The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 32

Originally, for the convenience of Wu Shi and her family, Jiang Chan planned to rent a house near the shop for them to live in. Unfortunately, from Zhou Shan down to the young Zhou Wen, no one wanted to leave the meals at the Jiang’s house; they all insisted on staying in the residence.

Zhou Shan had his own ulterior motives; if they lived near the shop, it would be difficult to see Jiang Sen in the future. Zhou Wen was still young, and even occasional guidance from Jiang Sen was something sought after but hard to come by.

These matters weren’t suitable for public discussion; anyway, living at Jiang’s house was much better than living outside. Wu Shi and her two daughters naturally had no objections. Zhou Yue was even eager to stay at Jiang’s house to learn more from Jiang Chan.

The pork pies made at noon received unanimous praise. Zhou Yue’s cooking skills were nearly perfect; Jiang Chan simply explained how to make them, and Zhou Yue was able to replicate them exactly.

The lunch sent to Jiang Sen included several dishes and rice, along with two palm-sized pork pies. People only knew to make buns, steamed buns, and wowotou from flour; they never expected pies.

After Zhou Yue made the pork pies, it was like a new world had opened up for her. She spent all day figuring out how to make other varieties, feeling a strong sense of ‘madness is genius.’

Seeing her distracted and not eating properly, Jiang Chan gave her a few tips. “Have you never seen a pig run or eaten pork? Don’t indulge too much in modern flour-based foods.”

With Zhou Yue as a dim sum fanatic, supported by Zhou Shan and Wu Shi’s dedicated work, Jiang’s dim sums soon became famous in town. Not only were there many varieties and novel flavors, but the prices were also not high.

The prices set by Jiang Chan were genuinely low. Although the sponge cakes were slightly more expensive, they were available for retail. If ordinary families found them expensive per pound, they could also buy a few pieces to sweeten their children’s mouths.

The sponge cakes were quite light; a few coins could buy several pieces, yet they were always in high demand. No matter what others said, Jiang’s dim sums would make one batch a day and sell it in the shop. As for the Mingyue Tower across the street, that was another matter.

Therefore, many people who couldn’t buy Jiang’s sponge cakes were willing to spend more money at Mingyue Tower for tea and dim sum, indirectly boosting its business.

Jiang Chan’s life was calm and comfortable. She spent her days reading, writing, sometimes following Lin Shi to learn piano and chess. Over time, the original poverty-stricken aura on her gradually faded away.

These were subtly influenced by her environment. After all, Jiang Chan grew up in an orphanage in modern times. Apart from receiving nine years of compulsory education, she never had the chance to attend any interest or talent classes.

As she grew older, she became busy working tirelessly, which inevitably gave her a somewhat mercenary air. But because of her youth, people did not find her tiresome but rather remarked on her earnest striving.

Now, under the influence of music, chess, painting, and calligraphy, Jiang Chan gradually calmed down, quietly examining her heart. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her past self; it was all compelled by life.

But once this mission was completed, Jiang Chan believed there would be other ways to get what she wanted. Having no skills of her own before, once she learned these, her future life would likely be easier.

Jiang Sen’s family life was incredibly comfortable, but Jiang Miao, who had gone to take the exam, had suffered greatly. In the deep winter, with the silver given by Jiang Sen, Wang Shi’s spine was a bit straighter.

To give Jiang Miao more dignity among the students rushing to take the exam, Wang Shi reluctantly had a scholar’s robe made from silk for him. Jiang Miao was also vain; in the freezing winter, instead of wearing proper cotton clothes, he insisted on wearing the scholar’s robe and caught a cold before even reaching the prefecture city.

A cold, known as wind-chill in ancient times, was a serious illness that needed slow recuperation, unlike today where a visit to the hospital for a shot and some medicine could easily cure it.

Barely holding up his sick body, he entered the examination room, only to be assigned to the next seat to the smelly one. The so-called “smelly seat” is a small compartment near the restroom, and the smell there is really unbearable.

The exam was mentally draining. Jiang Miao had some perseverance and managed to endure the exam, though he could not be sure of passing to become a scholar.

He was already delirious with fever when he came out of the examination hall, supported by his classmates. After the exam, Jiang Miao was seriously ill, had lost a lot of weight, and had even borrowed some silver from his classmates.

The results were announced just a few days after the exam. As expected, Jiang Miao did not pass. At that time, he was still bedridden with the cold. Hearing the news brought back by a classmate, Jiang Miao felt darkness before his eyes, and the inn suddenly became lively.

The teacher had brought twenty students to the prefecture city for the exam. Jiang Miao’s knowledge was decent enough; if not for the cold, he would have definitely passed. Who knew fate would play such tricks?

Seeing Jiang Miao sitting in the corner, the teacher shook his head, “We brought twenty students this time, half of them passed the scholar exam. Those who didn’t pass shouldn’t be discouraged, go back and study well. There’s another exam next March; try not to miss it next time.”

Hearing the teacher’s words, Jiang Miao’s expression brightened a bit. Ah, there was another exam next year; according to his level, he could definitely retake it, thus Jiang Miao managed to look a bit more cheerful.

When the news of Jiang Miao’s failure reached Jiang Chan, it was already nearly the New Year, on the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth lunar month. Jiang Chan was curled up on a soft couch in the study, reading a book, with the puppies Taxue and Naihuang Bao circling at her feet.

Finally, each little milk dog occupied one of Jiang Chan’s shoes, their round bodies nestled in the cotton shoes motionless. Jiang Chan glanced at them, taking it as the puppies warming her shoes.

Hearing Lin Shi relay this news, Jiang Chan was stunned and put down her book. “How could this be? Jiang Miao’s knowledge was decent enough, wasn’t father sure that Jiang Miao had a high chance of passing?”

Hadn’t Jiang Miao passed in the past life? Now, even with the silver and the tutoring from Jiang Sen, he still failed? Could it be her butterfly wings that had stirred this change?

Lin Shi tapped Jiang Chan on the forehead, “His scholarship is indeed decent, but fate is unpredictable. Who asked your aunt to make him a silk scholar’s robe for appearances? In this freezing weather, wearing a silk scholar’s robe, who else would catch a cold if not him?”

Jiang Chan hadn’t expected this reason to be the cause and couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the situation.

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