The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 22

Jiang Sen frowned, “If this gets out, people will think my daughter is too serious and unsociable.”

The fox-like man smirked, “Isn’t it just the few of us? We all know each other well, we won’t spread rumors everywhere.”

Jiang Sen proudly said, “My daughter must take after me.”

Everyone was speechless, so they vented their frustration by eating more dishes. After all, Jiang Sen was someone who held grudges, and they didn’t know when they would be able to visit next time.

After three rounds of drinks and five dishes, Jiang Chan thought they had probably eaten enough. She asked Li Ma to bring out the red bean and yam cake. Lunch was a bit greasy, so some dessert would be perfect to lighten the palate.

As expected, they received many praises once again. There were differences between men and women, and Lin Shi did not join them at the table. She ate in the kitchen with Jiang Chan.

Lin Shi was pleasantly surprised by the food and praised Jiang Chan, “Later, I’ll talk to your father. When he invites friends for a meal, he should have it at Mingyue Tower. Don’t do it at home anymore, look at how busy Xiao Chan is.”

Jiang Chan remained calm, “No need. Just have Dad’s friends send a cook over to learn, like Master Fan before. That way, Mother, you won’t have to worry about it.”

Seeing Lin Shi spending the whole morning in the kitchen, Jiang Chan felt sorry for her. Although she didn’t do much, someone like Lin Shi seemed more suited to stay in her room, reading, writing, enjoying flowers, and sipping tea.

Lin Shi tidied the strands of hair on Jiang Chan’s forehead and said, “I’m not tired at all; it’s mainly you worrying too much.”

“Your idea is good. Teach this skill to others. Aren’t you worried about Mingyue Tower? You even collect money from there. Are you so generous with your father?” Lin Shi teased Jiang Chan. She could see that Jiang Chan was a hidden lover of wealth. When she received those gifts, although she didn’t smile, her eyes lit up a bit.

“It’s different. They are Dad’s friends. Those who associate with Dad are people with good character. If we teach them, they won’t spread it outside,” Jiang Chan replied.

Jiang Chan had a pure temperament. Since they were now a family, actions had to be planned for the family. After sending away the friends who came for a free meal, Jiang Sen came to the kitchen. He saw Lin Shi and Jiang Chan talking but couldn’t figure out what they were discussing.

The family of three moved to the study, and Jiang Chan immediately noticed a rolled-up ink masterpiece on the desk. She looked at Jiang Sen and asked, “Dad, is this Gu Jiuling’s calligraphy?”

Jiang Sen was suddenly alert, how did he forget about this? He awkwardly forced a smile, “Xiao Chan, can you let me keep this calligraphy for a few days? Let me observe it carefully?”

Jiang Chan unhesitatingly refused, “No, I also want to observe and learn.”

Jiang Sen was at a loss; he hadn’t even opened the masterpiece yet, and now his daughter wanted to take it away. He couldn’t do something so contradictory. He paced anxiously in the study.

After enjoying Jiang Sen’s anxious expression, Jiang Chan said calmly, “You can borrow it, but I have a condition. Dad, you can definitely fulfill it.”

Jiang Sen was delighted and nodded, “As long as you lend me the calligraphy masterpiece for a few days, I’ll agree to anything you say.”

Lin Shi smiled as she watched Jiang Chan skillfully lead Jiang Sen into her trap. She enjoyed seeing Jiang Sen falling into his daughter’s schemes. After all, he always had a stern face.

Someone had to teach him a lesson!

The groundwork was almost laid, and Jiang Chan no longer kept Jiang Sen in suspense. She leisurely said, “I think Dad’s calligraphy is excellent. How about giving me a few pieces of your calligraphy for me to copy when I go back?”

Jiang Sen thought Jiang Chan was going to make some tricky request, but unexpectedly, it was so simple? Maybe his surprised expression was too obvious because Jiang Chan knew her request was too modest, and the value of her request was obviously not equal in value to Jiang Sen’s beloved belongings.

Jiang Chan hurriedly remedied, “Of course, there’s more. Lately, I’ve been reading books, and if there’s anything I don’t understand, Dad has to explain it to me.”

She was a bit uneasy making this request, as people often believed that women should be virtuous without talent. Although Jiang Sen wasn’t that conservative, she didn’t know how he would view her unconventional idea.

Jiang Sen was stunned, but then readily agreed, “Okay, if you don’t understand something, just come and ask me.”

Jiang Chan was overjoyed and sincerely gave Jiang Sen a big gift, saying, “Thank you, Dad!”

Jiang Sen waved his hand, realizing Jiang Chan’s little scheme now. Wasn’t she worried he wouldn’t agree and deliberately used Gu Jiuling’s calligraphy to stimulate him?

He didn’t know how this child grew up, always so scheming from a young age. He said meaningfully, “Don’t beat around the bush like this in the future. Just say directly what you want. We’ll agree to everything we can.”

Jiang Chan was a little stunned, knowing that her thoughts had been seen through by Jiang Sen and Lin Shi. She didn’t say anything else, “Dad, your meticulous painting skills are also impressive.”

Jiang Sen suddenly understood, but he was also happy that Jiang Chan easily understood his intentions. Lin Shi poked Jiang Chan’s forehead, scolding, “Such a little schemer!”

Jiang Sen was in a good mood. Although Jiang Chan was scheming, her character was very upright, and she had principles and bottom lines in doing things. So what if she had deep thoughts? As long as it didn’t harm others, why bother?

He waved his hand, “Starting tomorrow, come to the study. I’ll teach you calligraphy and meticulous painting.”

Jiang Chan pursed her lips and agreed, “Okay, Dad. Yesterday, when I was reading, there was a part I didn’t understand. Can you explain it to me?”

She was a quiet person who could focus on reading. However, these books were too profound, and Jiang Chan hadn’t systematically studied ancient culture. At most, she had learned a few ancient poems and classical Chinese in school.

To understand these obscure Four Books and Five Classics, significant effort was needed. Moreover, many characters she didn’t recognize, and now many characters were in traditional Chinese characters. Jiang Chan guessed and stumbled through them.

Now that Jiang Sen had changed his mind, would Jiang Chan easily let him off? Watching Jiang Sen teach Jiang Chan in the study, Lin Shi smiled, then went back to her room for a nap.

Jiang Sen’s explanation was very precise, but Jiang Chan’s foundation in classical Chinese was poor. She often understood one meaning only to have new questions arise immediately.

Moreover, she didn’t recognize many characters. Jiang Sen explained that he was big headed and simply gave Jiang Chan a book, “Shuowen Jiezi,” which mainly explaining the meanings and origins of these common characters, similar to the current “Xinhua Dictionary.”

With this “Shuowen Jiezi,” Jiang Chan eagerly studied. In the modern era, she had at least passed the entrance exam for the No. 1 Middle School, considering herself a good student. There was no reason for her to become a mediocre student in ancient times.

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