The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 34

Wang Shi suppressed a sigh: “I heard that Miao’er fell ill and even borrowed silver from classmates?”

Jiang Mu sensitively caught the key words: “Heard? From whom?”

Seeing Wang Shi silent, Jiang Mu knew who it was. He discreetly glanced towards Jiang Xing’s room and said, “Treating typhoid fever is already challenging, and the environment in the prefecture city isn’t favorable. Medical treatment will inevitably be costly. Prepare three taels of silver to send to Miao’er’s classmates in a few days.”

Wang seemed a little unwilling. Jiang lowered his voice and said, “My words don’t matter anymore?”

He paused, “Several students escorted Miao back, and you didn’t even offer them any hospitality. At the very least, you could have poured them a bowl of water. Miao doesn’t understand these social niceties, but don’t you understand?”

Wang Shi argued: “Wasn’t it because I was so worried about Miao’er feeling unwell that I forgot?”

Jiang Mu grudgingly accepted this explanation and paced a few steps: “When Miao’er goes to town next time, give him some silver to buy various snacks to thank others properly.”

Wang Shi was pained by the cost: “How much will those snacks cost?”

Jiang Mu flapped his sleeve: “Foolish! These are future connections for Miao’er; how can you measure that in silver?”

“Once Miao’er is healthier, you prepare for him. He needs to return to the city next March for exams; he will surely pass this time, this year was just an accident.”

Seeing Wang Shi still reluctant, Jiang Mu patiently persuaded: “We only have one son, Miao’er. If he does well, our family does well. If Miao’er passes the scholarly exams, arranging a marriage for Xing’er will be easier. Isn’t your greatest wish for Xing’er to marry a scholar?”

“Once Miao’er passes, the silver spent now will come back to us.”

Under Jiang Mu’s persuasion, Wang Shi finally vented her frustration. She looked morose: “There’s not much silver left at home. Eldest brother gave ten taels earlier, Miao’er used five for the exams and still owes three to others. It is already not enough.”

Jiang Mu frowned: “No spare money at home?”

Wang Shi muttered: “There are a few taels set aside for Xing’er’s dowry.”

Jiang Mu didn’t hesitate: “Use that first for Miao’er’s exam expenses. Once he passes, we’ll replenish Xing’er’s dowry. You care so much about Xing’er, yet you seem indifferent about your eldest daughter.”

Wang Shi forced a smile: “Why bring up that thankless girl? She’s been in town for over a month and hasn’t once visited.”

Wang Shi still harbored old resentments, speaking as if Jiang Chan was still her daughter.

Jiang Mu sternly cautioned her: “Watch your words! The eldest daughter is now part of the eldest brother’s family, she’s no relation to us anymore, don’t ruin her reputation or let the eldest brother and his wife hear of this.”

“She now has her own parents, why would she come back here?” Jiang Mu sighed: “Think of a way to manage the finances for now. If we must, I’ll speak with the eldest brother.”

Wang Shi nodded, and the couple ended the conversation there. Hidden behind the door, Jiang Xing overheard everything and returned to her bed, angrily throwing her steamed bun to the floor, tears falling one by one.

Looking at the steamed bun rolling on the floor, Jiang Xing was expressionless. Why should Jiang Chan dine lavishly at her uncle’s while she had to endure dry steamed buns at home? Now that big brother failed his exams, her father actually wanted to use her dowry to fund his brother’s expenses? She, merely twelve, was already burdened with thoughts of her dowry.

What happened in the Jiang family’s home was of no concern to Jiang Chan. As the Lunar New Year approached, business at the shop flourished, with a constant stream of customers coming and going.

Often, freshly made dim sums were quickly snapped up by everyone, especially the sponge cakes. In front of the shop, it was bustling with activity, while in the kitchen behind, Zhou Yue was making a birthday cake under Jiang Chan’s guidance.

Lin Shi celebrated her birthday yesterday, and Jiang Chan racked her brain to make her an eight-inch birthday cake. The snowy white cream was adorned with auspicious patterns, which made Lin Shi extremely happy.

With this move, Jiang Chan completely won over Zhou Yue. She couldn’t say anything else, just gazed at Jiang Chan with a pair of watery eyes, as if wanting to say something but holding back.

Jiang Chan enjoyed instructing Zhou Yue, not out of any saintly virtues but because she understood how harshly women were treated in this era. If her teaching could improve Zhou Yue’s life, she was happy to help.

Zhou Xing also learned diligently; the Zhou sisters, skilled with their hands perhaps from extensive embroidery, created beautiful designs.

Jiang Chan was pleased to see them experimenting, and these “practice products” were sold too. Mistakes happen; the flavors were the same, only the appearances were occasionally odd. Zhou Shan even opened a small cabinet for practice failures like Wu Shi’s, which sold at a lower price but were still popular. Some families, strapped for cash yet with children clamoring for treats, opted for these imperfect treats.

The taste is the same, it’s just that the appearance isn’t done well. For example, if you want to draw a flower, it ends up looking like a square, and so on. Especially when making these delicate birthday cakes, there shouldn’t be too many failures.

Modern society cherished these palm-sized cakes immensely, and Jiang Chan introduced them, garnished with cream flowers or beautifully designed. They were particularly popular among children.

Now, who in town didn’t know the variety of treats from Jiang’s Dim Sum, especially the newly introduced birthday cakes? They were indeed a novelty, and anyone unaware was considered outdated.

Regrettably, Jiang’s Dim Sum made only one birthday cake a day, leading to a rush, with orders backed up till February after the New Year, showcasing how booming Jiang’s Dim Sum was.

Jiang Miao hasn’t been to town for a long time. Although Wang Shi has some opinions about spending money on Jiang Miao, she still takes care of Jiang Miao wholeheartedly. Jiang Miao is her hope, after all.

Clutching the silver given by Wang Shi and watching the bustling town, Jiang Miao set off towards the famously renowned dim sum shop when suddenly someone nearby spoke.

“Recently, the birthday cakes from Jiang’s Dim Sum have been really popular. Yesterday, I heard from the nephew of my cousin’s aunt’s brother-in-law that he had the privilege of tasting a bite, and the flavor was truly amazing!”

“Exactly, yesterday my little one at home was crying fiercely, so I bought him a small cake about the size of my palm. He was so happy at that moment, he didn’t cry at all until we went back home in the evening.”

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