The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 28

“A family just moved in this month, but they are not willing to split up. If you buy, you must take the whole family, which doesn’t suit many people. It’s just because of this that we’ve had to give up.”

Jiang Chan lowered her brows, and her expression was unclear. Zhong Shu timely stepped forward and said, “Tell us the situation.”

“Alright, this family consists of five people: a couple with two daughters and a son. The head of the family is thirty, literate, and used to be an accountant.”

“His wife previously worked as a cook in a wealthy household, and she’s quite skilled. The eldest daughter is thirteen this year, the second daughter ten, and the youngest son is six.”

“Being an accountant, why would he need to sell himself into servitude? Is there something unclear about his background?” Although the situation seemed suitable, Zhong Uncle still needed clarification.

“How could that be? As it happens, life is unpredictable,” said the broker, taking advantage of the moment when there were no others around to explain their circumstances to Zhong Uncle: “There’s famine in Yun City, and no matter how capable the head of the household is, he couldn’t manage. That’s why they ended up here. They have no household registration or land here, so they have to sell themselves into servitude. They ask a lot too, insisting on a respectable family.”

Zhong Uncle waved his hand: “Bring them up for a look then.”

Speaking doesn’t compare to seeing for oneself, and Jiang Chan was also inclined to do so. The broker chuckled, knowing things were about to settle, and hurriedly called the family of five to come over.

Jiang Chan looked them over carefully, indeed finding them to be steady people. Although they had suffered through famine and looked a bit thin and pale, their faces and hands were clean, and even their fingernails were free of dirt, showing they were clean people.

She runs a dim sum shop and cleanliness is essential. Since their background is clear and they meet her criteria, she chose them. Originally, she planned to buy three people, but now there were two more, slightly exceeding Jiang Chan’s budget.

Zhong Uncle noticed keenly: “Miss, isn’t this extra little girl quite good? The lady specifically mentioned preparing a little maid to serve you.”

Jiang Chan couldn’t help but laugh: “I’m fine by myself, why do I need a little maid?”

The thought of having someone serve her made Jiang Chan uncomfortable, reminiscent of hiring child labor.

Zhong Uncle paused: “It’s the lady’s intention, and I think the little girl is quite good.”

He referred to the family’s second daughter, who, despite her young age, seemed very clever. The eldest daughter appeared steady, and while it was hard to tell with the young son, his well-behaved stance indicated good upbringing.

“Let the head of the household continue as an accountant. His wife and eldest daughter can help in the kitchen. As for the young child, he’s still too young; when he’s a bit older, he could run errands.”

Zhong Uncle laid out the plans clearly, and Jiang Chan found them satisfactory.

“Alright, let it be them.”

Even though she had bought them, she still had to take them back for Lin Shi to inspect. Lin Shi was also satisfied with these people and simply instructed Jiang Chan on how to arrange them.

Throughout this conversation, Jiang Chan learned their names. The head of the family is Zhou Shan, his wife Wu Shi, the eldest daughter Zhou Yue, the second daughter Zhou Xing, and the young son Zhou Wen.

Seeing their clothes were rather worn, Wang Ma took their measurements to tailor work clothes, as Jiang Chan put it.

The Zhou family was still anxious, not wanting to sell themselves into servitude, but in these times, what other choice did they have other than to starve?

The main lady of the house looks very kind, and though the young miss is a bit more serious, she’s not the type to be domineering. Thinking about what was just said about continuing to be an accountant, Zhou Shan’s heart felt a bit more at ease.

In the hall, Jiang Chan briefly said, “I’m planning to open a dim sum shop. Uncle Zhou, you will help manage the shop, and Aunt Zhou and Zhou Yue will learn to make these dim sums from me.”

“As for Zhou Xing, she will stay with me for now. I don’t have much to do. Our family isn’t large, and there isn’t much work to do. The dim sum shop will open in a few days, and Aunt Zhou will be quite busy with me these days.”

“As for living arrangements, Uncle Zhou, you and your family will have to squeeze in for now. Once the shop opens, I’ll rent a place near the shop, or you can live here directly, as we have room.”

“As for Zhou Wen, Uncle Zhou, you can take care of him during the day, or he can stay at the estate. He’s still young and won’t be needed for any work.” Seeing this six-year-old child made Jiang Chan think of the children at the orphanage, and her expression softened.

Wu Shi was extremely grateful, almost as if the young lady was supporting Zhou Wen as a dependant. She wiped her hands, a bit restrained: “Miss, don’t worry, I definitely won’t let Zhou Wen run around.”

Jiang Chan nodded: “That’s up to you. Although I’ve bought you, if Zhou Yue and Zhou Xing reach marriageable age, I won’t hold them back from seeing others. Just save up enough money to buy your freedom.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Zhou Shan was truly grateful to have met such a kind master.

“As for Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou, help me manage the shop diligently for ten years. After ten years, you will be free, and I will return your indenture contracts, including Zhou Wen’s.”

Although she had accepted the ancient concept of buying people, Jiang Chan preferred to think of the Zhou family as working for her. Their ten years of work would essentially cover the cost of buying them.

Zhou Shan and Wu Shi hadn’t expected Jiang Chan to offer this, and they were overjoyed, Zhou Shan even more so declared: “Miss, I will work hard and not let you down.”

Jiang Chan smiled faintly: “That’s all for now. You go get settled first, and Uncle Zhong… “

Zhong Uncle, seeing things through: “Miss, I’ll take care of these arrangements.”

“You go get settled first, let Uncle Zhong know if you need anything. This afternoon, Aunt Zhou and Zhou Yue will wait for me in the kitchen, and as for Zhou Xing, I also don’t have much to do right now. Our family doesn’t have many rules, so if you’re willing, you can learn to make snacks and follow along.”

Wang Ma had already bought new bedding outside. Wu Shi quickly made up two beds, and Zhou Yue and Zhou Xing helped out.

Seeing her two daughters, Wu Shi took a deep breath: “Finally, we’ve settled down for now. It’s fortunate that both Miss and Madam are kind-hearted. Xingxing, you must take good care of Miss. I can see she has a good heart.”

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