat aloof, this was a common trait among many, which is why scholars stood out from the rest.

Seeing Zhou Shan approaching, Jiang Miao was about to say something when Jiang Chan came out from the back kitchen, noticing Jiang Miao standing in the corner and raised an eyebrow.

“Second cousin, long time no see, have you recovered from your cold?”

Jiang Miao, although the eldest in Jiang Mu’s family, Jiang Mu has an older brother, Jiang Lin. Jiang Lin has two sons, the eldest being Jiang Hai and the second being Jiang He. Jiang Hai is eighteen years old and currently working as a shop assistant in a store in town.

Jiang He, 15 years old, was learning carpentry and would be ready to graduate in a couple of years.

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